Can A Gun Safe Be Tax Deductible? – The Complete Explanation

Although a gun safe is a significant preparation when owning a weapon, many people still hesitate with this implementation. 

And one of the biggest reasons relates to the question: Can a gun safe be tax deductible?

Let’s find out the answer with us. 

Can a gun safe be tax deductible_

Can A Gun Safe Be Tax Deductible?

Now, you invest a gun safe and have it in the enforcement of the law. Then, you are wondering whether this purchase can get any tax write-off. The answer, undoubtedly, is “Yes” in case you use the safe on duty. In other words, the law views it as an expense in terms of work. 

For better understanding, let’s take an example.

Assuming that carrying a gun is one of your career’s requirements, you decided to have safe storage. Hence, this purchase will be on the list of federal tax-deductible expenses. However, it is a one-time deduction only for business purposes. 

So, are gun safes tax free in most special cases_

So, are gun safes tax free in most special cases?

We are afraid not. Based on your location information and your purpose to use the safe, the law only applies a tax deduction instead of a tax exemption. 

States Allowing The Sale Tax Deduction 

  • Connecticut
  • Washington
  • Michigan
  • Massachusetts
  • New Jersey

State-Based Tax Write-Off 

As for those who live in states including Connecticut, Washington, Massachusetts, Michigan, and New Jersey. Also, in these places, you can request to rebate the tax too. 

So, what does sales tax-cutting mean? 

Well, it is the total exemption, so that you have to pay the value of the safe only without any additional fee. As for the tax rebate, it gives a specific part of your gun safe purchase back if you are over 21 years old. 

State-Based Tax Write-Off 

In addition, these states have offered a fund of up to $1,200 for those who are about to invest in a gun safe. Hence, as a citizen of these states, you should never ignore this chance. 

Consideration As Federal Income Taxes

If carrying a firearm is a mandatory part of your job, the gun safe becomes an essential item, for sure. The implementation of the tax-cutting comes as to how the state supports gun owners in keeping their weapons out of the children’s reach. 

Is It Possible To Claim A Tax Rebate On Gun Safes?

As long as you meet all essential requirements, the states will reimburse the amount you paid for gun safe tax before. But you have to ensure to store the weapon in that safe whenever you are not on duty. Further, it is also possible to claim the tax rebate if you run your business at home. 

How To Deduct The Tax On A Gun Safe?

As we mentioned above, there are several requirements for the tax rebate under the Federal Income Tax as follows.

  • Receipts
  • Business-related Materials 
  • Form 8829


First of all, it will be a bad idea for you to throw away all receipts after the gun safe purchase and installation, especially as filing the W-2. Presenting the receipts as proof always holds the key to the tax rebate. Hence, it would help to keep all related receipts in case of any audits in the future.  

There is no doubt that you can use the gun safely for business purposes only. To put it simply, besides the gun, any additional objects stored in the safe must relate to the business. In case you use the safe to store your personal documents, the tax deduction will be impossible. 

Form 8829

After the purchase of the gun safe, it is time for installation. At the same time, you must use Form 8829 to list all things inside the safe and ensure that nothing is not business-related items. 

Other Matters

Once you prepare all of the requirements, you successfully file the gun safe for the tax deduction on the Federal Income Tax. Despite differences in rebates based on areas, there are several commonalities. 

How To Deduct The Tax On A Gun Safe_

The safe must contain the firearm with evidence of secured storage. Plus, it needs to get certification issued by a specific security consultant as a requirement. Not only that, it is essential that the safe has a particular construction like wall thickness

While numerous manufacturers have achieved a reliable reputation on the market, not all of their safes are qualified to get the certification. Without meeting the required standards of security firms, there is no chance for the purchase to reach the tax write-off. 

Generally, the certification is an effective way to encourage gun owners to invest in safeties of high quality. 

Frequently Asked Questions

1, Does A Safe Relate To The Business Expense?

Yes, a safe can be exclusively used for business purposes. In this case, there will be a tax write-off. 

For instance, according to the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), the tax deduction is only available when you use the safe for business document storage such a stocks, bonds, and investment records.

2, Does Tax On Safes Come Into Effect Washington State?

Washington State applies the tax exemption for the gun safe only from the sale tax. A survey of Hearst found that despite the gun safe tax application, Connecticut does not do the same with the lower-priced safety items. 


We need to base on numerous pieces of information to answer the question, “Can a gun safe be tax deductible?” The answer may depend on several elements, such as your location and purpose when using the weapon and the gun safe. In general, as long as you purchase your gun safe for work duty, the sales tax can be deductible.

Due to the complexity of this law implementation, we suggest you learn deeply about it. So, you will never get fined as a consequence of any lawsuit. 

Thank you for reading!


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