How To Choose A Home Safe?

Do you know that home safes are the best for your precious jewelry? You can agree with me that indeed home safes have been gaining a lot of popularity since the recession started. There is no doubt that a home safe would be an excellent addition to your valuables.

How To Choose A Home Safe_

You might be aware that there are numerous home safe in the market. Choosing the right home safe that fulfils all your needs can be a tedious task. Do you want to land the most reliable home safes to keep your valuables? In that case, we have compiled the most crucial factors to keep in mind. In this article, we will learn about the most important features you should never forget when purchasing your home safe.


How To Choose A Home Safe:

Water resistance

How To Choose A Home Safe water resistence

It is good to know that most home safes that have been made to be perfect for theft resistance are waterproof to some extent. Before making your purchase, it is advisable to ensure that it is a part of your package. It is one of the most important features you should never forget simply because firefighters and building sprinklers can sprinkle water when extinguishing the fire. Additionally, this feature is essential when it comes to safeguarding the contents inside the safe in case there are floods.

Fire resistance

How To Choose A Home Safe fire resistence

Are you aware that home safes can’t be manufactured to be fully fireproof? Most of the best home safe in the market have been manufactured to protect the content inside from low fire. You will be guaranteed that this will never happen for a certain length of time. How should you select the best home safes based on this feature? It all depends on the contents you keep on your safe. For instance, the paper should always be kept below 350 degrees.

It is important to note that fire is usually measured in hours. The most reliable home safes will provide protection for more than half an hour. In case you want something for residential use, 30 minutes are sufficient. However, as you plan to purchase home safes that have been manufactured to have a longer fire rating, you should keep in mind that they come at a higher price.

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Burglary protection

How To Choose A Home Safe Burglary protection

As for now, there are two main factors to burglary protection. Steel thickness and locking systems have emerged as the most reliable ones. Have you been looking for something that can provide you with increased security? In that case, you can go for a home safe that has been manufactured with a lock. Keep in mind that a combination lock is considered as one of the major selling factors in home safes.

It has been proved that the presence of bolts on the safe does not affect the home safe ability to resist prying. Although it might look as it is, an excessive number will not be necessary or beneficial.

On the same note, steel is considered another crucial factor that can’t be ignored. How is the steel thickness measured? Typically, it is calculated by gauge. A home safe that has been manufactured with a small number of steel gauge means that it has a greater thickness.

Most reputable manufacturers in the United States of America prefer using 12 gauge thickness steel. You should be guaranteed that it is more than enough to keep thieves away from the contents inside the safe. In case you come across a home safe that has been made with a larger number of gauges, you should go for it if you want something that guarantee you extreme security.


The largest home safe will require at least two people to carry them around. That is the reason why you are advised to go for a small safe that can be picked by an average adult. That will facilitate how you take the home safe in case of an emergency. You will have an easy time picking the safe when there is a fire or in case your house floods.

All that you need to do in case of emergency situations is just to change the location of the home safe. It is an important factor that you should never forget. Obviously, light home safe means that the safe has been manufactured to be of smaller size. What is the essence of this? It influences what you keep on your safe.

Size of the home safe

How To Choose A Home Safe large

What is the best way that you can use to know the perfect size of the safe? The most sensible way is to bring all your stuff and pile it up. From there, you can consider measuring the cubic area of the contents to be kept on the home safe. Afterwards, you are required to multiply the two numbers.

After getting the number, you should multiply it by the height of the pile. The final tally will give you an accurate idea of the safe size needed. In the past, some people have made the mistake of purchasing home safes that can barely hold what they have now. As time goes, you might be tempted to add items on the safe. That is the reason why it is always advisable to get a big safe. This will save you the cost of purchasing another safe later.



Before ordering the specific home safe, you should look for a reputable manufacturer. The most reputable manufacturers do not compromise when it comes to the quality of the home safe. You can look for reviews from people who have purchased from them in the past. Additionally, you should know that not all safes have been manufactured equal.

You should go for a home safe that has been certified. Furthermore, it should be subject to testing by organizations such as INTERTEK. It would be a good start when you look for home safes from well-known makers in the world.

Consider your budget

You don’t have to rob your local bank to purchase the best home safe in the market. Choose something that fulfil all your needs and is affordable. Although price goes hand in hand with the overall quality of the home safe, there are still other safes in the market that you can purchase with your budget. With that in mind, you should consider a home safe on a medium budget.

However, as you consider your budget, it makes a lot of sense purchasing a high quality home safe that will never disappoint you in the future rather than going for a product that will only be useless after being used for several years.

Remember you are storing expensive stuff in the safe. Therefore, there is a need to go for a reliable home safe that will guarantee your valuables extreme security. If space is at a premium, you should avoid the temptation to include too many sentimental items.

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Research on the safe’s cash rating

It is essential to understand the safe cash rating since it usually reflects how the home safe is burglar resistant. How is the cash rating calculated? Typically, it is calculated using how strong your safe door and walls is. Kindly keep in mind that the fire rating and cash rating are not related in any way. A home safe that has been made to have a high cash rating does not mean that it will have good resistance.

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Final thoughts

Brand, budget, size, and portability of the home safes are arguably the most important factors to consider when choosing the right home safe for your needs. After perusing the above article, you will have an easy time when choosing the best home safe. We hope that you will find this review article helpful in the future. If you have any questions, you are free to ask our team. Thanks!


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