Can A Locksmith Get Into A Gun Safe?

Can a locksmith get into a gun safe? How can he access the locker without a key? This article reveals the opening methods that only locksmiths can use. 

It’s pretty common for weapon owners to forget the key to their safes. In this case, they often ask locksmiths for help. So, can a locksmith get into a gun safe?

The answer is yes. He has specialized tools that can help you access your locker without a key. Locksmiths are the perfect specialists to do the job of opening the safe safely and adequately. 

This article will discuss the access methods in detail. Let’s read on to discover!

Can A Locksmith Get Into A Gun Safe?

So will a locksmith open a gun safe? Although it sounds hard to access a locked cabinet, locksmiths have several tools to break the lock and fix it. 


A locksmith puts a borescope into a tiny hole drilled in the locker to learn how to unlock it. 

With additional security measures, such as re-lockers or mechanical keys, scoping is a quick and highly effective approach to use.


Drilling is another common technique. The locksmith will drill a small hole into the locker. He passes a small tool and evaluates how to break into the locker.

However, most manufacturers equip their safes with sophisticated interior technology. The advance may make the breaking process more challenging. 

Fortunately, drilling is a fast process. It can keep the repairs after breaking at a minimum, making it a preferable method. 

Combination retrieval

The serial number can securely recover the initial combination. 

The locker will only unlock if the owner hasn’t altered its original code. After opening, the locksmiths can change the password to the codes specified by their customers. 

In addition, he can install an electronic lock instead of the safe’s dial if necessary.

You need to recover the initial combination

You need to recover the initial combination


Manipulation in this scenario necessitates professional skills as well as patience. Only the most well-trained locksmiths can accomplish it.

It’s a common entrance method since it allows a locksmith to regain access to the weapon cabinet without destroying its contents.

The locksmiths should understand how the locker dial’s wheel packs and spindles operate to manipulate it quickly and correctly.

You can learn more about the manipulation method via this video: 

Override key

When the regular code can unlock the locker, the supplier will offer an alternative key.

If the producer is unable to deliver the key, a key override can replace it. Then, you need a locksmith to assist in selecting the lock or creating a key to acquire access to the locker.

He quickly entered the safe if the producer included a number imprinted near the key override hole.


This approach may be the least favorable one. The cutting process is noisy, slow, messy, and may ruin your locker. 

However, if the two techniques can’t work, the locksmith has to cut the safe.

He can do it with a flame or a saw. He will choose the right blade to cut, depending on the safe’s construction. 

How Much Does It Cost To Have A Locksmith Open A Gun Safe?

Those services cost between $30 and $50 for a rekey or a new combination. If you need to drill the locker or modify your tumbler combination, you will spend about $50 to $100.

You can ask the supplier directly for regular fireproof safes. A replacement combo may cost you approximately $35 from most suppliers. They’ll need you to sign a document and get it validated. The code might need a week to arrive.

The service may cost you $30 to $100

The service may cost you $30 to $100

What Do You Need To Do Before Calling For Help?

It’s vital to identify and verify the type of gun safe before consulting a locksmith. The expert will next choose which approach to employ as well as anti-theft tactics.

To detect the type of locker, you need to provide the expert with three kinds of information:

  • Brand: You can find it beside or on the locker’s door.
  • Model: Note the model name once you’ve seen it on the back of the locker. 
  • Serial number: This info is on the lower corner of the locker’s door. 

A locksmith will use these three factors to find the best drill spots for accessing the cabinet without destroying it.

Check the technical details carefully

Check the technical details carefully

The Bottom Line: Can A Locksmith Open A Gun Safe? 

Locksmiths help you access the weapon locker without destroying its content. 

Before calling him, remember to check the necessary information about the safe. Thanks to your assistance, the technician can do his job easier and quicker. 

Hopefully, you will find this article helpful. If you need any further information, please feel free to ask. Thank you for reading!


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