How Heavy Is A Liberty Gun Safe? Things to know

How heavy is a Liberty gun safe? The detailed article below will help you understand the performance of this product and explain the reasons for it.

Many people have used the liberty gun safe to preserve or even collect their favorite firearms. The one has a large capacity so that you can store a variety of weapons inside.

However, there are very few people who know the weight of this product. So, how heavy is a liberty gun safe? 

An average version of the Liberty will hold about 15-24 guns and weigh more than 245 pounds. In addition, the larger versions will weigh more than 500 pounds, which can keep more than 30 guns or more.

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How Heavy Is A Liberty Gun Safe   

Liberty product

Liberty product 

This product has a huge capacity to store even large guns. Therefore, these products are usually cumbersome. All versions, whether large or small, carry a great deal of weight. And so is Liberty gun safe. These products are all extensive, so it will be difficult for you to move them to other locations.

Typically, small versions will weigh between 250 and 650 pounds. You can store about 15 – 40 guns of different sizes. More significant types will weigh around 1000 – 1500 pounds, and the largest will go up to 5000 pounds.

Depending on the purpose of use, you can choose from different types. If you only buy the gun safe to keep your gun at home, you can choose family security. And in case you use it to collect guns or sell guns, you should select large sizes.

Elements That Make Liberty Gun Safe Heavy

The safe has such a significant weight to ensure the safety of you if a thief breaks in. Here are the factors that make them bulky:


Size is the first factor that makes it safer. Currently, manufacturers have made a lot of liberty gun safes of different sizes. The larger the capacity will be heavier.

The internal structure of the safe consists of a steel layer, and a fireboard can withstand the heat of the fire. This structure will keep the weapons safe

Your guns will avoid contact with dirt from the outside. In addition, you will also prevent thieves from being able to steal your gun when they break into your home.




Material is also one of the factors that determine the weight of the liberty gun cabinet. These products will usually be made of stainless steel and are incredibly thick to increase the cabinet’s durability. Thanks to this, your firearm will be in a cabinet position.

You can easily measure the thickness of the cabinet. To determine the steel size of the cabinet, use the “Gauge” unit of measure. The lower the gauge number, the greater the thickness of the steel will be.

Fireboard classes

The fireboard layers have the role of keeping cabinets safer. Thanks to this backing, you can ensure the weapons won’t be exposed to heat, so the weapon doesn’t affect its quality. Fireboard is also quite resistant to flames.

Therefore, the manufacturers used this part as a protective layer for the cabinet. The thicker this protective layer, the greater the weight of the cabinet. However, they will have better protection than those using a thin layer of fireboard.

Cabinet structure

The structure often has a design of many different layers to increase security. Manufacturers use materials such as concrete, steel to make the outer layer.

These components help the product to ensure absolute safety. It is also because of these materials that the weight of the cabinet becomes more cumbersome.

How Much Does The Liberty Centurion Version Weigh?

How Much Does The Liberty Centurion Version Weigh_

How Much Does The Liberty Centurion Version Weigh?

Liberty Centurion usually offers sizes that are not too large. Suppose you use the cabinet for household storage purposes. This product is the right choice.

Precisely, these types will typically weigh between 200-400 pounds. You can store about 12 – 15 guns of different types. In addition, some higher-end models will have more weight. You can find these products from reputable local dealers.

Where Should The Liberty Gun Cabinet Be Placed In The House?

These gun cabinets contain dangerous and heavy weapons. So it would help if you found a suitable place to put it in your house.

The most logical place is inside the corner of your house. This position will ensure the safety of all family members. 

In addition, Liberty gun cabinets are very heavy, so you should only leave them on the ground floor for multi-story houses. Moving the cabinet to higher floors is very difficult and almost impossible.

How To Move A Liberty One To Another Location?

Because the gun cabinet has a significant weight, it will be challenging to move to other locations. If you want to install this product or change the location, follow these steps:

  • With the help of many people, you will not be able to move the cabinet independently. So, try to find a few friends to do it together.
  • Determine where to place: Products are enormous, so you need to determine the product’s location in advance. You also need to make sure the area can fit the cabinet.
  • Use movable items: If you can’t move the cabinet manually, choose products that can push the gun to the specified locations.

You can refer to the video below for details on how to move the cabinet:


The heavier the products, the more secure your weapons will be. There are still some exceptions to these cabinets. We hope that the above article has helped you understand more about Liberty gun safe and the specific weight.


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