American Security Gun Safe Review: is it for you?

You can agree with me that indeed securing your guns and valuables is not an easy task. It is important to know that threats have never been dimensional. The American Security Gun safe has come to solve all your problems. It is good to know that this gun safe is manufactured by one of the largest independently owned and operated security agency. The high quality gun safe will arguably address all your security issues more efficiently.

This gun safe was first manufactured in the 1940s. Over the years, the manufacturer has been improving on the quality and efficiency of this safe. Why should you Purchase American Security Safes? Unlike other manufacturers in the market, the maker of this gun safe employs state of the art improving technologies. The innovations they have used in making this gun safe are considered to be unavailable to burglars.

Do you know that this gun safe is a perfect combination of concrete blends with thick plates of hardened steel alloys? Additionally, the highly trusted maker has carefully designed this gun safe with high technology locking system. The popular American Security gun safe boasts of an extra strong defense against fire and a formidable challenge to the most dedicated intruder.

Purchasing a high quality American Security gun safe will be one of the most important steps when it comes to protecting and organizing your guns. Furthermore, you will be in a position to keep your priceless possessions safely. Unlike other gun safes, the American Security gun safe is professionally designed. Actually, it joins other top gun safes in the market that are hand crafted to provide a lifetime and trouble free performance.

American Security Gun Safe Review

Pros of American Security Gun Safe

Perfect size and dimensions

If you own an arsenal or even a single handgun, then this is the right time to purchase an American Security Gun Safe. It might be the most suitable gun safe for your needs. You don’t need to have much space to store this gun safe. That is the reason it is preferred by many people simply because it can be used in any place. You will be able to hold all your guns without filling up. Actually, some space will be left to spare. Keep in mind that you may want to grow your gun number in the future. That is the reason it is important to leave room for those future guns.


Usually, weight goes hand in hand with the size of the gun safe. It is worth noting that gun safes with similar amounts of space come with different weights. Do you know that the greater the weight, the more secure the safe? Intruders will have a hard time stealing the entire safe when you consider an extremely heavy safe. This means that they will not be able to take the safe away and break into it elsewhere. More weight also means that more steel has been used in making it. This makes it more difficult to break into.

Standardized testing 

The popular American Security gun safe is one of the very first safe makers to accept to pass their products in thorough testing. They use these procedures from independent laboratories with the main aim of substantiating the burglary and fire ratings. Usually, independent testing provides consistent procedures that can be used by customers to compare ratings between different types of safes. This enables them to make the right purchasing decisions.

Good burglary rating

The most trusted testing firm is the Underwriters Laboratories testing. You should join other people who have invested in the trusted gun safe that boasts of a high burglary rating. The manufacturer has tested this gun safe using specific tools that are used during a break in attempt.

Lock security

Lock security is another thing the manufacturer could not forget when making this American Security gun safe. Every person would want to have a well-protected gun safe that is against intrusion. While some models are manufactured with combination locks, some American Security gun safes are designed with digital electronic locks. Gun safes manufactured with electronic locks are known to be faster to use. On the other hand, dial locks have emerged as the most durable and reliable. Neither of the two locks is more secure than the other. Choosing any of the locks should be a matter of individual preference.

Quality construction

This American Security gun safe is manufactured with thick steel plates. Additionally, it boasts of interior hinges. The extremely secure bolting system is by no doubt the hallmark of the highest security in this American Security gun safe. Normally, the manufacturer of this safe measures the steel thickness in gauge. Small gauges mean greater thickness. Most of the American Security Gun safes models are generally 12 gauge.

Furthermore, the bolting feature in safes plays a close function to the locking system in improving the security of the safe. If that is not yet enough, the American Security gun safe comes with more bolts. This means better security.

Good Fire Rating

The American Security gun safe maker has not overlooked this feature. Actually, it was one of the top considerations when manufacturing this product. They have indicated that this gun safe has a minimum of about one hour fire rating. You should be guaranteed that the American Security gun safe will provide adequate protection. This enables it to survive a typical home on business fire. It will be better if you spend your money on a reliable safe that will protect your important valuables during a fire. You don’t have to worry about your limited budget simply because this safe has got you.


The American Security gun safe comes with the finest warranty. Usually, the warranty provided by the manufacturer covers attempted break in and actual break in. Also, there are also times when the warranty will cover flood and water damage. The manufacturer gives a warranty to the buyers since they believe in the quality of their products. You have the full freedom to return this American Security gun safe to the maker within the warranty period at no cost.

Affordable price

The American Security gun safe maker has strived to produce the best safe at an affordable price. Price and other details vary depending on the exact size of the safe. The best thing about the American Security gun safe is that it is affordably priced while at the same time packed with the same quality features as more expensive gun safes. This is the right time to benefit from the top gun safes from a reputable manufacturer at an affordable price.

Adjustable shelf

It is another feature that will definitely impress you. The unique American Security gun safe features an adjustable gun safe interior shelving. Therefore, you can configure the storage space in numerous ways.


You will not be required to replace the American Security gun safe more often simply because it has been manufactured to be durable. Having been manufactured with durable and tested materials means that this gun safe will serve you for many years. Be assured that this gun safe will resist all environmental impacts.


Although the manufacturer has been in the industry for many years, there are a few things they should consider improving in this American Security gun safe.

Poor door lock mechanism and handles will come off

People have been claiming that the handles started slipping and later came off after 50 openings and closings. The manufacturer should try to improve on the lock handles in this gun safe.

Is American security gun safe a good gun safe?

American security, popularly known as AMSEC is one of the most reputable manufacturers of safes for home valuables and guns. Being the most trusted gun safe manufacturer in the industry, the manufacturer promises buyers quality and reliability. That is exactly what you will get after purchasing this gun safe.

Who makes American Security safes?

The American Security gun safes boast of not only a long but also a distinguished history. The top gun safe manufacturing company was started by Glenn Hall in 1940. Despite the humble beginnings, the American Security emerged as a pride of the United States of America in making reliable and high quality gun safes.

Final Thoughts

The overall quality of this American Security gun safe is far much better than most in its price range. As you make your purchase, you should rest assured that you are purchasing one of the best products from the United States of America based manufacturer. This is the right time to improve the security of your guns by purchasing this gun safe. Additionally, the manufacturer of this gun safe is willing to answer any questions. You can go on their website if you have any queries concerning details such as warranty and sizes. We hope that you will find this review article on American Security Gun safe helpful in the future. We look forward to hearing from you. Thanks!


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