How Hard Is It To Crack A Gun Safe? Things You Might Not Know

How hard is it to crack a gun safe? We will try to give full explanations and give you little tips to buy a sustainable one.

Most cabinets on the market are very easy to break into. Unfortunately, it is because many marketing tricks and clever designs have fooled you and made you believe they are safe.

How hard is it to crack a gun safe? As you know, breaking into the cabinet is pretty straightforward. So, you can completely solve the problem of losing the lock. Cracking a gun safe is not difficult at all.

Perhaps you are still confused when you know this information. Don’t worry, and we will help you explain the problems in the following article.

How Hard Is It To Crack A Gun Safe?

How Hard Is It To Crack A Gun cabinet_

How Hard Is It To Crack A Gun cabinet

Basically, breaking into the cabinet is pretty straightforward. So you can completely solve the problem of losing the lock.

When you can handle it yourself, you don’t have to worry about the hassle of finding a supplier.

When you’re shopping for a cabinet, you’ll see advertisements that it’s impenetrable without a lock. Clever advertising from a successful manufacturer convinces buyers that the cabinet is secure and tight.

However, such advertising is not accurate because, in fact, anyone can break in.

Every cabinet has at least one weak point. As long as you detect it, breaking into the cabinet is not difficult.

So even if it’s a gun cabinet, it’s easy to break into, although a bit more difficult.

What Is The Safest Cabinet?

To consider the safety of a cabinet, we will have to consider many factors because many things affect it. According to surveys and tests, Cannon and Liberty are the two leading suppliers.

Although both are pricey, for what you get, it’s worth your money.


Liberty Gun cabinet

Liberty Gun cabinet 

The first is Liberty, which has a unique design to prevent hacking by digital or equivalent tools. So while Liberty can’t provide a model of the non-breakable cabinet, their cabinet makes breaking into more challenging than ever.

The company’s trend is small gun cabinets for pistols. So you can ensure more safety by placing it by the bed or anywhere out of sight.

The compact design is a great feature, but it also has the drawback that thieves can steal your cabinet. Since the size is not large, it is pretty easy to steal the whole thing.

It can be that this is the reason that makes Liberty one of the best cabinets that can ensure the safety of the items inside.

However, since they are not heavy-duty cabinets, they are easy to steal. So it’s best to keep it in the most inconspicuous place possible.


Cannon version

Cannon version

With Cannon, your items will be safer; the possibility of being broken into is also more limited.

The fact that manufacturers, as well as Cannon, advertise impenetrable cabinets is just marketing. However, Cannon cabinets are more complicated to break into than many other cabinets on the market.

To give users safety, the company has put security on top as a guideline.

Cannon is worth mentioning that it doesn’t ignore the main focus like most other companies. In other words, the Cannon is a cabinet with the expected primary focus. So you can count on the safety of the Cannon cabinet.

What Are The Mistakes When Buying A Safe?

You can easily make two mistakes: choosing a safe made of plaster or having a door design that is too thick. It will lead to unimaginable consequences.

Made of plaster

The first is safes made from drywall. If you’ve used a lot of force to punch holes through drywall before, you know why.

Most safe doors use a thin sheet of metal glued to the drywall to create gaps between the two materials. Some other low-end safes line them with plastic.

The right choice for a safe must be concrete. With such a layer of material, your safe will be protected from torch or fire attacks. In addition, for maximum safety, you need to choose a safe that fills the gaps between steel and concrete.

However, this type of safe is costly and heavy. As such, it may not be suitable for homes or apartments over 4000 lbs.

In this case, look for a safe with an inner layer of steel and especially no gaps. In other words, it is monolithic steel, which will ensure better safety.

Thick door

Some people believe that safes with thick doors are made of solid steel. In fact, the thick door does not affect whether it is easy to break-in. What matters is the quality of the steel inside it.

Solid steel is a good material that ensures the safety of the safe. So it’s best to look for models with heavy doors and thick steel.

Cheap imported safes are rampant on the market, and most of them are of poor quality and not safe.

You must know that manufacturers that accept low prices will lead to light iron designs and limit the use of expensive steel. It saves production costs and reduces transportation costs, thereby getting a low selling price in the market.

In general, quality often goes hand in hand with price. Although solid steel safes are expensive, you’ll find it’s well worth it for what you get in return.

Can I Break The Safe With A Crowbar?

Can I Break The Safe With A Crowbar_

Can I Break The Safe With A Crowbar?

Breaking into a safe is not difficult. So in some cases, you can ultimately use a crowbar to open the safe.

Even the most advanced safes cannot guarantee safety. So as long as you accurately spot the design’s weak point and target it, you will succeed in breaking in.

These weaknesses are flaws in the design; they may or may not be intentional by the manufacturer. Cheap safes often have more flaws, so you have many goals to aim for. However, the expensive safes come with a perfect design to keep weaknesses to a minimum. Although it’s a bit hard to define, it certainly is.

So to open the safe, you need to use the crowbar to aim. For safes made of metal, thinner with the rest will be easier to destroy with a crowbar. These types allow you to be easily accessible and hassle-free.

For more details, you can check out six ways to break open a safe!!



With our sharing, you can answer the question, ‘how hard is it to crack a gun safe?’ Although Cannon and Liberty are pretty pricey, we think it’s a bet for you.

If you have any related questions, don’t forget to leave them in the comments section below. Thank you for your interest in the article!


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