10 Best Bedside Gun Safes – Top Picks and Reviews

You can agree with me that indeed home safety and security has always been important. The only reasonable decision you will be required to make is how to provide that protection. Using a bedside gun safe has emerged as one of the best ways you can use to protect your gun. The main problem comes when choosing the right bedside gun safe.

Have you been storing firearms in your drawer? This is the right time to stop that. We have witnessed numerous accidental gunshots in the last couple of years. It is good to know that most of these incidents are mainly caused by kids. There is no doubt you might not want it to happen to you. With that in mind, you should consider choosing the best bedside gun safes in the market.

What is another reason why you should be interested in bedside gun safe? With a bedside safe, you will have the freedom to hide your weapons in various places in your house. Also, you will be able to protect them in your preferred places where you spend most of your time.

You might be aware that the world has become an extremely unsafe place in recent times. That is the reason why many homeowners prefer having a gun. Guns provide a reliable means of protection. After purchasing a weapon, the next step is making sure that your guns are safe such that intruders don’t catch you off-guard. That’s where bedside gun safe comes in. With a reliable safe, you will sleep with peace of mind knowing you will only need to stretch your hand and pick your gun in case of an attack.

It is important to note that there are multiple bedside gun safes in the market. Keep in mind that each of these models is quite different from the other. Also, they have been manufactured by different manufacturers. This means that the quality and construction are also different

Picking the right bedside gun safe is one of the most important decisions you will ever make. When choosing the best bedside safe model, it is critical to balance the firearm security and reliability. In this article, we will take a look at the best bedside gun safes of all time. All these bedside gun safes have been tested and proved reliable to meet all your needs.

10 Best Bedside Gun Safes – Top Picks and Reviews

Review of the Best Bedside Gun Safe

Champs Quick Access Bedside Safe

The very first feature you will notice in this bedside safe is the tough structure. This safe has been manufactured with 16 gauge metal. In addition, this bedside safe is pry-resistant. It will provide users with long-lasting experience. When it comes to the professional interior, it will protect your pistol from the stretch. With this bedside safe, it is quite easy to fit your F1 handgun in the safe for emergency use.

Furthermore, it comes with a convenient design. This design will allow you to mount install the safe on either right side or left side of your under table. Moreover, it is secure and has been made with a straightforward keypad. The keypad included in this bedside safe has four buttons. What is the use of the bright light in this bedside safe? It allows the users to see in the dark. Away from that, the fast drop-down pistol compartment in this safe allows your pistol for lift during emergency situations.

After you purchase this product, the manufacturer will include an extra spare key that you can use in case you forget the codes or your safe is out of battery. It is advisable to use the spare key for safety open. If that is not yet enough, the top safe maker has made it with an anti-theft alarm system. You will be able to know when someone accesses your bedside safe. The emergency system will run immediately there is unauthorized access.

When the alarm run, you can use the spare key to open and stop the alarm from running. Alternatively, you can pull off the batteries. The manufacturer will provide you with 18 months warranty. You are free to return your bedside safe in case you observe any defect.

best bedside gun safe 1 Champs Quick Access Handgun Safe Automatic Open, Under Desk Pistol Security Box with Keypad, 2 Spare Keys


  • It is pry resistant.
  • This bedside safe has been manufactured with 16 gauge steel.
  • The package come with spare keys that you can use to open the safe in case of emergency.
  • 18 month warranty.


  • The locking mechanism lid will open up immediately you drop a magnet on it.
  • The automatic door will open for a short time.

Gun Cabinets With Biometric Fingerprint Gun Safe

It is a recent model from the manufacturer. The most notable features in this bedside safe include fingerprint and key lock. You will be guaranteed of quick access to your gun and valuables when you have this bedside safe. The presence of biometric fingerprints means that you will quickly access this safe. In addition, the emergency key will facilitate access. Interestingly, this bedside safe can support more than 100 fingerprints.

The stable gun safe box has expertly been manufactured using sturdy construction. The construction is not only tough but also rigid. Besides providing a long-lasting strength, it will enable it to last for years. Black finish in this bedside safe prevents corrosion. It also promotes professional appearance. This makes it easy to incorporate into any interior space.

The manufacturer has not left quick to access features. You can use a biometric fingerprint to access this bedside safe. In addition, it boasts of fast activation drop-down drawer. Do you have small kids who do not know the potential dangers of firearms? It is essential if you keep the firearms in a safe position. Placing them in this bedside safe is truly a responsible way to keep them secure.

Finally, this product features a mounted firearm safety device design that allows you to store it under a desk or nightstand. You can either mount it from right or even on the left for added convenience.

best bedside gun safe 2 Gun Safe, Gun Cabinets with Biometric Fingerprint Gun Safe Box for Pistols Rifle Mounted Firearm Safety Device Quick Access Hand Gun Safe Under Desk Pistol Security


  • It features a fingerprint that help you access the bedside safe with great ease.
  • Sturdy construction that makes this safe durable.
  • It has been made with a safety device design that allow the user to store the safe under a desk.


  • The pistol tray is marginal. It might not close with full size.

Stack On Pds 1500

You can attest that indeed compact, secure, and reliable are the main three adjectives that can be used to describe this bedside gun safe. If you have been searching for an elegant safe that you can use to store pistols and small firearms, then this is an incredible choice. It is good to know that this bedside gun safe model will perfectly fit in almost all drawers on the bedside. However, mounting hardware and pre-drilled holes have also been included. These features are essential, especially if you don’t like keeping your gun safe in the bedside drawer.

Furthermore, an electronic locking mechanism has been included. The locking mechanism will come with numerous benefits. Firstly, this bedside gun safe has been designed with a time-out. What is the function of this feature? The time-out will kick in when the password is entered wrong three times. This means that it is quite easy to know when an unauthorized person has accessed your safe. In addition, it is a clear sign that it is the right time to move your bedside safe to another undisclosed location.

Both the frames and doors in this bedside gun safe have been manufactured with high-quality steel. This increases safe durability. In terms of size, Stack on PDS is big enough for storing regular-sized firearms. Meanwhile, people who prefer peeping into other people’s safes have also been considered when the manufacturer was making this mechanical bedside gun safe. To facilitate that, the manufacturer has included concealed hinges. The main role of the concealed hinges is to prevent prying.

Backup override key is another thoughtful feature that the manufacturer has included. This key is useful more so when your battery dies. Unfortunately, this bedside safe does not come without a downside. It does not have an illuminated lock keypad.

best bedside gun safe 3 Stack-On PDS-1500 Drawer Safe with Electronic Lock


  • It features an electronic locking mechanisms.
  • It has been made with high quality steel material.
  • It features a time out that let you know when someone enter wrong password.


  • It does not come with an illuminated keypad.

Feelway Quick Access Handgun Safe

As the name of the safe dictates, this bedside gun safe will make you feel safe. Safety can also be seen with other products that the manufacturer makes. You don’t have to be an expert to see that this safe is of high quality. The handgun safe is not only compact but also durable. You should go for this product if you have been looking for the best easy to access gun safe. In addition, the manufacturer has equipped the bedside safe with a digital keypad. This means that it will be easy to unlock your safe. Away from that, several override keys have been included. It is essential to have these keys more so during emergencies.

In terms of safety, it is among the very few bedside safes that have been well constructed. The manufacturer has used sturdy steel material to manufacture this bedside gun safe. Steel material will deliver long-lasting protection. In addition, the material is also helpful when it comes to holding up against unauthorized access.

The main reason why people prefer going for this bedside gun safe is that the manufacturer put security in mind when manufacturing it. To increase the security, the manufacturer has included a unique feature that will alert you if there are unsuccessful attempts to access the safe. This feature enables you to know any person who might be trying to access your safe. Moreover, the compact construction present in this bedside gun safe allows you to mount it under a desk.

Furthermore, the gun safe features a reliable mounting bracket. This means that you can reach it safely. Away from that, it comes with silent access mode. With this bedside gun safe, you can easily take your rifle without having to alert anybody. Unfortunately, the code buttons in this bedside gun safe are not backlighted. This makes it difficult to use the safe during the night. Despite not having backlight buttons, this safe will still consume a lot of power. Therefore, you will be forced to purchase replacement batteries now and then.

best bedside gun safe 4 Feelway Gun Safe Storage Safe for Handgun Pistol Quick Access Under-Desk Electric Keypad Lock Home Office Security


  • Steel material has been used to manufacture this bedside safe to increase its durability.
  • It has a mounting bracket that allow you to reach it safely.
  • It will alert you in case someone try to access the content inside this bedside safe.


  • The buttons in the keypad are not backlighted.

Liberty HD 200

If you have come across this bedside gun safe, then you can agree with me that indeed most of the attention was given to the compactness during manufacturing. Have you been planning to purchase a durable bedside safe? You are in the right place. There is no doubt that you can’t look beyond this model.

Besides the compact design, this bedside gun safe comes with a sturdy construction since it has been made with high-quality steel. The sturdy construction means that this bedside gun safe is heavier when compared to other bedside gun safes on this list. It is also essential to know that this bedside gun safe will not only help you store guns, but it will also be essential in storing valuables such as phones and wallets.

Furthermore, the excellent safe comes with reliable key access. Unlike other bedside gun safes in the market, the critical access structure in this safe has been made with a unique design. In addition, this safe boasts of top anti-pry features. This means that it can be a hard task hacking this safe.

The security table is another noticeable example of the manufacturer’s dedication. This feature has been included to enhance security. It is tough to come across a bedside gun safe that has been manufactured with a tamper-proof design. This feature ensures that no stranger tampers with the bedside safe. You can agree with me that it would also be essential to see your items whenever your safe is opened.

best bedside gun safe 5 Liberty Handgun Vault - HD-200 - Quick Combo Vault


  • It has a reliable key access.
  • Tamper proof design that ensure no stranger access your content.
  • Sturdy construction that makes it last for years.


  • When compared to other bedside safes on Amazon, this product is a little bit expensive.

Bedside Holster Gun Safe

The best thing about this product is that it can hold any size of firearm. In addition, it features a universal holster that can hold even magazines. Away from that, it will work on most beds. You will mount this bedside safe within seconds. Moreover, it is an easy task concealing this bedside safe. You will sleep safe knowing that all essential items for self-defense are at your side when you go for this beside safe.

Unlike other gun safes that are sold on Amazon, this bedside has been built to last for many years. It will not slip out or even fall to the ground. Additional pros that come with this bedside safe include a reliable muzzle stop. This is a useful safety feature. The only concern that should be addressed in this product to produce an adjustable loop.  For the price, this product will beat anything else you will come across online.

best bedside gun safe 6 Bedside Holster Pistol Flashlight Holster Gun Flashlight Holster Under Mattress Holder Handgun Holster Gun Holder For Bed Gun Mattress Pistol Holster With Light B


  • This bedside safe is easy to install.
  • It has been made with steel material. Steel material is durable.


  • The manufacturer should have included a flashlight loop.

Vevor Handgun Bedside Safe

The open methods that you can use in this bedside safe include the fingerprint and key. Similar to other products in the market, the power source in this safe is the AA battery. The handgun safe has been manufactured with steel. The high-quality steel is sturdy enough to prevent kids and other intruders from accessing the contents inside the bedside safe.

Typically, the bedside safe uses biometric fingerprint technology. To facilitate easy opening, the manufacturer will provide two keys. This means that you can open the bedside safe in two ways. Furthermore, this bedside safe can support at least 100 fingerprints. Last but not least, the high strength lock mechanism improves convenience.

The spring and rubber pad at the bottom of the box will cushion the force at the bottom when you open the door. This will ensure a more extended period of use. This bedside safe is easy to install. The installation hole has been reserved, and you only need four screws to fix this bedside safe.

best bedside gun safe 8 VEVOR Handgun Safe Box Fingerprint Pistol Gun Safes for Home Gun Voult One Gun


  • The sturdy steel construction will make sure that no intruders access the content inside the safe.
  • It can support numerous fingerprints.
  • It features a lock mechanism that improves convenience.


  • You will take time fixing the screws as you mount this bedside safe.

Hornady Rapid Bedside Safe

Do you know that you will have a fast and dependable touch-free entry? You will be able to activate this bedside safe using a wristband. It comes with a sticker that will instantly open the spring-assist lid. It has five RFID tags that are programmed. In addition, you can access this bedside using a conventional key lock and keypad.

It has independently been tested for extreme security reliability. It is among the bedside safes that meet the required international standards. Furthermore, it has rigorously been tested and engineered to be the most secure bedside safe in the market. Thick steel and high-quality materials have been used to manufacture this product. The exterior housing consists of steel material and premium foam padding. The manufacturer has also utilized a patented bladder system that fit snug

best bedside gun safe 7 Hornady Rapid Gun Safe, Premium Firearm Security with Quick Reliable Access


  • The user can activate this bedside safe using wristband.
  • It meets all international standards.
  • It has been made with thick steel.


  • You are required to maintain the patented bladder system regularly.

Backkool Gun Bedside Safe

It can be a tedious task looking for a bedside safe that will allow you to access your valuables with great ease. You can get in the bedside safe using the digital keypad and emergency keys. In addition, the high strength lock will make it convenient to close.

Overall, it is a multipurpose safe that will provide you with secure safe storage for weapons and jewelry. It is the perfect choice to keep small firearms away from kids. Durability, pry-resistant, and scratch protection are some of the benefits you will experience after purchasing this bedside safe. It has been made with steel that is sturdy enough to prevent the kid from accessing your pistol

Moreover, the interior light will allow you to see your guns in low situations. You can use your backlight keypad to easily view the safe contents with interior LED light. This interior light will either glow green or red. It depends on the function being utilized.



  • Presence of high strength lock makes it convenient to close.
  • It is a multipurpose safe.
  • It has pry resistant and scratch protection features.


Vaultek Modular Pistol Rack

The twin pistol rack has been designed for universal gun safe storage. The modular pistol safe comes with double side tape to mount the flat surface. In addition, it features a foam material that increase the level of gun protection. With this feature, this safe will never absorb moisture at any one time. It an essential feature that ensures your firearms remain durable and serve you for long.

The flexible fit in this bedside will conform to a wide range of full-size pistols. Moreover, the dense closed-cell will provide a high level of protection by simply creating a barrier between your firearms. Finally, the flexible opening has been designed to compress around the firearm.

best bedside gun safe 10 Vaultek Modular Pistol Racks Universal Protective Handgun Storage Holster


  • It features a double side tape that you can use to mount the flat surface.
  • Foam material increase the level of protection in this bedside safe.
  • It has a flexible opening.


  • The slots are narrow for 12 gauge barrel.

Things To Consider When Purchasing The Best Bedside Gun Safes

It is good to keep in mind that it is not an easy task to select the most reliable safe. This will even be more difficult if you are a new gun owner. The market is flooded with multiple bedside gun safes models. These bedside gun safes come in different shapes, sizes, and operational methods. Moreover, there are several things you should keep in mind when purchasing a bedside gun safe. We have summed up the essential things you should never forget.

Overall dimensions 

Ensure that you have checked the overall dimensions of the specific bedside gun safe. Although at times, the dimensions determine the size of the safe, this is not the case all the time. What should you consider in that case? You should put into consideration the available space in your room. A huge bedside gun safe will give you unnecessary problems.

Interior dimensions

What do we mean when we talk about the interior dimensions? It is all about the internal size of the gun safe. The internal size of the gun safe will determine the number of firearms your bedside gun safe can hold. What is the size of your space? That’s the first question that should come in your mind when you think of any bedside safe gun model. Away from that, it is advisable to choose a model with larger dimensions.

Construction materials

As you can see from this review, most of the bedside gun safes have been manufactured with steel construction. You will find out that most of them are not thicker. The reason behind this is that the maker needs to adhere to specific price points. Making the safe bedside guns thicker will defeat the purpose of the bedside safes.

Final thoughts

As you can see, the above are the best bedsides gun safes in the market. There are several other factors you should consider besides construction materials and the internal dimensions. Weight, type of lock, and the warranty are some of the most critical factors that are important to consider. We hope that you will find this article helpful. Do you have any burning questions? Just shoot the question, and we will quickly answer it.

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