What Size Goldenrod For Gun Safe: Important Factor To Choose

Before you decide to buy Goldenrod dehumidifiers, you need to know what size Goldenrod for gun safe. Let’s explore this post to know the answer!

The GoldenRod dehumidifier is a warmed rod that is one of the finest ways to keep objects stored in chilly places, within sealed boxes, and in a gun safe from corroding. Millions of households in the United States have a gun safe, and most of them have given GoldenRod products glowing evaluations.

This brand of dehumidifier is well-known, especially among weapons owners. It is one of the few items that come with a lifetime warranty and is fully maintenance-free, silent, and has no moving components.

Most people want to know what size Goldenrod for gun safe, and in this article below, you can find the best answer.

What Size Goldenrod For Gun Safe

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To choose the most suitable size for your Goldenrod, you need to determine exactly the capacity of your gun safe. It will make you feel easier when using it for a long time.

This Goldenrod dehumidifier derives from the United States and is primarily suitable for gun safes. You will also need a humidity sensor to check the humidity level in your gun safe if you want to be secure.

With this Goldenrod dehumidifier, you have four sizes available to accommodate practically any style of gun safe, including 12 inches, 18 inches, 24 inches, and 36 inches.

They each have their coverage zones. Take a look at the table below.

Rod Size Coverage Watt
12-inch 100 cubic feet 12
18-inch 200 cubic feet 18
24-inch 300 cubic feet 24
36-inch 500 cubic feet 36

There are different sizes you can choose from, and you can surely find the one that will fit perfectly in your gun safe.

There is a formula for you to determine the cubic feet for your gun safe: multiply the length, the width, the height (cubic feet = L x W x H).

For instance, suppose your gun safe has dimensions for height, width, and depth is 6, 4, 2, respectively. Then the cubic feet is 6 × 4 x 2 = 48 cubic feet, which the 12-inch GoldenRod could easily handle.

We strongly advise utilizing the longest GoldenRod that will suit an area and using numerous units if necessary. Trust us, you can never be too safe with your belongings.

Main Features Of Goldenrod

Many people ask, “Why do we need Goldenrod?”. Goldenrod comes with many features and benefits for your gun safe. It plays an essential role in your devices. Here are some main features that you should know.

High Quality

It’s a high-quality device made of incredibly durable materials, and it was designed with the assurance of maximum quality in mind.

Every Goldenrod dehumidifier must undergo and pass stringent endurance and quality tests before being released into the market.

Extensive Coverage

For the 36-inch variant, it provides comprehensive protection of up to 500 cubic feet. This essentially means that you can turn your gun safe of such a big size into a moisture-free product.

Another noticeable advantage is that the machine does not overheat. You may rest assured knowing that most of your weapons are in good working order.

It is, without a doubt, a superb piece of equipment that every gun owner should consider purchasing. The majority of people have given this unit positive feedback. Therefore, you can use this Goldenrod without being afraid of bad quality.

Lifetime Warranty

Unlike other dehumidifiers, it comes with a lifetime warranty and is designed to be a long-term maintenance option. Goldenrod does not need any maintenance as it doesn’t have any movable parts or replaceable stones.

The rod raises the air temperature to a level that eliminates the possibility of evaporation condensation from the inside of your gun safe. Thanks to this design, you can use the Goldenrod every day. This is the reason why the manufacturer offers a lifetime warranty for frequent use.

Moreover, the appearance of vermiculite in the Goldenrod promotes uniform heat dispersion and efficient operation. In particular, it may reach temperatures of up to 150 ℉. It may be unpleasant to touch it, but it is not harmful.

One more thing is that the temperature is not high enough to cause any home materials or anything in the gun safe to catch fire.

This dehumidifier comes with brackets that you can utilize for installation. It’s best if you hang it horizontally to get the most out of it.

How Does Goldenrod Operate?

Gun safe in the form of a container on gray background.

This Goldenrod includes an electric heating component inside and glass tubing from the outside. It also contains vermiculite insulation, a naturally present mineral commonly utilized for high-temperature protection.

Thanks to this type of construction, manufacturers make the rod almost indestructible in typical use. The vermiculite enables a uniform dispersion of heat across the rod, which aids in its efficient operation.

The Goldenrod dehumidifier is unlike other products which people use to control humidity levels. Dehumidifiers all work to lower humidity levels, but most of them do so by sucking water out of the air. Unlike most of them, the GoldenRod does that job by heating the air.

Heating the air reduces relative humidity levels while also increasing the balance in the environmental temperature. This decreases the chances of water vapor condensing inside the area and causing damage to the contents.

The heated air reaches the top of the container when installed on the ground of the gun safe. Cooler air will change it and then create constant circulation, which aids in the prevention of condensation.

After that, warm air expands, raises pressure, prevents cooler air from entering the gun safe, and maintains the “microclimate” inside this product.

The GoldenRod dehumidifier reached its maximum air temperature of just under 150°F or 65°C, making it slightly unpleasant to handle with a bare hand. However, you should control the temperature properly so that your machine can operate well.

Final Thought

We hope that you will find what size Goldenrod for gun safe and choose the best one for your device through this article.

Heated rods are perfect for sealed containers like gun safes and storage cabinets, especially if you keep them in a chilly environment. Larger areas, such as bedrooms in a house, automobiles, and boats, are less ideal for this sort of dehumidifier.

It is also unquestionably one of the best products on the market, so you do not need to worry about its quality.


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