Can You Change The Combination On A Field And Stream Gun Safe?

Can you change the combination on a Field and Stream gun safe? If the answer is yes, is there anything needed to take into consideration? Let us show you!

Can you change the combination on a Field and Stream gun safe? Can gun safe combinations be changed? These are two out of many questions regarding the combination change that we have heard about. We know for sure that YES, you can when you learn deeply about the process as well as common knowledge.

Can you change the combination on a Field and Stream gun safe?

Can you change the combination on a Field and Stream gun safe?

And undoubtedly, the same also applies for the case of the questions like “Can you change the combination on a Sentry gun safe” and “Can you change the combination on a Browning gun safe”.

So now, it is time to find detailed answers.

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Can You Change The Combination On A Field And Stream Gun Safe?

Yes! You can change your combination safe lock on the Field and Stream gun. However, is the lock a mechanical or electrical type? This determination plays a key role for you to know which route needed to take so that the job can get done.

How To Change The Combination On A Field And Stream Gun Safe?

Can you change the combination on a gun safe? YES, and there are normally three steps to follow.

Step 1: Learning your safe’s information 

First of all, it is extremely important to determine several factors below.

  • The safe’s serial numbers
  • The safe’s model number
  • A digital lock (included or excluded)

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Step 2: Contacting one of these sources for support

Based on the information in Step 1, an instructor can help you know more about the company that made your Field and Stream safe model. And the following are three sources that you can contact for help.


As the manufacturer of the Field and Stream safes, Stack-On becomes the first choice crossing our minds when needing help. In case that you have no paper of instruction regarding the combination safe lock change, we suggest you contact their Customer Service Department.

Here is the detailed information:

  • Stack-On Products Co., Customer Service Department
  • Address: P.O. BOX 489, 1360 North Old Rand Road PO Box 489 Wauconda, IL 60084 United States

Another way is to drop them a line via and wait for a response. Filling in all required information as detailed as possible will help the manufacturer to solve your problem better.


For the second recommendation, you can contact Sentry at


Here is their official website. You can find your safe manufacturer’s nearest location on Yelp.


Step 3: Providing required information and following their instruction

When receiving your request to change or reset the combination, the instructor often requires you to show some paper. This requirement is mainly to provide a confirmation of safe ownership along with your identity.

After explaining your purchase on Craigslist, all you need to do is follow their instructions. In some cases, it is a need to complete a Notary Form as the ownership proof.

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How To Change The Combination On A Mechanical Safe Lock?

When it comes to a mechanical safe lock, you have to set your code by turning a dial. However, this step cannot get done by yourself due to the warranty protection. You need to have the code changed by an authorized Liberty Safe dealer or a licensed locksmith instead.

Safe lock combination change

Safe lock combination change

The Liberty Safes lists all dealers as well as locksmiths here. Check them out and pick one.

In case you lost the mechanical lock’s key, let’s contact the safe dealer right away for assistance.

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How To Change The Combination On An Electrical Safe Lock?

In comparison, changing the combination on a digital safe lock is not as challenging as completing the change on a mechanical one. As for the safe provided by Liberty Safes with a SecuRam electronic lock, a code-changing process should get done right after it arrives.

And the following guide will help you to change the combination code equipped with a SecuRam TopLit or BackLit.

  • Step 1: Pressing the “0” button six times until you hear two beeps.
  • Step 2: Entering the existing code with six digits, then you hear two beeps again.
  • Step 3: Entering the new code with six digits. The lock beeps only once this time.
  • Step 4: Re-entering the new code, and there will be one beep coming afterward.

That is all you need to do to change the combination of the SecuRam lock. In terms of the ProLogic L01 lock, the steps are even easier because of a screen included to display the entire process with each step. However, you have to know exactly what your Super Code or Manager Code is.

Some or many of you may be searching for a safe. Also, your existing safe is likely to come with a mechanical lock. Our suggestion is to choose or upgrade the safes with an electronic lock. This alternative will surely help to save a lot of time whenever you need a combination change.

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Why Should You Change The Combination On A Field And Stream Gun Safe?

No one changes the safe lock combination for no reason. And at some point, you probably want to do this process. It might be due to one or more of the following factors:

  • You are worried that someone like your kids will discover the combination, and the danger is unpredictable.
  • You just get a divorce, and it is never a good idea to let your spouse access your guns.
  • You remove an employee knowing your safe lock combination from his job.
  • You cannot remember what your existing combination is.
  • You find it difficult to remember the existing less meaningful combination of the safe lock.

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What Are The Reasons Why Your Safe Won’t Open?

Before asking, “can gun safe combination be changed?”, the reasons why the safe won’t open also need to be brought to light. If the safe cannot open, there are several common reasons as the following.

Jammed Bolt Work

For a number of causes, the bolt work might get stuck at times. And the most obvious culprit is a jam. The sign leading to this prediction is when the motor tries to pull the bolt back, but the safe still will not open.

As a result, it is time to kick the safe. You turn away from the safe and slam the door shut a few times. Plus, we suggest not kicking the handle and keypad so that the bolt work can become loose.

Deactivated Code

If the cause does not relate to the jammed bolt work, it probably is your deactivated code. Maybe, someone else tried to find out the right code without your attention. It means that the wiring suffers from disconnection or damage or both at the same time.

Therefore, you need to remove the keypad first. Then, it is time to check whether there is any loose, kink, or cut.

Dead Batteries

An off-brand battery tends to lose its power considerably faster than the brand-name ones. Hence, before attempting anything else, why don’t you try to change the batteries first?

Sometimes, the power is enough for the keypad to beep and light up. However, it may be weak for the motor to retract the bolt work.

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How to Open A Gun Safe If You Forgot the Combination?

There are four steps in total.

  • Step 1: Identifying the types of your safe (key lock, combination lock, or electronic lock).
  • Step 2: Determining whether the safe has a key override.
  • Step 3: Determining whether there is a change key with the safe.
  • Step 4: Asking a locksmith for help in case that you cannot get into the safe.

Final Thoughts 

With the explanation above, our answer to the question “Can you change the combination on a Field and Stream gun safe” still stays the same: a Yes! And we hope that all the information mentioned here will be helpful for your process.

For further support, feel free to drop us a line because we will be back soon.


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