How Much Fire Rating Do You Need In A Gun Safe?

How much fire rating do you need in a gun safe? This article will give you the most detailed answers on this issue and related ones. Read it now!

Safes are items that help you keep your possessions or any valuables. Therefore, you need to choose a good anti-intrusion safe and have a high fire rating.

So how much fire rating do you need in a gun safe? 

Basically, a good fireproof safe must be able to cover for at least 1 hour in the fire. In addition, it also has to withstand high temperatures up to more than 350 hours if it wants to get many other international certifications.

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How Much Fire Rating Do You Need In A Gun Safe?

1 Fire rate in safes

Fire rate in safes

To better protect your assets, we recommend choosing a safe with the highest fire rating within your budget.

To be considered good fireproof, the safe must have the following characteristics: withstand at least 350 – 450 hours and resist fire for at least 1 hour. With a duration of 1 hour, the one will provide enough time to wait for the rescue team. Safes with lower fire resistance will not be able to guarantee the safety of objects in regular fires.

Safes with a low fire rate can only provide a time of about 3 minutes. It is not enough to put out the fire or save the property.

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How To Test A Fireproof Safe?

2 How To Test A Fireproof Safe_

How To Test A Fireproof Safe?

Before selling to the market, the supplier side thoroughly checks the quality of the safe. These include tests that evaluate safety, damage, and even fire resistance.

In the explosion-proof test, they exposed it to extremely high temperatures to test its maximum temperature before it exploded. In addition, there is a test of resistance to fire. In this test, they monitor all reactions for a long time and measure the temperature inside the safe.

The final test is the drop. They wanted to see if your version came down from a burning high-rise building, what would be the reaction.

When Do You Need A Higher Fire Rating?

3 When Do You Need A Higher Fire Rating_

When Do You Need A Higher Fire Rating? 

There are 3 primary cases where you need a higher fire rating.

Long response time

Consider choosing a safe with a higher fire rate when you live in an area where rescue crews are hard to reach. For example, in rural areas or deep in the mountains or wilderness, it takes a long time for the fire brigade to arrive, plus extinguishing the fire, so if any has a low index, it will not be able to guarantee the safety of your property.

In large areas or complex units

If you are in a large area or a house with complex units, you should also increase the fire rating. Because in such places it is difficult to control the fire. Therefore, it is best for spaces over 1500 square meters to choose a cabinet with a fire-resistance time of more than 1 hour.

The same goes for high-rise commercial buildings. You need even more because, with ample space, the fire is more difficult to control. We think your cabinet is best able to withstand a fire for at least 2 hours.

Place fusible material at high temperature

If you keep gold, coins, or any other metal in it, find out their melting point. For example, gold melts at 1900 degrees, so you don’t need to pay too much attention to the cabinet’s fire resistance. I think you should consider its anti-intrusion. 

How Long Can A cabinet Last In A Fire?

How long your cabinet can survive a fire depends on many factors, such as the cabinet’s model, its resistance to fire and heat retention, and the center of the fire.

For you to understand better, we can take the example of a fire in the basement. cabinets with a high fire rate will withstand better than other cabinets. In addition, in such conditions, the cabinet will last longer when burning on the upper floors.

Therefore, you need to choose one with a high fire resistance index to ensure the best safety. We think within your budget, choose the cabinet with the highest rating. It means that the contents of the cabinet can be protected longer in the event of a fire. So in the unlikely event of a fire, the valuables in your cabinet will last longer.

Besides, you can also refer to some models of cabinets specifically designed to protect objects from fire. Although the price is high, it limits things inside burning due to too high a temperature.

However, we want to remind you not to rely too much on clever marketing. Even if many cabinets have a fireproof seal or even the most advanced models, they are not entirely fireproof.


In short, fire rate is essential, but you should depend on the case to make the right decision to avoid waste. However, we find that most situations require an excellent fire rating. Hopefully, with the information we share, you will know How much fire rating you need in a gun cabinet

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