Different Types of Safes: Short Description

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Generally Safes come with a variety of functions, and most of the people purchase it for the protection of the weapons and important documents along with valuables.

There are different types of Safes available in the marketplace. The main category includes those that offer safety against theft.


The locks on these safes are made to be secure especially, actually out of professional criminals who can break more standard locks.

Any papers or documents which require special security because of high confidentiality could be held in these safes.

Short description of different types of safes is as follows:

1. Diversion ​​​​Safe:

The standard version of a safe is known as a diversion safe. It is also known as a hidden safe created from an ordinary object like a book, a can, a candle or even a wall outlet plug.

Valuables may be placed in these kinds of safes plus stored unnoticeably such as in a publication which can be positioned on a ledge to merge with other books.

Diversion ​​​​Safe

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2. Thief Resistant Safes:

A thief resistant safe is graded based on the level of resistance to some equipment that may potentially be used during a break in and time it could take for any burglar to gain access to the safe. This safe is not made to tolerate heat just like a fire resistent safe.

3. Wall Safes:


Wall safes are used to provide hidden security for valuable documents or even jewelry. They could be installed in a variety of depths of wall structure thicknesses to increase space.

This type of safe can be very easily protected with a bit of furniture such as armoires or even painting to cover this from view.

4. Water Resistant Safes:

This safe will safeguard the contents from the water damage and mold in the case of an event just like the flood. Many, but not all, the fire safes are water-resistant also.

5. Fire Resistant Safes:

Fire resistant safes safeguard contents from the high-temperature ranges. They can stand up to fire excessive temperatures, without exceeding a set inner temperature, 350 degrees usually. Many of these safe models present between a half hour and four hours of protection.

6. Standalone Safes:

These types of safes are made of an integral, mixture dial, or perhaps an electric keypad (occasionally a combination).

You can place them in your home anywhere; however, they tend to be always bulky.

7. Smart Safe:

Some safes are specially made to automatically dispense money or validate bills within an automated cash handling method such as with ATM plus Coin Dispensers.

Consumers may use them at their particular comfort, removing the necessity for private conversation and creating a more secure deal environment.

8. Jewelry Safes:

Jewelry safes are mainly constructed to store jewelry and other valuables. They protect the valuable material from burglary.

They are commonly made with internal jewelry boxes of good woods and fabric line which come in a variety of configurations. These types of safes are small in size and more compacted than others.

9. Room-sized Fire-resistant Vaults:

The larger volume, heat sensitive, and modular room-sized fire-resistant vaults can be a much more cost-effective option over fire-rated safes.

Typically vaults are utilized by the government agencies and companies or off-site storage services. It is also perfect to safeguard your valuables.

10. Commercial Safes:


These types of safes have been produced for business use. A drop box or even deposit box is an excellent example, perfect for storing money and essential documents. These safes contain many configurations and sub-types.

11. Office Safes:

Office safes are common in retail and cafe sectors also; they can be bolted to the freestanding or floor and are often fire-resistant with very high fire ratings.

Furthermore, they are drop tested to make sure the thief will not access its goods by repeated dropping from the safe. Besides, they are made of very heavy steel.


We recommend you to choose an intensive list prior to going to shopping, one that may remind you of all features you are interested in. After that turn to your product comparison chart to discover which safes we suggest in every category. Thus you can purchase a good safe for your needs.

Source: Safetyhub

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