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Biometric gun safes tend to be the most technologically advanced and creative gun safes on the market today. It naturally comes with higher prices significantly. The best biometric gun safe uses fingerprint scanner which is an amazing modern technology.

Rather than applying mechanical locks and keys or combination dials or perhaps electronic key (pin) patches comparable to using debit cards in the ATM. So by using biometric gun safe you can protect your guns along with valuable things. Continue reading the following reviews and buying guide to choose the best product for you.

Different Sizes of Gun Safes
Different Types of Safes Locks


Special Functions


- Long Battery Life
- 3 Ways to Open

2 Pistols

- Long Battery Life

- 3 Ways to open

- Bluetooth App

2 Pistols

- Ways to open

- Handle 120 fingerprint templates

- Protective foam-lined interior

3 Pistols

- A loud tamper alarm

2 Pistols

Barska Biometric Rifle Safe

- Store up to 120 different fingerprints

- Large storage

4 Long Guns

Gunvault SV500 Handgun Safe

- Quickly access

- Easy to hide

1 Pistol

Reviews on the Best Biometric Gun Safes 

1. Sentry Safe Biometric Quick Access Pistol Safe :

The Sentry Safe is an amazing biometric quick access Pistol safe for protecting your guns and valuables. It comes with sturdy construction and great for individuals who only have one firearm that requires keeping safe. This Biometric Pistol Safe is usually reinforced with heavy duty 12 gauge strong steel construction. It enables you the quiet and quick access to your firearms without compromising the reliability of the safe.

This particular Biometric Gun Safe is specifically made with a pry-resistant door that aids in preventing unauthorized access to the firearm. This best biometric gun safe also offers a programmable digital keypad with no audible feedback plus an override key. It is completely easy to use and easy to set up as well.

​2. ​VAULTEK VT20i Biometric Bluetooth Smart Pistol Safe with Auto-Open Lid and Rechargeable Battery:

The VAULTEK VT20i Biometric Bluetooth Smart Pistol Safe is thin enough to glide under the seat of a car or even journey coast to coast throughout security checkpoints. This rugged and tough smart safe is ideal for the number raiding pistol hauler. It comes with easily anchored or portable using providing mounting hardware as well as 4 foot long durable 5mm size steel safety cable. Made to safeguard personal firearms and valuables, the strong 16-guage steel body is engineered to guard what matters for you. Anti-pry bars stop equipment via breaking in. Interior knobs can't be breached from the exterior. Two stage anti- effect latches withstand forceful effects.

Upgraded anti-theft security of the Biometric Safe features room installed depends, anti-pry bars, and Fresh interior protection brackets to get the best avoidance against break-ins. It is available with the whole Vaultek product line including the new VT10i up.

This Best Biometric Gun Safe is with an objective to preserve your belongings guarded. Integrated effective wise technology raises personal protection to a fresh level. High- quality Biometric fingerprint scanner may store about 20 diverse user IDs and will be offering protected accurate access. Remotely entrée the safe utilizing the Vaultek Bluetooth application from your view and Smartphone safe history, identify tampering, and much more. Built-in flexible interior led light gives high visibility of the products in the dark.

The backlit keypad enlightens through proximity sensor which makes it easy to get around during the night and features some hot, important entries which include toggling requirements on/off for stealth setting. Resilient standard lithium-ion batteries maintain you driven for months, plus just requirements 2.5 hours to revive making use of the incorporated micro USB charging package. It makes a great present for girls and guys, photographers and company, looking to maintain personal belongings secured and out of the wrong hands safely.

​3. Gunvault MicroVault gun safe Biometric fingerprint

The Gunvault MicroVault XL MVB1000 Gun Safe includes a biometric scanner that delivers lightning-quick entrance even in the dark. It has been constructed with Improved high strength lock mechanism which is impossible for unauthorized access. The battery is included for powered optimum security and it is easily portable as well. It uses fingerprint acknowledgment to gain access to the secure contents.

Up to the marking, algorithm is utilized to accomplish quick identification of enrolled fingerprints. It could deal with no more than a hundred and twenty fingerprint themes and comes standard having a 4' protection cable which allows you to secure it to a set thing, making it perfect for travel and home.

​4. Artemis Biometric Gun Safe/ Handgun Safe - Quick Access to your pistol by fingerprint or key (Stores up to 200 unique fingerprints):

The Artemis Biometric Gun Safe was made to reduce accidental firearm accidents and handling. Nevertheless, it also works for those searching for a secure place for their firearm perfectly. Artemis features one touch biometric fingerprint scanner, known as “Single Touch.” This scanner is comparable to fingerprint scanners upon Smartphone. It is simple to system, use, and may accept up to 200 exclusive fingerprints. A loud tamper alarm shall audio after five unauthorized efforts and can stop with a certified fingerprint check out.

Additionally, the case offers four mounting holes and includes anchoring cable. The included four AA electric batteries offer up to 4,000 scanning device procedures, or one year of usage.  A higher security Tubular-style key is included, for use in low battery circumstances.

Artemis, the Best Biometric Gun Safe is certainly made of a good weapons quality plastic material Polycarbonate polymer, the same polymer found in the bulletproof body and glass armor! The solitary touch top quality real biometric fingerprint reader provides quick and secure admittance with the push of a finger, simply no swiping needed! It stores up to 200 exclusive fingerprints for usage of your gun box.

The Case is made to match your firearm with a solid padded interior snuggly, fits bigger handguns (Model 1911), however small enough to squeeze in a nightstand or perhaps under your foundation. It offers high-security tubular style security and key cable.

The Barska Quick Access Rifle Safe includes a biometric fingerprint scan intended for extra safety. You can trust that you’ll be the only person accessing your guns. This kind of Barska Gun Safe gives premium security with a three- point deadbolt locking method. Furthermore, the sturdy and stable steel construction includes a supplementary level of protection.

This best biometric gun safe enables you to preserve rifles, guns plus ammo stored safely and rapidly accessible with a scan of your own fingerprint. You can store up to 4 rifles, guns plus ammo securely and only you can access it using your fingerprint. Moreover, it is very easy to use and simple to set up in your residence.

​6. Gunvault SpeedVault Gun Safe

The Gunvault SpeedVault Gun Safe is definitely perfect for modern users. It is easy to use and easy to set up as well. It also has a backup key override which many other safes don’t appear to carry nowadays. It’s likewise ideal for a desk mount for anybody who regularly works out of your residence or even office.

Gunvault SpeedVault SVB500 Biometric Safe can keep your handgun secure and ready to use. Providing a revolutionary style, the SpeedVault Biometric is as fast as it is tactful equally. It is the perfect choice for home or business looking for added security.

​Why Should You Choose the Bio​​​​metric Gun Safe?

A biometric gun safe is constructed with ultra modern technology. It only opens after scanning the fingerprints. There is no scope to get into it except only you. You should purchase this gun safe for the following reasons:

Convenient: It is very convenient. So you can carry it from one place to another easily.

Simple to use: All you need to accomplish is to check your fingerprint, and you’ll have instant access. This best biometric gun safe is completely easy to use.

Quick access in the dark: You can open the safe actually at night in the event of an emergency.

Child-Friendly: Your children will not have the ability to access it. Some children might keep in mind the passwords of the safe if they see it but just because of a fingerprint, it is difficult to allow them to open the gun safe.

Each and every biometric gun safe uses onboard memory for accumulating digital copies of the fingerprint. For the above reasons, I think you should choose the biometric gun safe.

Benefits of the Best Biometric Gun Safe: 

  • Computer software is used for access control management
  • To identify people in groups which are under observation
  • There is no A/C adapter with this safe, but the batteries keep it fresh.
  • It provides passport verification
  • To identify unlawful travelers on the border side of the countries or states.
  • Used as locking gadgets for home along with gun safes
  • A biometric safe can be opened in just a second while an intruder gets into your house.
  • It can only become accessed simply by the security code.

Cons of the Biometric Gun Sa​​​​fe:

  • A biometric gun safe is not suitable for everyone. Some people think that its use is complicated.
  • Most biometric safes aren't waterproof or fireproof.
  • Price is high from other gun safes.
  • Unless you apply your finger(s) properly, the safe won't open.

Factors to Keep in Mind When Buying the Best Biometric Gun Safe:

We can see many types of biometric gun safes obtainable for sale. Here are a few ideas to assist you selecting the ideal safe for your guns.

1. First of all, pick the best size gun safe. In case you have a little handgun to store plus few possessions you need not go for a large size. Large biometric gun safes include more features, but they are more expensive.

2. Discover how strong the biometric gun case is normally. A more powerful safe is more preferable always. So you can select a more powerful safe to a weaker one always.

3. See whether your safe can identify only one fingerprint or various. It is best to choose a gun safe that may recognize many fingerprints, for those who want to permit your family members to make use of your safe as well.

4. Select a biometric shotgun safe that includes a low fake rejection and false approval prices. A vault having higher ideals is, even more, mistake susceptible and might not allow you to open up the secure or might enable illegal access simply by error.

5. Determine whether you'll be able to maintain your entire valuables such as guns, jewelry, medications, and files and so on.

6. Selecting a gun vault which includes crisis secrets or keypad in addition to the biometric system is usually more suitable. It may provide you an alternative solution approach to starting the safe in the event something goes wrong.

7. Confirm the technique of simple safe installing the firearm safely and mounting choices (if there) also needs to be looked at while buying a biometric gun safe.

8. Biometric gun safes need batteries to use. Consider purchasing a safe with much longer battery life to ensure that you don’t need to change the electric batteries frequently.

The most crucial of all considerations is, of course, the dependability and the time with which the biometric gun safe opens. If it requires more time, this wants to save your valuable life.

Frequently Asked Question (FAQ):

1. Question: Is biometric gun safe perfect for everybody?
Answer: A biometric gun safe is not perfect for everybody. It is rather hi-tech, and a lot of individuals think that it is a little bit complicated.

2. Question: What type of lock is used in the biometric safe?
Answer: Sensor locks that monitor and identify the fingerprints are used in the biometric safe.

3. Question: What type of safes is reliable plus least expensive?
Answer: Single finger scanning safes are to most reliable and least expensive usually. Safes that search within four fingertips offer a higher level of security but commonly also possess more expensive plus false rejection ratings.

4. Question: How does a biometric gun safe replace the keys?
Answer: Biometric gun safes replace the keys plus combinations with fingerprints.

5. Question: What are the functions of biometric safe?
Answer: Biometric safes safeguard your guns and valuables from the robbery. It also protects the unauthorized use and fire.

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Biometric gun safes are most readily useful in case you have handguns that are kept in residence or may be the workplace. The best biometric gun safe has been designed for a complete safety of your guns along with valuables. As a distinguished gun owner you ought to protect your firearms from thieves, or perhaps misused by angry teens. So, biometric gun safe along with its modern technology is completely capable of safeguarding your firearms as well as valuable things.

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