Do Gun Safes Need To Be Climate Controlled? 

Do gun safes need to be climate controlled? What happens if you can’t adapt to this requirement? Let’s scroll down to find the answers! 

Many weapon owners argue that they should keep their vaults at an ideal temperature. Meanwhile, some don’t think that it is necessary. So, do gun safes need to be climate controlled?

It will be best if you place your weapon locker in a climate-controlled environment. Otherwise, moisture and mold may ruin your guns.

This article will explain more about why gun safes need climate control.

Now, let’s give it a read!

Do Gun Safes Need To Be Climate Controlled?

There are many requirements in terms of storing weapons. Temperature appears to be one of the most critical factors.

Moisture may harm your belongings. Hence, when you choose a vault to keep your firearms, consider the control for climate first. 

Here are the reasons why you should prioritize temperature regulation.

Humidity prevention

Once you close the safe door, it will be cold inside. This condition is ideal for moisture to produce.

If you use the locker equipped with temperature control, the air inside can stay warm and, therefore, not humid.

Rust resistance

Steel may be one of the most common materials for guns. Unfortunately, this metal rusts when overexposed to water and humidity.

If you store your weapons inside the vault without considering the temperature aspect, the firearms will end up rusting.

Your contents suffer from rusting for a long time and will degrade and deteriorate. They can’t function properly with poor components.

Mold control

Another threat you will face is mold formation. Mold develops well in damp places. Without climate-control technology, your vaults seem to be perfect for fungus and harmful bacteria.

Mold speeds up rust and ruins the components of your guns faster. It’s meaningless to store things that you can’t use.

Climate control is a way to solve this problem. It keeps the inner temperature of your vault warm and balanced. In other words, it eliminates the chances of mold growth.

Your weapons need a dry environment

Your weapons need a dry environment


Water removal from your firearm collection might take a long time. Before storing them again, you’ll have to clean and oil every component.

A dehumidifier may keep your item safe and dry by preventing water from gathering on it.

Should Gun Safes Be Airtight?

Weapon vaults don’t need to be completely airtight. They should allow airflow to prevent mold development. 

Rather than trying to make a weapon cabinet totally airtight, the objective should be to create a controlled environment in terms of humidity.

The ventilation system is helpful, yet vaults are nearly airtight. The interior of a safe might provide the ideal habitat for mold and mildew to thrive, mainly if the safe is in a hot and humid place.

If your gun safe is big, consider hiring a safe-moving team.

Weapon lockers are nearly airtight

What Is The Best Humidity For Gun Safes?

It’s essential to keep the humidity levels under control. Maintaining a humidity level of 30 to 40% is optimal for preventing corrosion.

After being locked within the safe, moisture formed by hotter outside air streaming in might increase humidity.

You can avoid moisture by maintaining the internal temperature constant and regulated concerning the exterior room in which it is positioned.

How To Optimize Climate Control In The Gun Safe?

You can’t totally eliminate risks in terms of humidity and temperature in your vault. Luckily, there are several tried-and-true methods for removing excess moisture.

These solutions provide optimal gun-safe moisture levels with the most minor damage on your firearms’ physical and operating areas.

GoldenRod heater

GoldenRod heaters are an excellent method to keep humidity out of your safe and keep your firearms dry.

Those rods have made significant impacts in the market for nearly ten years. They are an innovative technique to manage humidity.

These heaters function by extending the cooler air and pushing it to evaporate.

The temperature of the firearms is already greater than the cool air coming in from outside. As a result, the moisture content that compresses your weapons is minimal.

LOCKDOWN GoldenRod Dehumidifier Rod 

Silica gel

Silica gel dryers are another common alternative for controlling moisture in weapon vaults.

They include silica gel particles that entrap moisture in your vault. These devices, unlike other kinds of dehumidifiers, do not use evaporation to remove moisture. They just absorb and retain it, keeping your precious firearms dry.

The only disadvantage is that silica solutions can only absorb a certain level of humidity. When they hit their limit, you have to replace or recharge them. Some manufacturers include an indicator to alarm you about its limit.

To recharge, each brand has its own set of guidelines. Some may need you to connect it to a power source. Other types need a hot oven to recharge.

Silica Gel Desiccant Pack

Silica gel can absorb moisture well

Dryer style

Dehumidifiers with a dryer style can assist in regulating moisture in firearm and handgun vaults of various sizes.

These versions work by pumping hot air into every part of your safe to keep it dry and prevent moisture penetration.

Constant warm air enables cold air to increase, resulting in the least amount of condensation on your weapons. This sort of dehumidifier has received good ratings from many firearm owners.

Humidity monitor

The most basic method to optimize the humidity level is to figure out what the current status is. Some vaults come with a hygrometer to serve this purpose.

A humidity monitor is the best attachment. It informs the exact volume of moisture that your firearms experience.

You can learn more tips for controlling humidity in your vaults via this video.

Final Words

You should store your weapon in a climate-controlled locker. Mold can’t develop in this environment. Hence, you can avoid your belongings from erosion.

To boost the climate control ability of your vault, you can try different methods, such as dehumidifiers. They can offer your weapons an ideal setting to stay.

Hopefully, you will find this article helpful. If you need any further information, please feel free to ask. Thank you for reading!


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