Compare The First Alert vs Sentrysafe: What Is the Difference?

You can agree with me that we all reach a point in life where we want to store certain valuables at home securely. Knowing that certain valuables are close to us can bring a rare sense of comfort in our lives. With the recent events in our economies, you will find out that many people prefer storing essential items such as cash and jewelry in their homes.

Keeping your most relevant documents will not be cutting for you anymore. It has been tough finding safes with all these features. Fortunately, I have come across a lot of features packed into the safes we are going to review today. The first alert safe is not only waterproof but also fireproof. Therefore, you can have peace of mind knowing that your valuables are safe in case of fire or flood.

Are you interested in purchasing the First alert? The chances are that you might have considered purchasing Sentry-Safe for securing your valuables. Today, we will explore and compare the features of these reliable safes. This will enable you to make an informed decision before purchasing them.

What Is the Difference Between first alert and sentry safe_

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What Is the Difference Between first alert and sentry safe?

Exterior Dimensions

In terms of size, the First alert is much bigger fireproof safe when compared to Sentry-Safe. First alert measures about 24 inches in length and 24.3 inches in width. Also, it has been designed with 2.2 cubic feet of space.

11 First Alert 2087DF Waterproof 1 Hour Fire Safe with Digital Lock, 0.94 Cubic Foot, Gray

On the other hand, Sentry-safe comes with a height of about 16 inches. In addition, it boasts a width of 16.5. The first alert is well known to provide greater storage space. It is good to know that it can hold a good number of valuables, unlike its counterpart, Sentry-safe.

8 SentrySafe SFW205CWB Fireproof Safe and Waterproof Safe with Dial Combination 2.05 Cubic Feet

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First alert safe has been manufactured by a popular company that mainly specializes in home security. Most of these models are designed with smoke and carbon monoxide detectors.

On the other hand, Sentry-safe was first manufactured in 1920 in New York. This safe is designed and marketed by the famous Master Lock Company. Sentry-safe is the best option for the home, business, and gun storage.

first alert vs sentry safe 2

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Interior features and spacing

The first alert is among the few safes that have been made with several adjustable and detachable shelves. These shelves allow users to organize the interior space. With the first alert safe, you can create smaller spaces for your firearms. You should divide it depending on your gun storage needs. The interior in the First Alert safe features a detachable file rack. You can fasten your most essential documents safely. In addition, it has been made with a hanging rack. You can keep certificates on this hanging rack. This safe is very convenient. You can easily access your documents using the door pouch.

Similarly, the Sentry-safe manufacturer makes their products with considerable space. You might find out that the 1.5 cubic feet of the interior dimensions are not the best in storing valuables such as papers, documents, and digital media files. It is very similar to its counterpart since it provides you with detachable shelves. The shelves ensure better organization and storage of essential valuables. Away from that, this safe has been manufactured with slots on both sides of the wall. Typically, the slots create a few options where you can place your valuables with great ease.

first alert vs sentry safe 3

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Locking mechanism

Usually, First Alert features an electronic locking mechanism. The reliable locking mechanism is backed with steel live locking bolts on the opening. There are also several locking bolts on the closing edges of the safe. It has more locking bolts when compared to its counterparts. Sentry-safe has only four live locking bolts. Essentially, the First alert has been designed to give users access to safe using personal passcode. In addition, you can use the override keys to access the safe. This is essential more so during an emergency or digital electronic failure.

first alert vs sentry safe 4

How can you activate the safe? All that you need to do is to push the red round button inside the gun safe. From there, you should push it gently and push the handle to the left side. In that case, the live door bolts will extend out and into the locked position. How can you open First Alert safe without a key? The best way is to lay a safe flat on a surface. This will help you access the lock easily. Using a screwdriver, turn it in a clockwise direction until the lock releases. What if the screwdriver did not release the lock? Although it is very rare, you should consider straightening out a paper clip.

first alert vs sentry safe 5

On the other hand, Sentry-safe incorporates a combination lock with an extra key lock. This model provides both dual lock and locking options just like its counterpart First Alert. However, you will be required to operate the combination and lock. This makes it quite cumbersome unlike its counterpart. The highly regarded dial lock in this safe will click severally when locked correctly. With that in mind, you can see that First Alert is almost impenetrable. Keep in mind that this does not make Sentry-safe pale in comparison to First Alert.

Resetting passwords

How can you reset your First Alert safe? After opening the protective cover of the front of the safe, the keypad will be exposed. The safe should be in a safe position. Press and later hold the reset button located on the inside top edge of the door. You will hear a beep. Also, you will notice a light flashing on the keyboard. Enter the new digit passcode. The passcode should be followed by A or B. After entering the passcode, you will hear a flash and a beep.

On the other hand, programming Sentry-safe is very easy. Start by pressing the programming key on the keyboard. Enter the five-digit code. Remember to enter the code twice. These codes can be found in the product manual. Choose your preferred five-digit personal access code. How should you delete the personal access code? Press the programming key and enter the five-digit code twice. It is good to keep in mind that the master reset code was programmed when it was being made.


First Alert has been made with sturdy and compact construction. Pry resistant hinges have been included at the front. It is considered as a lightweight safe with only 45kg. But this does not give it the weight advantage to prevent theft. Nevertheless, the manufacturer aimed to allow users to move this safe with ease to the point of installation.

On the other hand, Sentry-safe is a convenient safe that is perfect for individuals who are yet to lose their trust for dial and combination locks. Also, it is an ideal choice for people who are not fans of electronic mechanisms. Unlike First Alert, you don’t have to power this safe. In addition, it has not been manufactured with components that can easily be damaged in fires exposure.

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Fireproof and waterproof

First Alert safe has been verified by the Underwriters Laboratories. It can withstand extremely high temperatures. This safe will offer ultimate protection against fire exposure. Having been classified by the Underwriters laboratories as one hour means that it can withstand external temperatures of about 1800 degrees. The interior of this safe has been made to withstand a temperature of more than 350. This means that it can protect digital media CDs and USBs from extreme damage. These safes are not only fireproof but also waterproof.

Similar to First Alert safe, Sentry-safe has been tested and attained the same Underwriters laboratory classifications. Therefore it can easily withstand the same temperature levels as the First Alert safe. The only downside in this safe is that it has not been manufactured with waterproofing components. This makes First Alert safe a better and dependable choice.

Pricing and value

Sentry-safe is genuinely an affordable safe. Although it is not loaded with state of the art features, it is an economical safe that will be suited for your storage needs when you want to keep your personal belongings safe. In the same manner, First Alert will provide you with excellent services for many years. This safe can secure your essential valuables against the most dangerous hazards. Your belongings will always be safe from flood, theft, and fire. You can agree with me that indeed that’s quite remarkable. This makes this safe cost-effective.

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First Alert safe has been offering Lifetime After-Fire warranty for very many years. You will be allowed to replace your safe with a comparable safe if it is damaged in a fire incident. Away from that, the company provides a 5-years limited warranty on workmanship. The essence of doing this is to guarantee you that the safe will have no defects when being manufactured. On the other hand, Sentry-safe manufacturing company provide their customers with 1 year guaranteed warranty.

Final thoughts

We hope that you find this comparison article helpful as you plan to purchase either First Alert or Sentry-safe. We will be happy to hear your thoughts.



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