How to Open a Digital Safe Without a Combination

Forgetting the code of your digital safe is one thing that happens, even to the best of us. But despite this fact, not being able to remember the code to your safe is not just annoying; it is frustrating as well.

People claim that electronic safes are the best safety and protection that you can use to safeguard your valuables. This is because they are a lot more difficult to crack as compared to traditional safes. Because of this, you may think that it was already the end of the world when you forgot the combination of your electronic safe.

What you have to understand is the fact that this kind of safes have a weak spot which can allow you to open them with just a bit of work. With that in mind, here are two ways on how to open a digital safe without a combination.

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How to Open a Digital Safe Without a Combination
How to Open a Digital Safe Without a Combination

2 Way on how to open a digital safe without a combination

Technique #1: The Reset Technique

This technique takes advantage of the weak spot that digital safes have and will allow you to crack the safe without having to tear apart the safe manually.

What You Will Need:


You will use this to locate the bolt openings at the back of the safe.

  •    Long, slim stick

This is needed for pressing the reset button of the safe.

  •    New code

You will use this to replace your old safe code. Just make sure that this new code is easy to remember but hard to crack.

Step 1: Look for the bolt openings at the back of your safe.
Step 1: Look for the bolt openings at the back of your safe.

Most electronic safes, most especially the smaller safes, have a small hole either at their back or bottom portion.

These holes are where bolts are fed through. You can use these to rest the code of the safe. Using your flashlight, look for these bolt openings or holes.

Step 2: Peer through the hole.

Hold your flashlight to the hole then peek through it. If your safe has a two-hole style, you can peek through the opposite hole.

Inside the safe, look for the back panel where the electronic part of the safe is placed. It is easy to spot as it contains keypad and a few other control buttons.

Step 3: Press the reset button.
reset button

Look for a long, slim stick. You can use a straightened coat hanger for this purpose. But if the hokes are a bit smaller than a coat hanger, you can buy any stiff roll of wire in a nearby hardware store.

Slide the wire through the hole and use it to press the red button in the keypad of your safe. After resetting the code, enter in your new password combination in the inner keypad.

Afterward, use the wire to press the set button which you would usually find just beside the reset button. You will hear a beep that will signal that you are successful in replacing the safe combination.

Step 4: Enter the new code at the safe’s exterior keypad.
Step 4: Enter the new code at the safe’s exterior keypad.

Now, you should enter the new code in the keypad located outside the door of your safe. It should easily pop open after entering the code.

If the safe still fails to open, you may have entered the wrong combination on the inner keypad of the safe.

You need to repeat the steps and this time, make sure that you will be entering the correct code.

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Technique #2: The Dial Technique

If your digital safe has a dial, this is the best technique that you can use.

What You Will Need:

  • Rubber Mallet: This will be used to hit the safe.
Step #1: Turn the dial of the safe the wrong way.

How should the dial of the safe be turned? The dial of most digital safes is turned clockwise. Whatever way your dial is turned, turn the dial the opposite way.

If it is clockwise, turn the dial counterclockwise and vice versa.

This simple move is made to ensure that the pin which is responsible for locking the sliding bolt will become free to move.

Step #2: Hit the safe.

This may sound funny or absurd, but this is part of the process. Using either your hand or a rubber mallet, hit the safe firmly.

This is done to move the pin which is hindering the sliding bolt. Keep in mind that this effect will last for just a few seconds.

Step #3: Turn the dial of the safe the correct way.

Within a split second after hitting the safe, turn the dial the right way. If the pin is down at the time you were able to turn the dial, you will be able to turn the dial all the way around and open the safe.

Keep in mind that it may take a few attempts for you to succeed using this technique. The key here is proper timing.

The pin must still be down by the time you turn the dial the right way for this to work.

To know more about this technique, watch this video:

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Final Words

Cracking a safe may prove to be difficult, but it is not impossible. There are plenty of ways on how to open a digital safe without a combination.

This fact is true even if you are dealing with the most advanced safes.

Source: Safetyhub


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