Are Gun Safe Dehumidifiers Safe? Things to know

Are gun safe dehumidifiers safe? If this matter gives you a headache, do not hesitate to check out this article below to have your desired answer. 

In recent years, many people have been purchasing gun safes as a way to protect their firearms from theft. For these to work effectively, they need to maintain a certain level of humidity. This is where the dehumidifier comes into play because it helps keep the air inside your valuable container at a low humidity that prevents rusting and other malfunctions.

However, are gun safe dehumidifiers safe? This post will explore this question and provide you with information so you can make an informed decision.

Are Gun Safe Dehumidifiers Safe?

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Well, they are relatively safe for your goods protection. Not only that, a dehumidifier brings many benefits to your container.

In most cases, it can measure and regulate the level of humidity inside your safes to an ideal extent.

Some people might wonder if this tool solely deals with humidity, does it mean it’s unnecessary for those living in low-humidity level areas? No, this is a complete mistake! Do remember that even the slightest moisture level can make your expensive safes suffer.

Your firearms and other valuable things inside might suffer from rusting and corrosion formation due to inappropriate usage. For example, you take a small rechargeable dehumidifier to use in the long run for a large one. Or else, you make some modifications without checking the user manual, leading to uneven humidity changes.

Does Your Gun Safe Really Need A Dehumidifier?

Of course, yes. As a firearm owner, you should realize the importance of investing in a dehumidifier.

The presence of humidity can threaten your firearms, ammo, and so on, as mentioned above. The main reason for its high level is the moist air inside the container.

You will find it nearly impossible to clean off water from your firearm collection every time you open your safes or keep the humidity level under control all the time.

That’s why a sizable collection of dehumidifiers for safes are available in the market for such customers like you invest in. It aims at extracting moisture from the air and circulating the warm, dry air.

Hence, this product deals with all the situations you might come across easily, including preventing rust, corrosion, mold, condensation build-up on your belongings, or the breaking of any part of your goods.

There are many types that you can pick up in the market nowadays, including the desiccant, electric, and dry rod ones.

Differences Between Desiccant And Electric Dehumidifiers

We are going to differentiate desiccant and electric dehumidifiers, so keep scrolling down to see the distinct characteristics of each one.

Desiccant Dehumidifiers

A desiccant dehumidifier is made in the form of silica gel beads without any electrical components to operate. It can draw excess moisture in the air well despite its small design. In other words, its performance is similar to a sponge.

If you choose this type, you can put it everywhere in your home instead of choosing a place near a power outlet. Also, this product especially meets the needs of those on a low budget.

However, remember that its drying agent needs periodical replacement or recharge in an oven for further use.

Electric Dehumidifiers

This type is more common for many owners than the type above. It is not an exaggeration to say that this product is the most effective choice to control moisture.

More specifically, it utilizes a heating element to remove all the excess moisture from every corner of your safes that the desiccant one lacks. What you need to do is to plug in the machine and let it do its work. Rest assured that it will be free of moisture content.

A disadvantage of this tool is its price that not everyone can afford. Besides, it is quite inconvenient to use because it requires a power connection at all times. Hence, you must drill a hole through the steel wall to plug this dehumidifier into an outlet.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do Gun Safe Dehumidifiers Work?

Yes, for sure. Nobody can deny its ability to circulate air in the container and prevent the formation of condensation build-up.

What Is The Best Dehumidifier For A Gun Safe?

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It is quite challenging to determine the best out of the two types as it depends mostly on your preferences.

For example, if you want a convenient, friendly-user, portable, and affordable product, go ahead to a desiccant dehumidifier. It can basically satisfy your need to absorb the moisture and keep your valuable goods from rusting. Moreover, it will alert you whenever the work is done by changing its color.

On the contrary, the electric one can draw absolutely all of the moisture without any risk.

Where Do You Put A Dehumidifier In A Gun Safe?

It is possible to put it anywhere inside, even deep inside or the front side. But the best place here is at the bottom of your vault.

You need to consider where holes are located to let the wire go through regarding the electric variant.

What Is The Acceptable Gun Safe Humidity Level?

According to some studies from the NRA (National Rifle Association), the ideal humidity level ranges from 30 to 50% at a room temperature of 70 degrees. It is considered the perfect storage condition that avoids rust and corrosion well.

Once yours is beyond this range, such as becoming dryer than 20%, prepare yourself to face up with the negative impact on your gunstocks.


We have replied to all the matters related to the question: “Are gun safe dehumidifiers safe ?”. All the information above must have cleared your mind on this question.

Overall, a dehumidifier is extremely beneficial for anyone that seeks higher protection. Please do not risk your guns and other valuable belongings from rust and corrosion. It’s time to go shopping for a dehumidifier that can keep your safes from deteriorating. Good luck!


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