10 Best Car Gun Safes – Top Picks and Reviews

Do you care about your gun no matter when you leave it in your car? You can agree with me that indeed that the main reason why you own a gun is for your safety. That the main reason why you prefer carrying it when driving. However, have you ever imagined what would happen if someone stole your vehicle? This is the right time to look for ways on how you can prevent your gun from the wrong hands.

Do you prefer carrying firearms in your car? In that case, a car gun safe will be of great importance. You can attest that one of the places where most of us spend the most time is in our vehicles. It has been discovered that cars present some evitable security challenges. The first challenge with cars is that they are mobile. The second factor that facilitates theft in cars is that they have windows. Windows can be broken, and after that, the contents inside stolen.

That can be annoying more so if you have a laptop in your car. In the case of firearms, it will pose a significant security risk not only to you but also to other people around the packing slot. That’s why our team has decided to review the best car gun safes in the market. Before we go down to the list, there are several types of car gun safes that include tethered car gun safe and permanently mounted gun safes.

Tethered car gun safe is also known as a portable lockbox. This type of car gun safe has been designed with a security cable that attaches to the lockbox. On the other hand, permanently mounted gun safes are fully mounted to the vehicle. From there, they become a permanent part of a car. Each of these car gun safes come with advantages and disadvantages.

Without further ado, let us look at the top products in the market under the topic.

10 Best car gun safe

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Review of the Best Car Gun Safes

Gun Vault MV500-STD Pistol Gun Safe

best car gun safes 1 GunVault Microvault Standard Digital Pistol Safe MV500-STD

The best thing about this car gun safe is that it has been manufactured with a perfect combination of security and accessibility. That’s the main reason why it is considered a top choice. Have you been looking for an elegant car gun safe that will perfectly fit underneath the driver’s seat? This car gun safe has been manufactured with enough space inside to store any type of gun. In addition, you can keep some magazines or even pocket-sized knives in this car gun safe.

In addition, this car gun safe model is compact. It is good to know that it has enough space where you can keep what you need. People who have used this product have highly recommended it. Usually, this car gun safe uses a no eye digital combination locking system. This feature has been included for quick access. What does no eye feature mean? You don’t have to look at the number pad to enter your combination.

It has been manufactured with four finger slots. The presence of these finger slots means that you can position your fingers to open your safe without looking. From a bright look, this is great when accessing your safe in low light. Away from that, the manufacturer has created a reliable safe with a unique pattern combination. The unique combination design features more than 10 million access codes. With the code combinations, you can use the pattern instead of the number code.

Furthermore, you can customize your combination to make it unique. A unique combination is quite hard to crack. What if you forget the combination of the battery run out? Although such instances are rare, you can use the backup override keys. There is no doubt you can want a car gun safe that anchors using a security cable. The presence of security cable features means that it is straightforward to install. Drilling and bolting are not required. In addition, you have the freedom to adjust the positions simply because the cables allow for a little movement. It is important to note that the steel security cable can hold more than 2,000 pounds.

  • It is possible to customize the code combinations.
  • It can hold more than 2,000 pounds.
  • You can open without looking.
  • Drilling and bolting are not required when installing this car gun safe.
  • It will only fit well in large trucks.

Fort Knox Pb1

best car gun safes 2 Fort Knox PB1 Handgun Safe with 13.5 Inch Dean Safe Pistol Sock

Convenience is one of the most critical factors you should look for when purchasing any car gun safe model. Have you been looking for the most reliable safe in the market while at the same time you would not mind doing extra work when installing this safe? Fort safe is the perfect model for your needs.

This car gun safe has been gaining a lot of popularity for its strength and security. Unfortunately, it loses its points when it comes to inconvenience and inaccessibility. Typically, this safe will open from the top. This means that you can’t access it if it has been bolted underneath a seat.

The size of this car gun safe means that you will be forced to mount this safe in a place where you have clear access from the top. It is impossible to break this gun safe. Moreover, the car gun safe maker has come up with four pre-drilled holes in the bottom. With that in mind, it is quite hard to bolt the safe into your vehicle.

  • It come with pre-drilled holes.
  • It has been manufactured with high quality steel.
  • This car gun safe will score low points when it comes to accessibility.

The Gunbox 2.0

best car gun safes 3 The GunBox 2.0 The Smartest Quick Access Gun Safe

It is arguably the most advanced option on this list. This car safe model has been manufactured with cool and quick access technology. Unlike other common car gun safes, this car gun safe model has been manufactured with some added safety features. All these features make the gun safe worth the expense.

It is slightly wider when compared to other gun safes on this list. In addition, this gun safe will safely fit underneath the seat in your car. You can easily adjust the lid using the plastic stop block. However, you are required to restrict opening to 45 degrees. This is more essential, especially if you are mounting the car gun safe under the seat. The feature is also essential if you prefer mounting the car gun safe model under the dashboard in your car.

The Gearbox manufacturer has put more attention on a more high tech approach. To facilitate the functioning of the high tech approach, the manufacturer has included fingerprint scanner and RFID technology. The other most essential features in this list include two key fobs and two access cards. In case you don’t have the budget to get an RFID ring, you can use the included biometric feature and program. This feature can hold at least 100 different fingerprints. What is the role of the Bluetooth feature in this car gun safe? It allows the users to access the safe using the SafeTech smartphone application.

This means that you will be able to adjust fingerprint sensitivity while at the same time, change alarm sounds. As you can see, the manufacturer has included numerous technologies in this car gun safe. With that in mind, you will be forced to use a power source so that the car gun safe can work efficiently.

In case you don’t have access to power sources, you can rely on the rechargeable battery. It is good to know that this battery can last for more than 18 months. Alternatively, you can plug it using one of the two USB ports. Overall, this car gun safe will never disappoint. Be guaranteed that it will perform beyond your expectations.

  • You can rely on rechargeable battery if you have little or even no access to power sources.
  • The battery can last for more than 18 months.
  • You can easily adjust fingerprint sensitivity.
  • The numerous technologies included in this car gun safe means that you will be required to have power source most of the times.

Snapesafe Treklite Gun Safe Lock Box

best car gun safes 4 SnapSafe Treklite Gun Safe Lock Box with TSA Combination Lock

Besides being lightweight and portable, this car gun safe comes with a TSA combination. You might be aware that this safe comes at an impressive price. In terms of size, the manufacturer has made this safe to fit fully-sized 1911 and several magazines.

You can go for this product if you own a handgun. The lock is not only simple, but it also meets all the TSA regulations. With the high-quality lock in this car gun safe, the concealment will be your best friend.

Away from that, the highly regarded car gun safe features some impressive applications. You can keep this gun safe in a hidden place in your vehicle. It would also be an ideal choice if you wanted to keep a gun in a dresser drawer. The TSA lock indicates that this gun safe can be an ideal choice for people who had to travel but still wanted to carry the gun after arriving in their destination.

Before purchasing this car gun safe model, it is advisable to check all the relevant state and local authorities’ regulations. All that you need to know when purchasing this safe gun model is that it is durable and will serve you for a long time.

  • It is lightweight and portable.
  • It comes at an impressive price.
  • Amazing steel construction.
  • This car safe model does not conform to some states regulations. Therefore, you should look for these regulations before purchasing it.

Hornady Rapid Gun Safe

best car gun safes 5 RFID Hornady Rapid Gun Safe 4800KP XLarge

Commonly, this gun safe can be found in four sizes. It has been manufactured with high quality super strong gauge steel. Away from that, this car gun safe features internal locking lugs. It is among the very few car gun safes that have been manufactured with heavy-duty and tamper-proof material. Safe quality exceeds ASTM safety standards. If you have used it in the past, then you can agree with me that it is pry-resistant and childproof. It has been designed in a unique way such that it can withstand attacks to its hinges.

Besides all these fantastic characteristics, this safe has been made to meet all the TSA security requirements for travel. You might be aware that you can get into this safe in numerous ways. The most popular way to enter this gun safe is using wristband and critical fob. In addition, you can ask a gun safety expert to program for you the five RFID tags. The door will quickly open immediately after unlocking the safe.

Similar to top safes in the market, this safe can be opened using a conventional key. This is essential, especially when you need a backup. Furthermore, it is quite easy to set up this gun safe. Once you have completed setting up the gun safe, it will be easy to carry your gun safe in the vehicle. The main essence why the manufacturer included the AC and battery power was to ensure that you have an easy time accessing your gun.

Customers who have purchased this safe in the past have praised its performance. Most of them have been claiming that indeed it is worth the hard-earned cash. Therefore, you should purchase this car gun safe with great confidence that, indeed, it will serve you for a lifetime. I can also say that the barrel key in this car gun safe is solid and straightforward.

All in all, if you have been looking for an easy to install gun safe without success, you are in the right place. It is not only small and compact but also this car gun safe will open exactly when you need it. Besides that, it comes with a durable cable. This ensures that this safe will stay safe in your vehicle while still providing you with multiple ways on how you can access the safe to your liking.

  • An AC and battery power has been included to power the LED interior light.
  • It is a solid car gun safe that has been made with steel material.
  • It is quite easy to install this car gun safe.
  • You will have numerous ways of accessing this car gun safe.
  • You can only store small handguns.

Amazon Basics Quick Dual Safety Device

best car gun safes 6 AmazonBasics Quick-Access Dual Firearm Safety Device

It comes with no surprise when you see this fantastic product on this list. There is no doubt that it is an excellent lockbox that you can use to store all your firearms safely in your car. It has emerged as one of the best handguns safes in the market.

It has been manufactured with durable, coated steel material. The presence of high-quality steel in the construction means that even the heartiest criminals will find it difficult breaking in this safe. In terms of size, this gun safe is larger when compared to other gun safe models in the market.

In addition, it can hold more than two firearms and other belongings. Moreover, the United States of America’s top car safe maker has included an automatic opening door that will provide quick access to your firearms. All that you need to do to access this car gun safe is to type your code in the backlit. The programmable electronic keypad will facilitate comfortable typing.

Unlike other car gun safes, this model has no sound on the buttons. Therefore, you can enter the codes with one hand. Just like most car gun safe in this list, this model comes with pre-drilled holes. These holes facilitate easy mounting.

Be assured that you will never go wrong with this car gun safe. This product comes with a one year warranty. Besides that, it has been approved by the California Department of Justice.

  • It has been approved by the California Department of Justice.
  • It has pre-drilled holes that facilitate easy mounting.
  • It features an automatic door opening.
  • Sturdy construction.
  • It is an expensive product.

The Club Lb200 Personal Vault Lockbox

best car gun safes 7 The Club LB200 Personal Vault Security Lock Box, Original

From its features, it is one of the best car safes for guns in the market. You can use this car gun safe in either car or truck. It is one of the best car gun safes that have been manufactured with durable aluminum material.

The steel used to make this car gun safe is incredibly tough. Although it has been made with sturdy aluminum construction, it is still lightweight. This allows you to mount the highly regarded safe horizontally or even vertically.

Moreover, the interior of this car gun safe is fully lined with high-quality foam. The high-quality foam ensures that your gun will be free from scratches. Furthermore, this unit is known to use simple technology. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about not being able to access your gun in case of emergencies.

Similar to other car gun safes in the market, this gun safe model uses the new high dimple lock. It is also important to note that this model comes with two matching keys. Last but not least, it features a latch that passes through the three steel layers.

If you want to mount this safe model in your car, then it is good to know that it comes with a strong four-foot cable. The cable helps secure the car gun safe to the seats. The designers who came up with this product must have taken a lot of time to design a car gun safe that can hold double stack 9mm pistols.

If you know more about car gun safes, then you can agree with me that finding such types of car gun safes is quite rare. In most cases, this car gun safe model is used by people with concealed carry permits.

Customers who have been lucky to purchase this fantastic gun safe are very confident with the locks included in this gun safe.

  • The high quality foam keep your guns free from scratch.
  • It is very easy to access guns in terms of emergencies.
  • It features reliable locking mechanism.

Gunbunker Gs-1 Vehicle Gun Safe

best car gun safes 8 Gunbunker GS-1 Car,Motorcycle,Truck,Home Gun Safe

Our list can’t be complete without featuring this safe. This has been designed to deter seasoned criminals. In addition, this box is safe and secure. Away from that, it comes with dimple keys.

Moreover, an easily lockable key has been included in this safe. As you purchase this safe, you should be guaranteed that it is worth the investment.

  • The high quality steel construction will deter seasoned criminals.
  • It comes with several override keys that you can use in time of emergencies.
  • This box is safe and secure.
  • The cable is not good for bolt cutters.

Awesafe Car Gun Safe With Biometric Lock

best car gun safes 9 awesafe Gun Safe with Fingerprint Identification and Biometric Lock One Handgun Capacity

This car gun safe provides secure storage for two standard handguns or even extra ammunition. The pistol safe has a digital keypad for advanced protection.

Placing your firearms in this safe will ensure that your kids do not have access to them as you travel. Away from that, reliable gun safe has been manufactured with high-quality steel material. It also features a high strength locking mechanism.

  • You can store several handguns and extra ammunition.
  • It features a digital keypad that ensure advanced protection.
  • This safe has been made with high quality steel material.
  • The locking mechanism need to be maintained. This can be a problem more so if you are a long journey driver.

Younion Pistol Travel Gun For Cars

best car gun safes 10 Younion Pistol Safe, Portable Travel Gun Safe,Handgun Lock Box, Gun Safes for Cars, Black

It is the perfect pistol safe gun that can be concealed under a car seat. In addition, it boasts of an excellent combination locking system that will help you avoid the hassle of keeping your keys. The lock box combination is easy to operate more so during emergencies.

The durably constructed car gun safe features 16 gauge steel housing. Be guaranteed that the sturdy metal box will provide long-lasting strength. Finally, the travel gun safe features a foam to protect the guns from scratch.

  • An excellent combination locking system. With this locking system, you don’t need to have keys.
  • It features a foam material to protect the guns from scratch.
  • It has been made with 16 gauge steel that ensures durability.
  • It is pricey when compared to others.

Factors To Consider When Choosing The Best Car Gun Safes

There are numerous car gun safe models in the market. Choosing the most reliable car gun safe that will guarantee you convenience and safety can be a difficult task. Many are the times you will find it difficult to tell which model is right and which is average. Our editors have decided to compile the essential features you should never forget when choosing gun safes.

Here are some crucial factors to consider:


A portable car safe should be small and easy to carry around. People who use car gun safes prefer installing it under the driver seat. With that in mind, you should check the safe dimensions before purchasing it. Keep in mind that a small car gun safe will be easier to conceal inside the vehicle. In addition, it is quite easy to secure the gun safe.

On the other hand, you can’t store a full-sized handgun in a small safe. You should not be influenced by anyone when choosing your car gun safe. It should be a matter of preference.


Durable car gun safes have been manufactured with sturdy construction. Most of the gun safe models in the market are made from steel. If that is not the case, kindly make sure that all the components in the safe have been constructed with high-quality materials. Avoid purchasing low-quality safes that have been made with plastic material. Such safes will not guarantee your safety and privacy.

Locking Mechanism

The safe locking mechanism is arguably one of the essential elements you should never forget to look for in a car gun safe. Usually, most burglars prefer breaking the lock instead of punching a hole in the shell. This makes the locking system the essential point in the safe.


Most car gun safe manufacturers design small safes. The easiest way for the burglars to break into your safe is by simply removing it from the car. That’s why you are advised to anchor the safe in the trunk of your car. While some of the car gun safe models have been designed with pre-drilled holes, most of them come with reliable security cables that allow the driver to attach the safe on the seat. Anchor sleeve is one of the most useful accessories when it comes to anchoring the safe in your car.

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Final thoughts 

Although they have differences in their features, all of them have one feature in common. They will help to protect your gun from thieves. It will be easier to keep your gun away from kids. All in all, we hope that this article will guide you in choosing the best car gun safe models. In case you have any burning questions, just shoot them.

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