Best Gun Safe Manufacturers: Top 10 Love Brands On The Market

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Companies and Individuals need gun safes and secure containers for some reasons such as money, sensitive components, documents, family member’s heirlooms, weapons, chemical substances and essentially anything that requires protection.

You require right gun safes for the right substances in the right place. We can see most of the gun safe manufacturers in the USA. So continue reading to know more about the top 10 gun safe manufacturers and brands

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Best Gun Safe Manufacturers: Top 10 Love Brands On The Market
Best Gun Safe Manufacturers Top 10 Love Brands On The Market

10 Best Gun Safe Manufacturers and Brands

1. American Security (AMSEC):

American Security product [AMSEC] tends to be the world’s most widely known provider of security safes plus security solutions. AMSEC started in the late 1940’s in a small building in Paramount, Washington DC. Founder Glenn Hall was the founder of the American Security (AMSEC).

In 1994, they developed safes with composite construction. American Security (AMSEC) generates over sixty thousand safes in a year and has over 400 employees. Nowadays they sell several gun safes, money management safes, floor safes, wall safes, along with burglary & fire safes.

American Security’s Safe

2. Stack-On:

This Chicago Company is a leading supplier of storage solutions for the residence, office and different sectors since 1972. Stack-On’s products provide concentrate on a storage solution that spans from device and parts storage to securing various kinds of sensitive materials.

For protected storage, they possess the Premier Safes, Stack-On Safes, Elite Safes, the Total Defense Safes, Personal Safes, and much more. Stack-On gives limited five-year and lifetime guarantees for their goods.

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3. GunVault:

A business innovator and industry leader for the last twenty years, GunVault produces numerous safes to your firearms, and they provide the most recent in technology solutions about handguns plus other weapons.

They provide different types of gun safes such as Microvault, Mini & Tiny Deluxe, Microvault Biometric, the Nano Vault 100/200, Little & Multiple Bio, and the Nano Vault 300. For accessories, they’ve many apparel products. GunVault also manufactures gun locks; the AR MagVault as well as the BREECHVAULT.

GunVault’s Safe

4. Liberty Safe:

Liberty Safe produces residential and commercial safes. Founded in 1988, this Company began building safes in local rental storage units and; they have 205,000 Square ft manufacturing unit. Goods are examined by Underwriters Laboratories and complete UL requirements.

Their particular set of improvements contains 4-in-1 Flex Interior because of their marker safes, and the accessory door panel can be well-known for gun protection. Liberty Safe offers some different lines such as Liberty Safes, Compact Safes, Fatboy Safes and Specialty Safes. Also, they present accessories for their numerous safes which include set up care.

Liberty Safe

5. SturdySafe:

Sturdy safe is a company that specializes in gun safes. They possess an “A” rating from BBB and also have over 53 years of experience in steel fabrication; Sturdy Safe features thicker metal and actual fire padding. Their models are 2419, 2723, 3224, 3224-6, 3627, 3627-6, 4824, 4824-6 as well as the 6028-6.

They also fabricate custom made gun safes along with vault door. Sturdy Safe also offers lifetime warranties and customer discussion boards on the site for information and tips about what types of safes you should purchase.

6. SentrySafe:

SentrySafe tends to be the flagship line of the John D. Brush & Co. This company has been in the trade since 1930. Based out of Rochester, NY; they build and promote a home, business plus weapons safes.

Besides they have five functions within their products; security, fire-resistance, water-proofed, digital media storage and protection, and firearms storage & safety. They have offices in Britain, Japan, and Canada. Their safes are big bolts open fire safes, security safes, professional safes, security gun safes, plus fire-safe gun safes.


7. Honeywell:

Honeywell is one of the best gun safe manufacturers of the global world. Honeywell produces steel security safes for the house and offices. There are a lot of gun safes of this reputed company just Like the Honeywell 5107, the Honeywell 1106 and the Honeywell 5101.

Honeywell also makes such items as transportation systems, aerospace materials, defense materials, automation and control solutions. There are also the laptop computer and fire safes such as the Honeywell 5105, the Honeywell 1104 and the Honeywell 2116.

Honeywell safe

8. Hamilton Safe:

Founded in 1967, this reputed company has grown to be one of the largest producers of physical security products, audio /video systems, and pneumatic tube systems in the United States.

They sell their items through the authorized dealers under the brand names Hamilton Safe, Hamilton Air plus Hamilton Products Group. They’re based in Fairfield, OH where they execute 350,000 square ft of production space.

They possess a wide variety of products intended for commercial, private and government needs. They have vault doors, safety deposit boxes, under counter steel plus safes for the banks. For law enforcement and government agencies they have; weapons storage, entrance control systems and evidence lockers.

9. Cannon Safe:

Cannon products have been designed with the customers in mind, and they are for the last forty-five years. On their website, Canon presents many examples of how their products stand against the competition.

Their very own technical design team has an average of over thirty years of knowledge in the security business. Among the models they have available are; the Commander Series 43, various gun safes, the Home Guard H2 and office safes. Cannon also provides guarantees and accessories/choices for their products.

Cannon Safe

10. Rhino Metals, Inc.:

Rhino Metals, Inc. is a well-known gun safe manufacturer based in Idaho, United States. It is also a great OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) of secure parts utilized by many other companies and organizations.

Rhino offers two primary lines of safes; the Bighorn along with Bighorn Classic and the Rhino Safe series. Also, they also produce under bed safe for instant usage of guns and other components. Rhino likewise sells safe accessories.

Rhino Metals Safe

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As we can see, there are gun safe manufacturers for your every believable security need. Whether you have to store cash, tools, jewels, weapons, art and important papers, coin pharmaceuticals or anything you feel the desire to safeguard.

Today start your quest here and find out about every gun safe brands name in the marketplace, ask a question and do your research as an educated purchaser makes the best choice.

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