How Much Does It Cost To Drill A Gun Safe?

Most people look for a way to open a locked gun safe, and they ask a common question ‘How much does it cost to drill a gun safe?’. Let’s explore now!


How much does it cost to drill a gun safe? The cost of employing a locksmith is determined by the services that are desired.

Their amount of experience in the sector, their educational level, and their geographical area are also important considerations. The amount of money they charge is also determined by the manner they utilize to perform their services.

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Reason To Drill A Gun Safe

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Lockout Setting

Nowadays, electronic gun safes are frequently fitted with a lockout setting, which causes them to automatically lock after a certain number of incorrect combinations have been entered.

Even if you’ve figured out the password, once the safe is locked out, you will not be able to open it. At this time, you need to call a locksmith as they can unlock them.

Broken Part

Low maintenance isn’t the only factor that can harm a safe. Other factors like accidents and thieves might also lead to damage to some safe parts, as they can create misalignment of bolts or wiring issues in gun safes.

Old Gun Safe

The combination of a gun safe can gradually change over time, particularly when you have not managed it properly.

If this problem happens, you can get the new combination by removing or adding one value from each number in your old one.

If this way is not efficient, you should hire a locksmith. Attempting to access the gun safely again could result in terrible consequences.

Forget or Lose the Key

One of the most common reasons why people seek for professional locksmiths to drill their gun safe is that they have forgotten their gun safe’s combination or have lost the key.

Method of Drilling Gun Safe

Locksmiths often drill gun safes in a way that there is no apparent hole left behind after the job is done, especially in the situation of a lock failure or a forgotten combination.

Moreover, safe technology can remove the dial or keypad, as well as the dial ring or mounting plate. An experienced locksmith will create a drill rig similar to this picture.


It screws into the identical holes used for attaching the lock on the front of the gun safe. This drill rig secures the drill in position and aids in its control, allowing for precise drilling.

Using precise measures or customized drilling templates will let the locksmith drill a hole to attach some specified parts of the lock.

Besides, drilling right into the lock is another common solution. With this method, there will be no damage to the lock.

Before doing this, you need to drill outside the gun safe about 1 ¾” thick. If the gun safe is composite, you should include insulation to drill.

There is usually some hardened steel to pass through as well. Hard-plate penetration necessitates the use of specialized drill bits. To open the gun safe, you need to require only one tiny hole if everything is correct. After that, repairs must be completed, including plugging the hole with tough tapered pins.

It recovers the safe’s initial security level. You probably do not need to replace the lock. When you complete the repairs and reinstall the dial, the gun safe is as good as the new one, and no one knows that you drilled it.

The locksmith with proper experience and skill will open the safe without leaving behind any apparent hole on it. If you choose to do it by yourself, there is a high chance that you will destroy your item with several holes!

How Much Does It Cost To Drill A Gun Safe

Drilling is the most popular approach used by safecrackers to modify the gun safe itself. You can use a drill to open a safe in a variety of ways. Drilling into the surface of the lock to access the handle or driving camera are the two most straightforward techniques.

The issue defines the opening approach. It also influences the cost, as well as the level of security.

Opening Approach Average Cost 
Open by conventional manipulation $150-$200
Drilling Fire Safe $200-$250
Drilling In-Floor Safe $325-$475
Drilling Money Safe $350-$400

Frequently Asked Question

How Do You Open A Safe If You Forgot The Combination?

The best way to access a gun safe if you forget the combination depends on the kind of safe you have.

Obtaining an alternative key, contacting a locksmith to create a key, getting the code from the manufacturer, breaking into the house, or drilling the safe are all options for accessing the gun safe.

How Do You Open A Safe If You Forgot The Combination

Can You Cut Into A Gun Safe?

Cutting into a safe with a torch or saw is perhaps the most common method that professional thieves often use. It is also a strategy used by expert safe technicians in rare cases.

While it is a foolproof method of getting into a safe, it takes a long time, causes a lot of noise, and creates a tremendous mess.

How Do You Crack A 3 Digit Combination Lock?

Open the lock until the numbers are in the correct order. Then, rotate the left-most dial till your combination’s first digit matches up with the scored hash mark to the left of this dial.

Spin the center dial until the correct number matches the number on the left. Next, carry on with the correct number in the same manner.

How Do You Crack A 3 Digit Combination Lock

Can I Drill A Gun Safe At Home?

Drilling a gun safe is perilous even if you have a traditional key or combination lock. You can injure yourself when drilling if you do not have extensive knowledge of how manufacturers make the gun safe. Furthermore, you will damage the safe, rendering it unrepairable.

The best advice for this problem is to hire a professional locksmith. They know how to recover the risk and ensure safety for you.


How much does it cost to drill a gun safe? – There is no specific answer to this question. To be more specific, it depends mainly on the types of your devices and the method you choose to repair them.

For some situations, drilling can be a bit expensive, but it is safe and the best method for you right now.


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