5 Best Gun Safes Under $1000 | Top Picks and Reviews


A gun safe isn’t specifically an item constructed with active “performance” at heart. Its design is focused on exactly one purpose which is the guarantee of your firearms. Trust it or not, searching the best gun safe under $1000 is not a difficult task at all.

A gun safe provides protected & secure storage space for just one or many firearms as well as ammunition among additional shooting accessories. Essentially, these containers are accustomed to making sure that illegal utilization of your guns is prevented.

Furthermore, in the case of vandalism, organic fire or other type of calamity (like an avalanche), safes will secure your guns during the time of such misfortune.

In case you are a gun owner, or perhaps you've planned to acquire one, entrance prevention is a legal necessity. When you think about these things, it is high time you begin budgeting for a perfect gun safe.

There are numerous brands and types of gun safes on the marketplace. The price range goes from significantly less than $100 to over $3000. In this post, we will discuss the best gun safe under $1000. Here are some points you should consider before spending your cash on them.
Different Sizes of Gun Safes
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Fire protection


​Our Rating

Steelwater Standard Duty

​120 Minute

14 - 18 Long Guns


Steelwater Extreme Duty

45 Minute

​14 - 18 Long Guns


Stack-On SS-22-MG-C


​​14 - 18 Long Guns


Steelwater Heavy Duty

45 Minute

8 – 10 Long Guns




​3 – ​5 Long Guns


5 Best Gun Safes Under 1000 - Top Picks and Reviews

1. Steelwater Standard Duty 20 Long Guns Fire Protection for 45 Minutes

Steelwater Standard Duty 22 Long Gun Fire Protection has an open fire level of resistance qualification and should have the ability to withstand temperatures as high as 15500F for 120 minutes. It is a very good time, much better than times provided by the majority of its competition.

The body of this gun safe is built out of 12-gauge solid steel along with a 12-gauge composite door. The door is 4 and 3/4 inches thick. The capacity is perfectthe manufacturer markets it to hold a maximum of sixteen long guns.

This gun safe under $1000 has eight ballistic-resistant, durable plates. They are placed to protect the most susceptible parts strategically, just like the lock, locker, and the certain areas which are be drilled during an attack.

You can systematize the inside by using three little shelves, a single corner, and four adjustable racks. The door includes a total of 9 locking bolts made of hard steel, all of them having a complete inch in diameter. The locking system runs on the 3-8 digits reprogrammable consumer code for access. The manufacturer provides an emergency dual-bitted bypass key as well.

2. Steelwater Heavy Duty 16 Long Guns Fire Protection for 45 Minutes

Steelwater AMHD593024 comes with a 1550°F protection and 16 (8/8) extended gun capacity (Common 8-10 long guns). California Department of Justice Regulatory department approves this safe. This  12-Gauge steel construction Blend utilizes five ¾” solid doors.

A total of nine one-inch solid metal bolts is used for mounting; gear-powered lock and bolt method are added for resistance against drilling, heavy impacts, and pry attacks. Drill & ballistic resistant hard plate is utilized to safeguard the lock, and other vulnerable areas from getting manipulated or drilled.

During a robbery assault, spring-packed re-locking bolt is eliminated. It provides semi-glass, distinctive powder-coated black surface finish as well as polished chrome tri-spoke handle. Warmth-activated extensible door is made to seal out smoke and water in case of an emergency.

It includes pre-drilled ½” anchor cracks. The fully padded gray inner side has a two-section weapon rack that may store a maximum of eight long guns in every section and contains four adjustable or detachable shelves for more storage options.

3. Stack-On SS-22-MG-C 22 Guns Fully Convertible Security Safe with Combination Lock, Matte Hunter Green

The exterior of Stack-On SS-22-MG-C 22 Gun Safe is completed with profound black epoxy chrome and paint accents, while having  a completely carpeted inner side. The safe has a two-way fastening system with one-inch steel action bolt which has 5 locking points to guarantee the utmost protection.

The stack-on Tactical firearm cabinet may be the safest approach to storing the guns. Made with the comfort and usability in mind, Stack-On SS-22-MG-C 22 Gun Safe will not sacrifice price for top quality. This particular gun cabinet is approved by the California Division of Justice as a conference for their requirements on storing weapons properly.

This gun safe under $1000 includes a drill-resistant, solidified steel dish positioned in the back for added safety. You can keep 22 guns that are 54" long nearly, or put 11 stores of guns & ammo or various other necessities utilizing the 4 adjustable shelves which are included. Pre-drilled mounting pockets in the steel bottom of this gun safe enable easy connection to the floor with the included attachment hardware.   

The combination fastener SS-22-MB-C in dull black ensures accurate reassurance . This item includes a trademarked molded barrel or clip relax that won't deteriorate or compress as time passes. Also, it is perfect for storing guns side by side.

4. Steelwater heavy duty 20 long guns fire protection for 45 minutes - Amsw592818-blk 

Steelwater AMSW592216-BLK Gun Safe can withstand 15500F for forty-five minutes without problems.. This is a quite impressive feature, especially at this price;, much better than most of the competition offers at this cost range.

The producer advertises that the common capacity of the safe can feature 12-16 very long guns, with no more than twenty. When you see this kind of estimate, remember that all manufacturers use basic rifles when they’re testing the capacity. It means that if you want to store lengthy guns with scopes or altered stocks and shares, the capability is significantly lower. The door on this safe is 4 and 3/4 inches solid. It’s crafted from 12gauge composite and steel.

You will find four pre-drilled anchor loopholes and one pre-drilled dehumidifier hole in this model. The inside offers a 2-section gun rack with the capacity of keeping ten guns each, four adaptable shelves and one full-size space. The lock is digital. It is EMP-proof plus has a dual-sided bypass key which you may use to gain access to the safe.

This safe is quite easy to use. Select a code you are sure to remember, and you may start the safe in two seconds and close it again in one. This kind of unit can be quite weighty, thus make certain you’re certain where exactly you intend to put it and also have sufficient space. Remember that this is an item that is included with suppresses delivery. You will require help moving it inside your home plus position it.

The BARSKA-AX11780Large Biometric Safe is a useful and versatile security storage solution for a broad range of applications. It can be quickly unlocked with a contact of a finger, and 2nd generation fingerprint scanning technology enables a hundred and twenty different users to be authorized to inner memory.

The dark matte solid steel construction, pre-drilled anchor factors, and detachable shelves make this safe useful for the home, garage, and office. The external battery power and two-year electric battery life guarantee reliable, durable storage space of the valuables plus biometric data.

The biometric scanning technology may be a solution for safely storing your goods and having immediate access to them. This gun safe under $1000 has a system that stores up to 120 different users. Usage of your valuables is as easy as pushing the power button, scanning the fingerprint and an instant opening. An interior detachable twelve position rack maintains products organized.

The detachable storage rack within the door offers extra organization. The inside is completely lined in smooth materials that shield priceless possessions from scrapes. The safe has six pre-drilled mounting points to attach it to a wall, the ground or any sturdy flat surface securely.

The 5-point dead-bolt locking method and solid steel construction assure that no unauthorized users can gain access to your valuables. As an inferior access point, the safe includes keys for battery or backup failure. Moreover, BARSKA-AX11898 comes with a one-year limited warranty.

Reasons Why You Should Purchase a high-quality Gun Safe

Here are some significant reasons why you should purchase a high-quality gun safe:

To Keep Kids Safe:

Having a gun is great, however, if you have children in the house, you have a constant risk of possible unintended harm You don’t want a curious child to access your firearm, especially after watching some action movies. Kids who know that there’s a non-protected firearm in the house might try to get it and replicate the favorite action scene. Yup, quite dangerous scenario.

Safety from Theft:

There is a potential threat of losing your gun by the tactile hands of thieves and other intruders. With a gun safe, you don’t need to  worry about your rifles - they will be 100% safe.

Protection from Fire:

Most of the contemporary gun safes are fireproof. In the case of a fire, you're ensured that your firearms won’t fire accidentally od explode from the heat. Modern gun safes can be used to store very important documents as well.

Keep Additional Valuables Safely:

As mentioned above, you don’t have to own a gun to obtain a weapon safe. You may use these safes to keep some of your belongings securely, and you will take advantage of all of the positive aspects above.

Gun safes designed for Beauty:

Today, the majority of these types of safes are not just made for safety storage area but also for appearance.

Points To Consider When Purchasing A Gun Safe Under $1000 

We can see plenty of gun safes in the marketplace, but it is very difficult to select the best one. To obtain the best gun under $1000, here’s what you need to look for:

It is important to say that gun safes today are manufactured from steel. When shopping for a gun safe, ensure that the safe you go for is made from  durable metal to ensure that it can’t be damaged easily. Remember that you are purchasing the security that will keep thieves out. That is your main goal. Intruders can only be held away if the entranceway is strong enough to be  difficult to break into.

Fire Protection:

Because you will probably be keeping a few of the valuable papers and pieces in the gun safe, it might be prudent to go for a device that's fireproof. Some valuable things are also kept in it, so it must be fire protective.

Storage Capacity:

Make a count of how many guns you have to store, and if you find any extra items, you'll need to shop. Select  the precise capability and the correct shelving program based on your inventory and plans of future expanding, if any.

Initial Setup: 

Setup is a crucial factor for your gun safe. Always keep in mind that some criminals may choose to take the safe away when they cannot break into it in your house. It means the best gun safe under $1000 has to  be a large enough and include bolting features that will prevent any possible movement. Bolting is important in ensuring safety to the staff operating the safe as well.

UL Certification:

The Certification from the UL (Underwater Laboratory) ensures you’ve picked a safe that fulfills security box storage suggestions based on this organisation.

Secure Locks:

Locks can be found in three types such as digital locks, combination locks, and key locks. They are all used for in case of a crisis. Whenever and if possible, choose the digital locks.

The best gun safe under $1000 should have lengthy warranties -  many on the market offer a lifetime guarantee.Keep in mind the warranty and its length, what ti covers, and how it is activated before purchasing a gun safe.

Benefits of Owning a Gun Safe under $1000

Besides from being costly, guns bring plenty of responsibilities. Guns should be kept in a safe lock by law, and aren’t allowed for use by untrained person. Besides the regulatory obligations, safes keep your guns from damage and possible theft or misuse.

Advantages of having a good gun safe:

Easy to Open:

A gun safe is easy to open up for an authorized person. Many problems occured in the past when many weapon safes that have been difficult to start within a crisis have been utilized. All things considered, you want a reliable device that can deliver in a time of crisis, such as a break in or attack.

In situation like this, having a safe that is quick to open can bring difference between life and death.

Fingerprint safes offer quick access to your  gun, usually in less than two seconds.

Safe from Robbers:

Hand guns are not inexpensive - having it stolen could make your life a nightmare, in addition to emptying your pocket. If a thief breaks into your house whenever no one is there, it is possible to wager they will steal any firearm they can. Maintaining the gun in the safe lowers the chance of o robbery happening due to the fact robbers are usually pretty quick and will not invest plenty of time to break  in a secure safe.

Total Safety against Natural Calamity:

Modern gun safes are often impenetrable to harm coming from the fire, water, earthquake, evena tornado. An excellent firearm safe is practically indestructible, so you can be sure your investment will be secure against the elements.

Zero Scope Wrong Hands Will Attain Your Firearms: 

Having a great gun safe will put you in a position to be confident that your guns won’t fall  into the wrong hands. We’ve all heard tragic stories about accidents involving curious kids who found their parent’s firearm and played with it until the tragic event occured. A sturdy and secure gun safe will prevent any bad outcome - you will sleep without worrying and with relaxation.

Help to Save Home Valuable Possessions: 

Based on the dimension you choose, you can store a lot of guns in your safe. A large safe attached to the floorcan offer protection for jewelry, old photos, essential documents, doctor prescribed medications, plus much more.

Keep Your Family Protected:

The most frequent reason guns are ordered to provide home protection. However, the numbers of unintentional gun shootings continue to rise . The existence of unattended guns in the home skyrockets the opportunity of unintentional injuries and deaths. Investing in a reliable marker safe shall help you to use your gun for the reason you got it for.

Aside from that, if you would like to have a top quality biometric gun safe, seek out trustworthy gun safe providers.  Reading online reviews and opinions will help you obtain the best value and performance for the price.


Today gun safes undoubtedly are popular. On the other hand, the protection of firearms when they are not in use isn’t addressed as much, and people aren’t educated enough on this topic. This often leads to problems with tragic outcomes.  Investing in a great gun safe can give you the peace of mind because you’ll know that your guns and your appreciated valuables will be secure.

Gun safes are not designed for just guns! Plenty of individuals buy them to store their jewelry, cash, or several other belongings in such safes. Because of their sturdiness, durability, and overall high degree of safety, gun safes are perfect for a home safe.  So, if you want to get the best gun safe under $1000 , read our reviews and think carefully before purchasing. We wish you a safe and happy life, secured by the best safe!

Source: Safety Hub


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