Amazon Basics Fire Resistant Safe Review: is it for you?

Can you imagine what would happen when your most crucial documents were lost to the flames after a fire caught your home office? It can be the lowest moment of your life losing your most prized possessions. There is no doubt it can be a tragedy everyone would not want to experience in their lifetime. Fortunately, you should not worry about it simply because AmazonBasics Fire Resistant safe will meet all your needs.

1 Amazon Basics Fire Resistant Safe

Amazon Basics Fire Resistant Safe Review

With this safe, you don’t need to worry about having such a disaster in your home. What is the main reason behind this? Anything you put into this safe will be guarded from theft besides being protected from fire. You will never worry about other natural elements.

The highly regarded Amazon Basics Fire resistant safe is one of the best traditional safes. It is considered the perfect choice when it comes to protecting against theft and fire. The best thing about this fire resistant safe is that you can store digital media and important documents. Do you own any other valuables that need safe keeping? This is the right time to purchase this fire resistant safe.

Unlike other fire resistant safes out in the market, this product has been manufactured with a keypad for quick access. On the other hand, the key is very crucial for emergency entry. This makes it an ideal choice for a home office.

2 Amazon Basics Fire Resistant Safe

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Amazon Basics Fire Resistant Safe Review

What is this fire resistant designed for?

It is by no doubt the ideal fire resistant safe for any person who has been searching for a safe spot to store expensive items. It can be used in both home and office. You should not worry anymore if you have been tensing about a stranger picking or even stealing the whole safe. The manufacturer has included several bolts in the package that you can use to secure the fire resistant safe down to the floor. This means that you can place this fire resistant safe in any area without worrying about someone picking it and running away with it. Be guaranteed that this safe will never go anywhere once you have installed it.

Benefits of this fire resistant safe

Small and Compact Size

You will notice that this fire resistant safe is quite small and also compact when you take it out of its package. Although the highly preferred fire resistant safe is not very light, it weighs just about ninety pounds. You can agree with me that it is definitely not very large.

The small size design means that users can set up this fire resistant safe in a variety of places. It is also good to know that you can store this amazing fire resistant safe in different areas. Do you know that within this safe there are 2.1 cubic feet of space? You can store different types of items such as passports, cash and watches in this space. When it comes to storing larger items, this safe will be less than ideal.

Another good thing about this fire resistant safe is that it consists of a shelf. Actually, the maker of this fire resistant safe has included two shelf surfaces. You can pick up the surfaces and adjust them accordingly. From there, you can consider moving them along the height of the safe. Therefore, you can do that especially when you need some extra shelf space. What if you don’t need the shelf at all and you still want to store one or even two large items in the safe? In that case, you can do that as well.

3 Amazon Basics Fire Resistant Safe

Strong and durable design

You can attest that the main purpose of any safe is to keep items safe and secure. For the fire resistant safe to do that properly, it should have been manufactured with strong and durable materials. On the other hand, the design of the fire resistant safe should not only heighten the strength but also the durability of those materials.

As the name of this product implies, it has been made to be a fire resistant. What does this mean? Your items will never get damaged in case there is fire. Your safe will remain intact in such instances. It is worth noting that this is not something the manufacturer has said in the packaging for the sake of doing it. Keep in mind that this fire resistant safe has undergone numerous tests. One of the most notable tests that the manufacturer has passed this safe is the popular UL 72 Standard Safety Test. It is one of the most trusted tests for Fire resistance.

Additionally, this fire resistant safe can withstand an extremely high temperature of about 1,200 degrees. The temperature resistance in this fire resistant safe will last for more than twenty minutes. Furthermore, much of this fire resistant safe security and safety comes from its construction. This safe boasts of 14 gauge heavy duty steel body construction. The 14 gauge steel material has proved to be quite durable.

The high quality steel material is not only designed to withstand not just fires but also objects falling onto the safe. All the items in the safe will remain safe even when tossed onto the ground. Nothing will destroy them even after the safe has been hit by debris.

The strong and durable construction in this fire resistant safe guarantees your items safety. Kindly don’t worry about fire or even any other accident that might end up destroying your valuable items.

4 Amazon Basics Fire Resistant Safe

Useful Electronic Keypad

It is one of the most unique features that the manufacturer is proud to have included on this fire resistant safe. The electronic keypad is found on the front of this safe. The five security bolts will unlock when you enter the correct code. The means that you can open up the safe while at the same time retrieve items in the safe with great ease.

Another good thing you will like about this fire resistant safe is that you are not limited to use the electronic keypad. Usually, this safe box comes with several keys. The keys will become useful when you don’t have enough time to enter the code. Away from that, if you like to use a secondary security mechanism, then you can go ahead and use a key to unlock the safe.


You will automatically get a one year warranty when you purchase this fire resistant safe. Additionally, you should feel free to send this fire resistant safe to amazon if you encounter any problems with this box safe. They will fix the issues for you at no cost.

You will find a one year warranty very helpful. What is also cool about this fire resistant safe is that you will get a three year warranty or even a four year warranty for just a little more money.

Easy Setup for Digital Access

Are you aware that the digital access controls for this security safe are not only easy to set up but also to access? This safe has been designed with a visual display that shows when the safe is locked. You will be able to see when the safe is battery low and unlocked. Typically, this fire resistant safe has three different symbols. The symbols show locked, unlocked and low battery features. Similar to other well-known fire resistant safes in the market, this safe will get shipped as a locked and assembled package.

6 Amazon Basics Fire Resistant Safe

Pry resistant door and hinges

The door and hinges are a crucial added security in this fire resistant safe. Additionally, the steel door in this safe is pry resistant. This means that any intruder will never have unauthorized access to your items and documents. If that is not yet enough, the aesthetic look in this fire resistant safe is enhanced with the black finish on the exterior of the security safe.


  • You can easily create your passcode with this fire resistant safe.
  • This fire resistant safe can be bolted to the floor or even wall when needed.
  • The manufacturer will provide all the materials you will require when mounting.
  • Unlike other safes in the market, users of this fire resistant safe can collapse the inner shelves.
  • All your items will remain protected and safe due to the presence of additional layers of carpet.


  • This fire resistant safe has been manufactured with several emergency overrides and they get used when installed. In case you lose your passcode, the fire resistant safe will become useful.
  • The waterproofing features do not work as expected.
5 Amazon Basics Fire Resistant Safe

Final Thoughts

This is the right time to protect your belongings from fire and theft with this Amazon Basics Fire Resistant Safe. As you make your purchase, you should be guaranteed that it will provide you with a simple solution to safeguard your digital media and other important papers. Additionally, it will give you a rare peace of mind besides a crucial layer of protection. We hope that this review article will be helpful in the future. Do you have any questions regarding the above product? Kindly reach to our team. Thanks!

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