What Is The Difference Between A Gun Safe And A Regular Safe?

What is the difference between a gun safe and a regular safe? What should you buy? The side-by-side comparison below can help you make up your mind. 

When it comes to storing weapons, many people feel confused about whether they should buy a standard locker or the one meant for firearms. So, what is the difference between a gun safe and a regular safe?

What distinguishes a weapon locker from a regular one is what it keeps inside.

Gun safes serve weapon storage purposes. They have been famous for their extra security. For this reason, they are more expensive than regular ones. 

This article will discuss the differences between these lockers in detail.

Let’s get right into the details!

What Is The Difference Between A Gun Safe And A Regular Safe?

The best way to determine which is better is to compare the safes side by side.

Let’s go through some significant differences between them.

Storage space

The storage area of a firearm locker is different from that of a standard one.

Typical lockers are much more accessible on the inside, allowing you to use all the available space to keep your assets.

On the other hand, there are various racks within a weapon cabinet where you may keep your handguns. You can also keep other accessories there, but there won’t be as much space.


Both safes can safeguard and secure your belongings. Nevertheless, there is a distinction in the level of security provided by the two categories!

The firearm locker must secure precious weapons. As a result, they go above and beyond in level of protection.

The lockers can safeguard against the environment as well as prevent anyone from accessing them.

The typical locker has a lower chance to survive within home fires or other natural catastrophes. Furthermore, the weapon locker comes with the necessary gear, making it highly durable and safe.

The safes share some features in common

The safes differ in protection level

Door seal

Not all the safes available in the market feature sealed doors. On the other hand, every weapon locker comes with a door seal.

This feature offers an ideal humidity level in the locker. It doesn’t allow moisture to enter, which is essential for the locker and the content inside.


The price difference between the two lockers is quite huge.

The weapon cabinets are more costly than their competitors since they have more robust protective mechanisms and hold much more valuable possessions.

Regular lockers are less expensive since they provide less security. Also, they aim for smaller things.

We have compared the lockers’ significant aspects. Now, let’s summarize their differences with this table.

Gun Safes Vs. A Regular Safes – Comparison Table
Gun safes Regular safes
Storage space Racks equipped No racks
Protection High level of protection Medium level of protection
Door seal Available in all models Not available in all models
Cost Quite expensive Affordable

Similarities Between The Gun Safes And Regular Safes

Despite their significant differences, the two lockers still share some things in common.

The goal of owning a lock is to keep your assets secure and safe. They both serve that purpose with some characteristics as:


There must be many valuable things in your house. These are susceptible to being stolen or lost. Your kids can also be a risk to them or vice versa.

As a result, we need a locker to store all these things.

Both lockers come in a variety of sizes that can hold a large number of valuables. This vast storage serves you well.

Also, the two safes have comparable structures in terms of shape. Hence, the construction can serve to give additional storage.


The walls and lock frameworks of both lockers are thick. Hence, you can safeguard your valuables placed in the locker from theft or other threats.

The safes differ in protection level

The safes share some features in common

Can You Use A Regular Safe To Store Weapons?

The short answer is yes. You can store your weapon in a regular locker, but it will lose many of the advantages of keeping it in a locker made especially for that purpose.

A typical cabinet can protect your firearms from loss, theft, or even fire. It will not, though, defend against hazards like rust, water damage, or humidity.

Here are some scenarios of how your weapons may suffer when kept in a regular safe:

  • Because of the lack of a seal, the door will corrode.
  • There is not adequate storage to keep the weapon’s physical body in good condition. You will also face other concerns like scratching, tarnishing, and rusting.
  • The gun locker offers some services, such as annual maintenance. As a result, the weapons kept in the ordinary safe are at risk of getting harmed.

Without these safeguards, your firearms have to deal with numerous problems.

Another significant feature of a gun safe is its safety. An ordinary safe, on the other hand, does not have a fastener attached to the flooring.

The attachment secures the locker in place, makes it more sturdy, and prevents robbers from stealing it. You can learn how to mount the locker to the floor via this video.

You can find this type of safety feature in regular safes. They don’t, though, work in the same way as weapon lockers.

It would be best to store weapons in a weapon locker

It would be best to store weapons in a weapon locker

The Bottom Line

The gun safes and regular safes differ in some aspects. In general, the weapon lockers are more durable and secure since they have to protect firearms.

Hopefully, you will find this article helpful. If you need any further information, please feel free to ask. Thank you and see you in our next update!


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