Can You Store Ammunition In A Gun Safe? – Things To Know

Can you store ammunition in a gun safe? The answer is definitely yes, as long as it is in its sealed container, away from high temperatures, and not exposed to the elements. There are many reasons for this, ranging from legal requirements to the safety of all your family members.

Can You Store Ammunition In A Gun Safe?

You need to store ammunition correctly to function the weapons. This is the same as putting gasoline in your car. If the fuel is outdoors or includes acid or dirt, it can harm the radiator, engine, and general automotive function.

Besides, you should not leave your ammo out in the open or leave it lying around in your apartment. Keeping the ammo in the same safe as the pistol appears to be a reasonable approach.



You can keep ammunition in a lockbox, but only when the safe has a dedicated ammo section. Or else, you can still keep it in the gun cabinet if it does not. Just make sure you keep the ammunition in a sealed container.

How to Properly Store Ammo in A Gun Safe?

Keep The Ammunition In The Specified Section.

Most gun safes have a section dedicated to ammo storage. If your weapon safe does not have that compartment, make careful to put your ammo in a separate box. Do not just toss it in the safe.

Don’t keep your weapons and ammunition together

Don’t keep your weapons and ammunition together

Ammo should be kept in a separate box for a variety of reasons. To begin with, having ammo lying around is generally not a good idea. Keeping everything in a container puts everything together, which makes loading so much simpler.

Keep The Ammo In A Separate Airtight Case.

Also, you should keep the container away from nosy children and weary pets. It also adheres to fundamental, licensed firearm storage guidelines.

When looking for the best method to store ammo, consider factors such as age and the humidity of the ammunition. Fortunately, most gun safes include airtight ammo sections.

Tips For Storing Ammo Safely

The best location to keep ammunition is in a gun cabinet, like any other storage container, so that you can control temperature.

Besides, putting it in the suitable humidity and temperature is also an excellent idea. Consider buying a gun secure with a storage container if you do not have access to a gun locker.

Choose The Suitable Gun Safes

There are more than 13 different types of gun safes, each with its size and function. Nightstand safes, automobile safes, and even a disguised wall safe that merges into your wall are among the options.

They are divided into three categories: digital, biometric, and augmented reality safes. You can use them in various ways, such as entering a passcode on a keypad inside a digital shelter, a fingerprint reader for biometric safe, and AR safes for automatic weapons.

Digital gun safe

Digital gun safe

Digital safes are fully electronic, and anyone with the key or passcode can unlock them. These usually go with a keypad, and only a code or a key is reasonable for opening. Manufacturers could reprogram these safes, and you should modify the password at least once a year.

Don’t Put It On The Ground.

On the other hand, biometric security systems require a fingerprint scan to unlock. Just the possessor would be able to access it after scanning the fingerprint into the device.

An AR secure is designed primarily for assault weapons. Because these weapons are much larger than typical pistols, these safes are much larger. These safes offer the same security features as the previous ones.

Consider investing in security which only you can access, ensuring that your firearm and ammunition do not fall into the wrong hands.

How To Store Ammo In A Long Term?

When it comes to keeping munitions for longer periods, it’s necessary to go beyond child and animal protection. When a gun owner has a huge quantity of ammo, whatever they do with the remainder has a significant impact on life expectancy.

Humidity And Moisture Can Ruin Your Ammo.

You should maintain your ammo cold, dry, and out of direct sunlight to remain secure. You must also guarantee that your ammo stockpile does not include moisture. Preventing humidity in humidified sections of the Southern country is a difficult endeavor.

Gun and ammo security systems are a simple method once again. Also, avoid storing ammo underground or in other places with high moisture. You can buy a dehumidifier for absolute caution.

We also recommend one tip that you can apply: fill your ammo boxes with silica gel packets to absorb any extra moisture.

Silica Gel Packages Can Absorb Water Particles In The Air

Silica gel packets

Avoid High Temperatures

Many newcomers are concerned that hot weather would cause weapons to catch fire. However, this is primarily a myth. Nowadays, ammunition is designed to resist extreme temperatures on both ends of the heating range. Extreme heat, on the other hand, can harm your ammunition.

The priming combination and gunpowder will be affected by high temperatures. You’ll observe a decline in quality over time owing to significant degradation, and your rounds or shells will finally stop firing. A decent thumb rule is to keep your ammo maintained under 150°F, at all times.

That’s simple enough if you maintain your ammo locked in gun safes, but you never know when you’ll find a box in your vehicle. On a sunny summer day, your vehicle’s trunk may easily achieve 172°F, which is hot enough to destroy any ammunition.

According to SAAMI (Sporting Arms and Ammunition Manufacturers’ Institute) guidelines, we should prevent exceedingly high temperatures (above 150°F), and the temperatures between 55°F and 85°F are suitable for storage.

Prevent Temperature Fluctuations

Apart from avoiding hot temperatures, intense cold can harm your ammo (though this is less frequent). Temperature changes are more likely to degrade the quality of your ammunition.

Temperature oscillations can destroy a case of ammunition in the same method that temperature changes can harm a case of beer. Unfortunately, this indicates you shouldn’t store your shells in the basement or anywhere else where they’ll be exposed to the elements.

Due to their dry interiors and regular temperatures, gun storage is the finest place to keep ammunition. They are also useful if you have young kids who you don’t want to get their hands on your firearms and ammo if you’re not around. You have spent all that money on ammunition, so make sure you look after it correctly.


Now that you have reached useful information about the topic – Can you store ammunition in a gun safe? Having a gun entails a significant deal of responsibility. As a gun user, you must consider a variety of factors, the most important of which is safety. Security for you, the gun handler, and people who live in the same house as you.


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