Where Is The Best Place To Put A Gun Safe?

Owning storage for your guns is cool! But have you ever wondered where is the best place to put a gun safe? Click here for further useful information!

As a gun owner, buying a safe secure enough to keep your guns accessible and out of danger at the same time is vastly necessary.

However, what comes after that purchasing process is equally crucial as well. Jump right in to learn more about where is the best place to put a gun safe now!

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Where Is The Best Place To Put A Gun Safe

You may think a gun safe itself is well-guarded, so what is the need to hide it more?

Here is a case: What if a thief breaks in, but the nearest gun safe is too far away for you to get your gun fast enough? Or else, it is simply to open that your child can accidentally play with these dangerous weapons inside as a toy.

Sounds alarming, right? Those are a few reasons why choosing an appropriate position for a gun safe is just as important as purchasing it!

The following are our ideal suggestions for you to consider. Let’s dig into it!

In House

It’s essential for you to possess guns in your house. In case some bad things occur, or the area you live in is just not secure enough, it could become a lifesaver for you and your family.

There are several locations in the house where you can safely store your rifles, but the bedroom may be the best option amongst those.

Even if you don’t have a gun save; your nightstand, wardrobe, or any corner in your room might also be a perfect place to store a single handgun or rifle.

Things can be more amazing with a first-floor bedroom. You’ve unquestionably got the greatest position in hand!

In Office

Something is better than nothing. In case the worst happens, not just in your house, but your gun might have to be present at your office as well.

Since it is so close to the setup locations, beneath the table could be one of the areas to secure a gun safe! Besides, if all you need is a single handgun, then storing it is not a big deal. The table’s drawer or any other conveniently accessible can also be utilized in this instance!

In The Basement 

If you want to keep your guns protected from other people, the basement can play as huge storage that helps you care for your treasure.

Especially when you bolt the gun safe into the floor of the basement, it’s impossible for anyone to have any touch on it.

guns-Where Is The Best Place To Put A Gun Safe

Where Can I Hide A Gun Safe If My House Has An Open View?

Many people nowadays prefer open living spaces since they offer an airy and relaxing atmosphere. Unfortunately, when it comes to storing firearms at such a house, things turn into a tricky question due to its apparent setting.

Of course, there are ideas of hiding guns under forms of bookshelves or behind planes such as walls and pictures. They all do seem good. However, places like that are normally where the breakers first put their eyes on once they sneak into your house!

The best solution for this circumstance is that you should avoid concealing things in those plain views. Instead, building private storage for keeping guns or bolting your gun safe into the floor can help you nail it!

Inspect the floor before placing the gun safe

What Factors Should You Think About When Deciding Where To Put Your Gun Safe?

When you’ve all got in mind ideal spots to put a gun safe, there must be several wonders on what base we should rely on to pick up those positions. Grab your pen to write down some top-notch valuable considerations!

The first prioritized aspect is nothing but the ease of access. As we’ve already said above, what is the point of owning guns if we can’t even take their advantage to protect ourselves and our loved ones in time?

Security, along with potential dangerous surroundings, is the next factor that is worth considering. Sure your safe must be conveniently accessible, but only to you rather than to everyone else.

Last but not least, another part that we can’t ever take lightly is children. They always seem to be full of energy when talking about firearms. That dangerous curiosity at this early age could easily become what will drive them to open the safe at any time.

Therefore, when choosing a place to put your gun safe, make sure you’ve evaluated the existence of possible incidents to children and minors around there.

Tips For Protecting Gun Safe

It sounds weird all the time when thinking of how we have to protect our safe. Yet, you’ll soon realize that the thieves won’t see things like you.

Instead of offering your property to those villains, why don’t you just prevent them in the first place? Let’s take a look at some of the most useful tips below:

  • Bolting a gun safe into the floor or a wooden wall is always a good way to fool the burglars!
  • Remember to place the safe’s door against the wall whenever you put it in a room. Due to the absence of leverage, criminals will find it more difficult to unlock your safe.
  • In case you have the space, creating a three-side hole in your wall will provide an additional layer of security. This will make it impossible for burglars to cut through the top or sides with their crime tools.

Tips For Protecting Gun Safe


To sum up, where is the best place to put a gun safe? –  It is where the safe can be invisible to strangers while still allowing simple access to the owners.

Behind a fake wall, in the basement, or attached to a concrete slab are all the greatest places to secure your firearms. Now, let’s get in the way and grab yourself a perfect choice in mind!


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