Are Fireproof Safes Better Than Non-fire Proof Safes_

Are Fireproof Safes Better Than Non-fire Proof Safes?

When you are purchasing a safe, it is essential to consider it is either fireproof or non-fire proof. For a safe, being fire resistance is a very crucial feature that you should consider as a homeowner. This is because it will protect your valuable items from fire as well as from high temperatures. There are various kinds of home safes in the market, and they vary from price to their features, some come at a lower price and at the same time offer you with excellent features.

In the modern world, the majority opt for the fireproof safes rather than non-fire proof because they are safer compared to the latter as well as cheap. After all, you do not have to pay extra money to keep your documents safe at some bank. There are several l brands manufacturing safes; besides, many more in the market, which makes it harder for you to figure out the difference between the two categories as well as which is the best.

That is the reason this article was written

In this article, we are going to compare and discuss fireproof versus no-fire proof as well as make it clear to you the best one to select.

Are Fireproof Safes Better Than Non-fire Proof Safes_

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Fireproof Saves You Extra Cost

Purchasing a fireproof safe saves you extra cost that you would have incurred if you bought a non-fire proof safe. This is because making a non-fire safe to be fireproof will cost you more. Besides, having a fireproof safe will cut the cost of taking your valuable documents to some bank for storage.

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Peace Of Mind

If you compare fireproof and non-fire proof safes, the fireproof safes get you worrying less about fires at all. Some fireproof safes can resist up to 1700-degree fires for even up to an hour, which is more than enough heat to melt a mere non-fire proof safe. The fascinating thing with these fireproof safes is that while the fire is raging outside the safe, inside the safe, it is a much cooler 350-degree F, which ensures the safety of your documents even the paper ones since the paper ignites at 480 degrees.

Deterrence From Burglars

Are Fireproof Safes Better Than Non-fire Proof Safes burglary-

We concur with the great job that these fireproof safes do; however, on the other side, they use a very thin metal, which makes it easy for a burglar to breakthrough. This metal is mainly to hold the fire-retardant material, and it can be easily sawed with simple hand tools, besides some can even be broken by dropping them hard on the concrete floor. Some non-fire proof safes come with strong material and offer better burglar-proof, which is a consideration also you should make.

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Fire Protection

Actually, if you were asked why you would purchase a fireproof safe, you would probably answer that is for protecting your valuables from fire. This is the primary reason for choosing a fireproof safe over non-fire proof, besides some of these safe come with advanced features to keep off the strangers.

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Gun Safe

Are Fireproof Safes Better Than Non-fire Proof Safes liberty-safe-us48-bkt-e-dp-alt1 - Copy

Both categories of the safes are ideal for gun storage; however, when it comes to the best one, then fireproof outdo the other one. This is because considering bullets are explosive if exposed to fire, then fireproof safe would be much safer in incidents of fire outbreaks in your house.

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Fireproof safes are tough, and they need good care and maintenance compared to non-fire proof. If you are not ready for that kind of commitment, then it is ideal for you to choose a non-fire proof safe. If they are not handled with care, they can break easily; however, they can last long as the other ones if they are maintained well.

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Lower Insurance Rates

If you get a fireproof safe, you are bound to have lower home insurance rate because a fireproof safe will lower the risk of your materials get damaged in case there is fire. That way you will use the money and invest in other significant things instead of having to pay a high insurance rate that might not be covering your needs

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Value For Money

Are Fireproof Safes Better Than Non-fire Proof Safes Safe after fire

Both fire proof and non-fire proof safe offer some good value for your money, but some brands of the fireproof safes come with water resistance capability also. Considering these categories do not differ largely in price, then fireproof safes offer more features for your money.

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Locking Systems

When it comes to locking system fireproof safes. Could have various locking systems, including the sturdy deadbolt locking system to biometric fingerprint scanning system, which is the same case with no-fire proof safes.


In general, both fireproof and non-fire proof safes provide safety for your valuable things. They help you keep unsafe things from kids and other unauthorized people, thus making safety perfect for you.

Conclusion And Recommendation

We all have various needs and goals in the present day, however, one thing we all have in common is the need to keep our valuables and important items safe. Getting to choose the right category between the two has been made simple now by our comparison and discussion. We recommend you to go for the fireproof safe since it has many benefits compared to non-fire proof. Even though in some aspect they tie, the fireproof safes are better than the non-fire proof safes. We have looked at the key aspects that many people make a preference of when purchasing these safes, and we hope that our comparison has helped you.

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