What Are Gun Safes Made In The USA? Things to know

What are gun safes made in the USA? We list the most popular versions that you can find in this country. Check them out for more details!

A quality gun safe must ensure security, locking system, ease of use, etc.; because this product is quite expensive, you need to look for the perfect ones.

However, there are many gun safes from different countries. One of the most famous safe manufacturing countries is the USA. So, what gun safes are made in the USA? We will introduce you to the prominent brands from this country.

  • Liberty Safe Brand
  • Champion safe

What Are Gun Safes Made In The Usa?

Many brands produce gun safes from the USA. We have selected five brands with the most outstanding products for you:

Liberty Gun Safe Brand

Liberty Safe Brand

Liberty Safe Brand 

When it comes to the cabinet, everyone will surely know about Liberty. More than 85% of people who own safes use this brand.

So, what is the reason why Liberty has become so famous? All safes on the market are of excellent quality. The manufacturer has strictly censored each product.

In addition, Liberty has provided a high-security system that helps you keep your weapons in a cabinet place. The company also only uses stainless steel materials and fireproof layers to prolong the use time of gun safes.

You can see more clearly through the video below:

Champion Gun Safe

Champion brand

Champion brand

Champion Gun Safe is headquartered in Provo, Utah. The company is proud that its products are of good quality and high security. And rightly so, this brand’s gun safe only uses steel material. Therefore, the life of the products is usually very long.

Not only that, Champion has provided the most advanced technology for its products. You can easily see that a gun safe’s security system works very well. As a result, your weapons will be safe from robbers breaking into your home.

American Security Gun Safe – AMSEC

American Security – AMSEC

American Security – AMSEC

AMSEC is probably one of the oldest brands to date. The company was founded in 1948, Fontana, California. Up to now, AMSEC has produced two best-selling models, RSCs and TL-rated safe.

This brand pays excellent attention to the heat resistance of its products. The company has carried out many strict tests to ensure that gun safe is of the best quality. You can rest assured in the products manufactured by AMSEC.




Another established brand that has been around for more than 20 years is Fort Knox. Currently, the company has released many different cabinets. Like AMSEC, it focuses on absolute fire resistance for its products.

To increase the quality of cabinets, Fort Knox allows you to install additional steel liners. Thanks to that, your weapons will be safe and almost impossible to contact the outside air.


If you are an avid weapon collector, you will surely know the Browning brand. The company has released many different high-quality guns. After the success in producing guns, Browning has developed additional cabinets to serve customers’ needs.

A unique feature of the cabinet is the storage space. Compared to products from other brands, Browning allows you to store long guns. You can put shotguns or rifles in the cabinet without taking up too much space.

Why Should You Buy Cabinets Made In The USA 

Usually, cabinets only use reasonably low-quality steel. Although the material is quite thick, they cannot safely store your weapons. The security of low-quality cabinets cannot be guaranteed. The product locks cannot be closed.

Therefore, instead of using a low-quality cabinet, you should choose products from the USA. Safes manufacturers from this country are careful from materials to security. They test their products many times before they hit the market. Thanks to that, you can rest assured to choose cabinets made in the USA.

Things To Keep In Mind Before Buying Cabinets

The cabinet has a high price, so you need to consider it carefully before buying the product. Here are the things to keep in mind before purchasing a version:


Each product line has a different price. Some brands invest in cabinet design and raise their prices to make a profit.

Therefore, you should be very careful when choosing products that are too expensive. You need to check the quality carefully before deciding to buy one.

Protection ability

The primary function of the product is security. You need to choose products with high-quality lock systems and closed doors.

In addition, you should also use cabinets with good heat resistance. Those products will help you a lot when something goes wrong.


There are many cabinets with different designs and storage spaces. If you use the product to store weapons in the family, you only need to choose the small and medium ones.

If you are collecting a lot of different guns, you should choose a large one to ensure the most comfortable storage space.


Gun safes made in the USA are always the first choice of every family. Brands from this country are very focused on the quality of each product they create.

Therefore, you can choose to use their equipment. Hopefully, the above article will help you find a prominent cabinet made by a USA manufacturer.


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