How To Pick A Digital Safe Lock

It can be a tough task deciding on the type of digital safe lock to choose since there are numerous digital safe locks models in the market. The final decision will be determined by how you are going to use it day by day. Do you have an office where many people will be required to access the safe? In that case, you can consider purchasing a digital safe lock.

How To Pick A Digital Safe Lock

Why should you consider choosing a digital safe lock? It is good to know that a digital safe lock is quicker to open. Additionally, you will have an easy time accessing the contents inside the safe. Keep in mind that analog safe locks will require more skills when compared to the digital safe locks. Away from that, digital safe locks come with changeable codes. This allows you to configure the digital combination. You don’t have to employ a locksmith. You can agree with me that this will be more important, more so if employees leave your company.

If that is not yet enough, some of the best digital safe locks in the market have been made with the lockout penalty. This feature has been included for added security. Your safe will lockdown if you try to put the wrong combination several times. On the other hand, non-digital safe locks are popular among people simply because they come at a low cost.

Digital safe locks have been manufactured with the latest advanced technology. They require a bit of maintenance such as changing batteries. The best digital safe locks come in different shapes and sizes. One question that often confuses people is how to choose the best digital safe lock. This question is considered as the most important part of the safe from the safe user. That being said, it is advisable to get it right.

Electronic digital safe locks come with easy to use keypads. Additionally, the keypad in the digital safe lock can be programmed to have any code. These types of locks are very popular, especially in modern safes. Keep in mind that we are living in a digital world where we have all the reasons to go digital. Everything in the world has to be digital too. That is the reason why you see that a digital safe lock is quite popular with offices with many users. The users don’t need to have loads of keys.

The best thing about the digital safe lock is that they are programmable. You have the full freedom to change the code regularly. Changing the code becomes inevitable more so when you want to restrict access in the future. It is important to note that electronic safes only need a code to operate. This means that you don’t need to have keys around. However, low end safes will come with an override key. You can use this override key in case of a lockout.

It is advisable to take into account personal preferences when choosing digital safe locks. Whatever you choose, kindly make sure that it is the perfect decision for you. It should also match the day to day operation of your safe. Have you been wondering how you can choose the best digital safe locks? In that case, we have compiled some of the most important things you should never forget.

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Finger scan

You might have heard some people claiming that they don’t like purchasing digital safe locks that have been manufactured with finger scans. Have you ever used a biometric finger scan on your mobile phone? You can attest that indeed it is one of the most advanced biometric locks you have ever come across. Additionally, using a finger scan is very effective. With that in mind, you should consider a digital safe lock that has been designed with a finger scan.


It should have been made with numerous codes required to access

It is one of the greatest features you should never ignore when purchasing the best digital safe locks in the market. A digital safe lock that requires at least two codes will be the perfect choice for your needs. In case you have two people to open your safe, they can verify each of the codes. You should be guaranteed that this will never harm your business.

Multiple user codes

Do you have different managers in your business accessing the safe? You should consider giving them their own code. In case one of them leave the company, you should delete the code immediately. Other managers will not be remembering the code simply because it was not changed but deleted.

Entry codes can be changed at the will of the users. You can change the codes if you want to prevent unauthorized access at any particular time. Thieves will always have a hard time accessing your entry code when you change it regularly. Digital safe locks provide an access restriction timeline. This feature dictates who gets in and when they should get it. Keep in mind that even if the traditional locks are foolproof, they can be picked by experienced thieves. Access is quite difficult if they have the wrong combination.

Audit trail support

It is good to keep in mind that this feature will work perfectly with multiple user codes. What is audit trail support? It is simply a tracking that normally track which code opened and the safe number and at what time the safe was opened. The audit support will track the time when the safe was opened. That is very crucial in case something goes missing. The most reputable digital safe locks makers use this feature since it tells the safe owner who to suspect.

Most digital safe locks have been manufactured with LCD screens. What is the essence of the LCD screen? You have the full freedom to step through the audit trail on the LCD screen while at the same time operating the smart lock.

Choose digital safe locks that have been manufactured with wireless internet support

Typically, most digital safe locks work through a wireless connection such as Bluetooth. In most cases, digital safe locks come with a corresponding mobile application. The mobile application gives you the freedom to control all the features with just the control of a button.

How can you control the functioning of your digital safe lock with a voice? The best way to do it is by pairing it with home automation technology. All that you need to do is to add your compatible digital safe lock to google home application. If that is done correctly, you will be in a position to control your digital safe lock with just your voice.


Do you know that the most expensive digital safe locks have been made with an audit trail that allows the lock to be connected to the internet? This means that safe users can access the safe from anywhere. Additionally, such types of locks can be programmed and changed. If that is not enough, the audit reports can be run from any location. All that you need to have in that case is a reliable internet connection. You can imagine how efficient it will be when using a digital safe that has been made with this amazing feature.

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Final thoughts

As you can see from the above article, digital safe locks should be a great option if you want to increase the overall security of your safe. Besides being convenient to use, they are sleek to use. The security of your safe will never be compromised when you consider a digital safe lock. You will always be guaranteed that the contents inside the safe are safe no matter where you are. Now that you have perused the above article, you will have an easy time picking the best digital safe lock. We hope that this guide will help you in the near future. Thanks!


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