Does A Gun Safe Need To Be Fireproof To Protect Your Properties Properly?

Fireproof gun safes are present in many homes as protective containers. But does a gun safe need to be fireproof to protect our valuables? Learn more about it!

Companies use the term “fire-resistance” as an appealing tool to boost their gun safes sales in today’s gun safe market. They suppose it makes consumers feel reassured, and that their firearms and things would be safe under a fire.

Does a gun safe need to be fireproof? Indeed, most fireproof safes are meaningless in the case of a real fire. So, your gun safe does not definitely have to be fire-resistant.

Get to know more about this property protector through the following article!

Does A Gun Safe Need To Be Fireproof?


Fireproof gun safes are still controversial.

A bedside safe is necessary not only for securing ammo and firearms but also for preserving other valuables, like documents, passports, money, and many more.

First, let’s clarify what people mean when referring to “fireproof.”

What Is Fireproof?

Many buyers come seeking a fireproof gun safe, so brands have started to use this ubiquitous term.

Indeed, those types of safes are literally fire-resistant, which means that they withstand smoke and heat (some even resist against water) for a certain extension of time.

Fire-resistant safes are adept at protecting cash and paper documents from smoke and heat damage.

However, their construction utilizes very thin metal of 16-18 gauge, making them easier for burglars to attack. This metal contains fire retardant elements and is easy to cut, saw, or puncture with straightforward hand tools.

Is A Gun Safe Completely Fireproof?

The bad news is that no gun safe is fully fireproof. Indeed, there is even no specific regulation on the term called “fireproof certification.”

A fire’s duration, your safe’s placement, and the fire’s temperature are all elements contributing to the overall performance of the safe.

Simply put, as long as that fire burns long and hot enough, it can destroy any gun safe.

The feature “fireproof” is a misleading statement that many firms use to represent their products. Instead of “fireproof,” the fire rating should say “resistant to heat and smoke” for a specific period.

Generally, fire-resistant gun safes excel at protecting paper and keeping the temperature inside the safe, not over 350 degrees – the dangerous temperature level where the paper starts to char, then burn.

This video also answers the question “will my fireproof safe survive a fire?”:

Does A Gun Safe Need To Be Fireproof?

Modern gun safes include a layer of drywall and thin steel. As said, the fire rate described on the sticker attached to the door is useless in case of a real fire.

Manufacturers say their gun safes are tested and certified for heat tolerance, but they won’t tell you there is no oversight during the controlling process.

Companies conduct a fire test, which they know they’re sure to pass. What do they do after passing it? They claim their products are “fire certified.”

Some brands also hire an exterior company to perform the test, then claim “independently certified.”

They put the safe in an oven and let the temperature reach 1200 degrees. In fact, fire air could move at the speed of 60 miles per hour, and temperatures could exceed over 1200 degrees. A real fire’s convective nature can cook the contents inside these gun safes in blinks.

Some of you may think something is better than nothing. However, ineffective drywall can, in turn, destroy your firearms and valuables.

The materials employed in integrated drywall will be corrosive to the inside ammo and firearms. Unless your safe comes with poured filling, you don’t expect it to save your guns from a fire.

All in all, a gun safe doesn’t need to be fireproof because there’s no reliable evidence that a fire-resistant safe can withstand and protect properties against a fire of extreme temperatures for a long time.

We advise against storing luxurious and high-value stuff, like a significant amount of money, precious metals, or jewelry in a fire safe.

What Is The Minimum Fire Rating To Protect Money and Paper?

Cheap safes can’t protect your money and paper under a fire.

Cheap safes can’t protect your money and paper under a fire.

Paper will burn when exposed to a temperature of 451 degrees or higher. Fire-resistant gun safes should have a fire rating of at least one hour.

A fireproof safe is good at shielding paper documents from fire for a limited time. Yet, it is not an excellent protector regarding saving plenty of money or expensive things from theft.

If you desire both fire and burglar protection, choose a pro-quality burglar-fire gun safe, composite-fire gun safe, or a high-security TL-rated fire gun safe.

What Is The Best Type of Fireproof Gun Safe?

You can place your stuff in a safety box to add more security.

You can place your stuff in a safety box to add more security.

The fact that a gun safe is not necessary to be fireproof doesn’t mean that customers should overlook the fire rating factor.

We recommend purchasing a safe of at least a one-hour rating. Those featuring less than one hour of fire rating can’t provide your valuables with the proper protection to survive a typical home fire.

You shouldn’t splurge your cash on a useless safe that can’t protect your critical guns, ammo, valuables, and other items in the event of a fire.

If you intend to place delicate items or important documents in your gun safe, invest in a US-made-certified box or a decent UL-rated box to place inside your safe. Those boxes will provide greater protection, further ensuring your valuable items and critical paperwork are safe.


Does a gun safe need to be fireproof? There are fire-resistant gun safes on the market, but they can only last for a short time. They’re impossible to be completely “fireproof.”

Hopefully, the article has provided you with useful information.

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