Can You Change The Lock On A Gun Safe? Instruction For Beginners

Can you change the lock on a gun safe? Our detailed article below will give you the most accurate and complete answer.

Securing your gun safe is one of the essential things that can help you store your documents for a long time. Can you change the lock on a gun safe? 

The answer is yes. You can completely change the lock on the gun safe in many different ways. Whether their performance really meets your requirements.

Join us to find out more details through the information in the article below!

Can You Change The Lock On A Gun Safe?

The Lock On A Gun Safe

The Lock On A Gun Safe

Many people care about this question, especially after theft scandals; it becomes even more critical and attracts attention.

You can change the password combination on your secure lock. However, depending on the mechanical or electronic key, you have your alternative methods of security. 

Change combination on a mechanical safety lock

Mechanical lock

Mechanical lock

A mechanical safety one is a product that has the same properties as your locks.

Their security operation depends mainly on the previously established number combination. To unlock, you need to spin the wheel to match the variety of numbers that come before. This way, you can close or open it easily.

From the nature of the product, we think it is also straightforward to change the previous settings. But that’s just theory.

In practice, you need to go through a much more complicated process. Changing the security of a mechanical safety lock depends largely on authorized product suppliers or authorized locksmiths.

If you forget the position or order of those combinations, it is possible to go to the same address where you purchased the product.

Or, you can find reputable workers with many years of experience to break the lock and change the security model for you. 

However, you need to carefully choose these locksmiths because they are the ones who will have direct contact with your essential documents. 

Change the combination on some electronic locks

electronic lock

electronic lock

The electronic safety lock is a high-end product. Instead of using a traditional dialing method like a mechanical safety one, you will enter a combination of 4-6 numbers on the keyboard. 

This activity of yours will be stored by the device and used to operate gun safes until they run out of batteries. When you enter the correct combination, the device will allow you to control the spin of the handle, and from there, you can successfully open the gun safe.

To change the electronic safety lock, you need to enter the correct old combinations and execute the command to change the mixture on the device.

For example, when you own a gun cabinet from Liberty Safe and are equipped with a SecuRam electronic lock, you can easily change your password in the order:

  • Press the 0 key six times (you will then hear two beeps)
  • Then enter your existing six-digit code (you will then attend two beeps)
  • Enter your new six-digit code (then you hear a beep)
  • Re-enter your new six-digit code (you will hear another beep)
  • At the end of the process, you have successfully exchanged a unique combination for your gun safe. It is relatively safe for all your valuable documents. At the same time, it also helps you limit the attention of destructive forces. 

Why Should You Replace Your Safe?

There are many reasons why you are forced to change the security mode of your gun safe. It could be due to preferences, circumstances, or surroundings.

In general, changing the safety one is an essential requirement to help you protect your documents. In addition, it also gives you specific meanings:

  • Limiting problems: Changing the security combination for devices that have been available for a long time helps you minimize possible issues with your gun cabinet. That way, you can even further enhance the security of the safe key.
  • High-security efficiency: Maybe with the old combination, too many objects know and wait for the opportunity and invade your documents. So changing your security combination is very important in effectively protecting your documents.
  • Convenient for memorization: Previous combinations no longer mean anything to you, and switching to a new combination makes it easier to remember. 

Can You Rekey A Safe?

Rekey A Safe

Rekey A Safe

You can re-lock your gun safe if that’s what you want. Once you have successfully changed the security combination, the opening or closing depends on your preferences and needs.

Using an electronic safety lock will help you open and close much easier and safer than a mechanical safety one. Their security is also much higher when you set up and replace the combination.

In contrast, their security is lower for mechanical security keys because they involve other actors, particularly the locksmith and the product supplier.

Therefore, when you perform the opening and closing operations, it means that they can too. It is really a thing for you. 

How Do You Reset The Code If You Forgot The Safe?

If you forget your passcode, you can reset it by using a slim stick or wire to press the reset button on the inside of the door panel. If all else fails, you can try breaking the lock or drilling through the override key slot.

In case, you do not want to break your lock; you can bring the product to the supplier itself or invite experienced workers to open it. This way, you can easily unlock your one compared to the previous methods.

However, the downside of this approach is if the key is successfully unlocked and they are the ones to reset the passcode combination for you directly. And so, the security feature drops when those combinations are not the only ones you know. 


Through this article, you are able to answer the question: ‘Can you change the lock on a gun safe?’ Hopefully, it can help you to shape the characteristics of each type of lock correctly.

Using an electronic security key is an ideal initiative for document security. In addition, you can also refer to the information in this video to have a deeper understanding of the problem.

Try it out, and don’t forget to give us feedback!


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