8 Best Gun Safes under $500 and 10 Tips for Using this Gun Safe

gun safe under 500
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A suitable gun safe can be an essential invest, but the price can seem excessive to numerous people. Certainly for $500, it is difficult to find a top quality safe with the most recent features, but it does not mean you have to compromise in protection. Simply by keeping the fundamentals, you may get the best gun safe under $500 that is perfectly protected but still enables reliable access.

Owning a gun is one of the liberties afforded to the public in the USA. With freedom, however, comes the duty to store them in a safe manner. A safe can be had at any budget nearly, but in case we set it at $500 we can anticipate a few features. An excellent $500 safe will need to supply the owner a way of storing guns in a secure manner, away from restricted people like kids and the insane clinically. The safe also needs to be secure to hold devoted robbers out and keep maintaining structural honesty during a fire.

If you’re not seeking for a big safe, you have significantly more options. Listed below are four of the best gun safe under 500. So read the following reviews for more details.

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​Water/Fire protection


​Our Rating

​30 Minute

- ​Easy to add custom door panel.
- ​59.5"x24.25"x22"



​- ​1 Handgun

- 15.5 x 9 x 3.5 "



​​- 14 - 18 Long Guns

- 26 x 14 x 54.75″



- 1 hand gun

- 3" x 7" x 11"



- 1 hand gun

- 3.2"h x 12"w x 9.9"d


Fire protection

- 10 - 12 Long Guns

- 20 x 40 x 58.5 "


Fire protection: 30 Minutes

- 4 - 8 Long Guns

- 19.8 x 20.9 x 40 "



- 1 Hand Guns

- 18"(h) x 28"(w) x 30"(d)


Best Gun Safe Under $500 - Top Picks and Reviews


The LIBERTY SAFE & SECURITY PROD Gun Safe provides extra storage space and complete fire protection for your handguns and additional valuables. This best gun safe ​U500 offers six rapid draw holsters and a pocket for document storage. It provides a cool pocket that provides additional fire security also. It all attaches towards the fabric protected door panel on your safe with all the included installation brackets. The door panels measure 18″ wide by 49″ from the top. It’ll match on a hinged door measuring zero wider than 23″.

This hinged door panel is quite high quality in construction and material. It is found in a velcro closing canvas bag made of comparable materials as the panel, that can be utilized for various other reasons. This panel fits perfectly for Stack-On Sentinel Gun Safe. The mounting clips fit over the protected panel of the door with a tang that in shape snugly among this -panel plus the door.

The Velcro mounting straps easily adjust to center and tighten the panel then. It is a terrific way to coordinate multiple pistols plus accessory products. Be sure you have at least 1.5″ on the inside of the hinged door and any shelves or even other supports inside the safe. It would be the restricting factor as to what you could put in the panel.

​2. Hornady Security Rapid Gun Safe

Hornady Security Rapid Gun Safe includes a superb combination of a concise design and style, quick access and optimal security. This black steel safe features heavy duty 16 gauge metal structure and a dual lug locking system made up of 2 powerful 1/4″ steel locking lugs. It stands up to all requirements outlined by ASTM worldwide F2456 04 standard with Youth Resilient Firearms Storage containers.

Each Hornaday Safe gives several methods of access, including a typical important lock, a distinctive and easy to remember user-programmed 4-digit code. An electronic touch pad can be adjusted to obtain either right or left-handed use. The safe possesses a RFID band, key, and cards. When unlocked, these safe springs open to uncover your gun that’s cradled in the prepared position. There is lots of space for extra ammunition.

A revolutionary idea in firearm security combines simple, intuitive access with security and safety. Open up your safe and sound inside the blink of vision — the Quick safe may be the first to use patent-pending Radio Rate of recurrence Identification (RFID) for access immediately. Place the included RFID bracelet simply, cards or crucial fob within the reader as well as the Rapid free from danger springs available to present your handgun.

This safe is normally simple to utilize, allows fast access to your gun, and the safety you desire if you have children in your house. They have several protected ways of getting access in the event of an emergency. It includes a battery capability in the event the charged power is out in the center of the night. You can maintain almost every size handgun inside.

​3. Stealth Defense Vault DV652 Under Bed Gun Safe + Free 52" Dean Safe Rifle Sock


The Stealth Defense Vault DV652 was created for the highest quality achieved. With the weight of 74 pounds and a 14 gauge steel body approximately, these gun safe shows to be the best durable marker for security under the bed. It might not resemble the traditional looking long gun safe. However, it has the advantages.

This best gun safe under $500 comes with number one rated ESL5 digital lock that delivers quick access and offers a large number of useful features. It has a backlit keypad and the capability to disable the actual audible feedback. It also provides a 15-minute lock that triggers if you get into an incorrect combination four times in a row.

It has a sturdy 14-gauge steel body relatively, which is everything you may anticipate from an extended gun safe as of this cost. The door can be reinforced with a five stage locking bar that you slip to be able to uncover the door. When the entranceway is open, you can grab the soft-lined tray effortlessly.

If you imagine there is a possibility a burglar can leave with the 74 pounds heavy gun safe, you may use the four anchor holes. Fasten the secure to the ground or maybe the bed, whatever you choose, and all increasing hardware is roofed.

It is certainly the very best rifle safe below 500 dollars if you would like to obtain your very long guns under your bed. It’s also more or less created for quick and easy access at night, which is essential to the gun owners.

​4. GunVault MiniVault Handgun Safe

The GunVault MiniVault Handgun Safe provides very quick entrance but should certainly keep tools safe from kids with the keypad. Be sure to store the backup keys Just safely. Offers a large number of screw holes on the bottom of the safe to mount it strongly.

This best gun safe under 500 works on 8 “AA” batteries, nonetheless those happen to be likely to previous for 12 months. The only problem is that you can only just program in a single blend, so if several adults need access, you will need to concur on one combination that both of you can remember rather than each one of you having their own.

GunVault MiniVault Handgun Safe is suitable for sturdy, mountable and tamper-proof protection. MiniVault Safes do not simply safeguard pistols and possessions. They alert you to invalid entry attempts also. Also, they feature a movement metal detector with sound alarm to protect against tampering. Therefore if you have children or perhaps another security risk, this is the correct call.

So choose Deluxe or Standard Solid 16-gage metal construction; Protecting foam-lined in-house; Tamper-resistant spring-loaded door; Mounts almost in any direction anywhere; Tinker indicator notifications invalid access attempts; Sound and LED low battery caution and Exact fittings.

5. Sentry Safe Biometric Quick Access Pistol Safe

​The Sentry Safe Biometric Quick Access Pistol Safe provides advanced safety to your firearm. It enables you rapid, whisper-quiet entrance with zero opinions. This particular pistol gun safe includes a biometric fingerprint digital lock for the convenient and fast opening. The hinged door opens utilizing a compression gas strut, and it stays open to provide single-handed access, making it perfect for small areas.

It is produced from a long lasting solid metallic construction that is pry-resistant to avoid unauthorized access to the firearm. It also has an override essential to have backup to make sure it could be opened up even throughout a power outage.

The SentrySafe Quick Access Biometric Pistol Safe is particularly made with a pry-resistant door that aids in preventing unauthorized usage of your gun. Fused with solid steel construction, you can feel self-confident that your family members are secure from your handgun.
It enables you to plan a fingerprint plus your combination intended for fast entry. You reliably pick up to two programmed fingerprints and enables single-handed access to your firearm.

The safe also offers a good programmable digital keypad with zero perceptible feedback along with an override key. With multiple methods to penetrate the safe, you could feel confident that in the case of a crisis you’ll have rapid access to your gun.

6. Stack-On GCDG-9216 16-Gun Convertible Double-Door Steel Security Cabinet

The Stack-On GCDG-9216 holds 16 to 19 guns up to 54 inches long. This cabinet includes removable four large foam padded steel shelves designed for the secure storage of your firearms. The Stack-On Steel Door Firearm Cabinet comes with an extra clip, or barrel rests plus padded foam sides in the proper portion of the case and bottom level to reduce the opportunity of scratching.

The doors are separately keyed, which means you won't need to open up both door to access the thing you need. This gun security cabinet is approved by the California Department of Justice as getting together with their particular requirements just for firearm security. It also features reinforced, full-sized steel doors with three-point locking systems with essential code, a double-bitted lock for the purpose of better protection.

Convertible cabinet section offers four huge foam padded removable metal shelves ideal for storing bullets, handguns, cameras, rings, etc. You can also keep extra gun barrel rests (included) to include space for fifteen, even more, guns for a complete capability of 31 firearms. Adjustable racks are included. The Stack-On GCDG-9216 16-Gun Cabinet is a safe method to store the guns. Made with the comfort and usability of most gun fanatics, Stack-On will not sacrifice price for top quality. So this gun cabinet is perfect to store your firearm and valuable goods.

7. Stack-On E-040-SB-E Elite Junior Executive Fire Safe with Electronic Lock, 3 shelves, Matte Black/Silver

The Stack-On E-040-SB-E Elite Junior Executive Fire Safe provides higher protection for your guns and valuables as well. Executive Fire Safe includes a drill resistant, solidified metal dish behind an electric lock. The electronic fasten includes functional lights for open, inappropriate access and low battery caution. After three completely wrong efforts, there’s a timeout period. This digital lock fire safe includes a trouble key. It features two-way locking method with 1.5" direct action locking bolts. This drill resistant lock includes three adjustable shelves to carry your essential documents.

This Junior Executive Fire Safe is tested plus listed as a California Department of Justice firearms security device that meets certain requirements of California Penal Code Section 12088 and the Rules issued thereunder. Stack-On E-040-SB-E Elite Junior Executive Fire Safe comes with the perfect door along with the digital lock. The door stripping grows when subjected to high temperature, sealing the safe’s material from damage during an open fire.

This security safe provides fire protection at a condensed price. The maximum weight in this safe may be the door. The other parts seem to be light-weight. The black marks are too near to the relative sides to get a drill straight. It is perfect for storing your firearms and necessary valuables. Overall, it is an excellent little safe for the protection of your firearms and the money as well.

8. Winchester Safes eVault Biometric 3.0 Pistol Safe

This Winchester Safes eVault Biometric 3.0 Pistol Safe is certainly 99.9% reliable and with the capacity of supporting to 15 fingerprints. It features a planting season loaded door, a 16-gauge solid steel structure, a unique lock or latch method and a good 2-piece construction having a bind joints. To safeguard consumer electronics, this Micro Gun Safe contains a direct effect resilient hard platter and is California DOJ accepted.

This best gun safe under $500 safe operates utilizing a 9-volt A/C or battery adaptor with key override. Made of weighty 16 gauge metal, the Winchester Small Pistol Safe has an individual hard menu safeguarding the electronics inside, providing a supplementary layer of safety against tampering.

It is the most advanced pistol safe out there technologically. It comes with Scratch immune, Cushioned room, A/C power supply; Twelve months limited warranty, Simple start-up, and development. It is also approved by the California DOJ.

It includes a 9-watt battery back-up and simple to set up the battery. The guidelines are easy to follow upon setting up. Follow the simple to read instructions Just. The safe has several holes in underneath for mounting to ground or perhaps another thing.

It will hold three guns with extra magazines easily. So It is an extraordinary pistol safe for the gun owners.

How to Choose the Best Gun Safe Under 500:

Whenever you are purchasing gun safe under $500, there’s an excellent chance that you’ll have to help to make a couple of compromises for what it is you are going to need.

1. Many people choose to store all their ammunition within their weapon safe because an extra way of measuring protection. Within a fire, nevertheless, this may cause the ammo to fire up and trigger smoke harm to the safe’s contents. It might be best to think a separate reasonable gun safe to store up ammunition.

2. Additionally, you will wish to check out the necessity of experiencing a dehumidifier set up in your area where you intend to keep your free from harm. If adequate, you might wish to consider running a dehumidifier within the safe itself.

3. This is because moisture will evaporate from your fireproofing padding that secure consists of; making a moist home environment that could cause the firearms to start to rust. You can eliminate this pressing issue in case you buy a composite-clad fire safe.

4. The very best person to help you on the worthiness of your gun is a Certified and qualified Firearm Specialist. They could be discovered possibly in your neighborhood gun store, but be careful to inquire about their certification, or on-line.

5. Aside from the real firearm value, how about the ammunition, the extra publication, a gun safe, ear and eye security and the cleaning package. Each one of this cost and enhances the worth of your complete collection.

What are the Benefits of the Best Gun Safe Under $500?

Owning the best gun safe under 500 gives utmost protection to your family members. Curious children try each and everything that they see generally. Traditional cupboards are simply accessible, and children can reach the firearms stored in them easily. So, to deter children access to weapons, you can store them found in the highest quality gun safes.

Nowadays solid gun safes come with the best quality locking program, which is hard to beat, building these people ideal to deter any robbery efforts.

The majority of firearm safes come with ultimate fireplace rankings that produce them endure blazing warmth of the fire, which isn’t possible with classic cupboards. Therefore, gun safes are the greatest for keeping firearms secure from organic calamities just like fire.

You may also store different valuables within your gun safes to create them safe from organic disasters, thievery, and other illegal access.

Today the market is usually flooded with a range of appealing gun safes that can put worth to your any room. So, select a stunning marker safe to provide an enormous beauty to your home while keeping your guns and additional valuable safe.

If you are searching for just one of such gun safes that may meet with all the factors mentioned above, the above tips will be very supportive of you. Besides Canon safes, they offer gun safes from brands such as Browning, Fort Knox, Winchester, Fort, and much more.

Attributes That Differentiate This Product:

Some attributes of this product are as follows:

A Secure Lock:
One of the most crucial features within a gun safe is the securing system. Rifle safes include either a call lock or perhaps an electric locking mechanism. Electronic locks are fast to function and present you the choice to create your combination code. Dial locks are dependable and durable.

The top gun safes possess the to consider a lot of money. To reduce the chance of the thief wanting to remove the secure with a shifting Dolly, the favored mass for a clear unit is normally around 750 pounds. For added security, the majority of the best safes are made to be bolted to the floor or wall surface.

Fire Safety:

An additional advantageous feature from the gun safe is the capability to resist flames for a specific period. A house fire gets the potential to attain 1000+ Fahrenheit in under 10 minutes, which can start melting the standard safe easily. The majority of the safes that include fire safety include a supplementary coating of ceramic or sheetrock sections that help with keeping the interior listed below a certain heat for 4-6 hours.

Steel Thickness:
A steel plate in the wall space of the safe is what maintains criminals from simply drilling throughout it. Gun safe metal plates are ten gauges or twelve gauges. With wider metal, the safe could be more secure.

Internal Hinges:
Most top-quality gun safes shall possess hinges mounted inside. It prevents a criminal who’s trying to break into the safe from having a simple spot to start the attack. I’ve seen a few safe producers (which make safes with exterior hinges) argue that their hinges are simply nearly as good, but I stay unconvinced.

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Safety Tips for Using this Gun Safe:

1. Always keep carefully the firearm’s muzzle directed in a safe direction. A “safe path” implies that the gun is usually directed so that even if an unintentional discharge happened, it would not lead to damage.

2. Always maintain your little finger off the trigger until you plan to take. When managing a gun, respite your finger outside your trigger safeguard or along the relative part of the firearm. Do not touch the actual trigger until you’re actually ready to fire.

3. Firearms ought to be regular when not in fact in use. Once you grab that gun, such as once eliminating that from or perhaps returning it all to storage space, remember to stage it in a secure path and make certain it is unloaded.

4. Be sure you understand just how your gun works: browse the manual on your firearm, learn how to safely open up and close the actions of the firearm and know how to safely take out any ammunition from the gun and its publication.

5. Store your best gun safe under 500 in a locked cabinet, safe, gun storage or vault case you should definitely in use, making sure they are in a spot unavailable by kids and cannot be dealt with by simply anyone without your authorization.

6. Store your ammo in a locked location individual from the gun.

7. Make use of a gun fastening gadget that renders the firearm inoperable when not in use. A gun fastens should be utilized as yet another safety measure rather than as an alternative for protected storage.

8. Make sure teenagers in your home know about and be familiar with basic safety recommendations concerning firearms. Keep these things signal the Task Child Safe Promise for the youthful people a tip that if indeed they discover a great unattended firearm in their house or a neighbor’s never to contact it and tell a grown-up.

9. Usually unload, spending place your firearms within their secure storage space area soon after returning out of a hunting trip or a trip to the product range.

10. Educate everybody in your loved ones about guns safety. Go to the Project Kid Safe and sound site for security info and also to find out where you might get a free of charge gun safety kit in your area.

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Gun safes are just like metal boxes along with locks. It aims to supply security on your firearm, protection from robbery and not likely use by irresponsible persons and from the children. At $500, the safe should have a good and pleasing appearance also. Typically, a safe is a very apparent addition to any room. So it ought to be an attractive addition. You can purchase a variety of different design of safes at $500, from the attractive classic mixture with that Victorian appeal to the ultra and modern, sleek biometric safes. By $500, you have a multitude of different safes open to protection your firearm collection.

In the USA alone, you will find an incredible number of gun owners. That’s why it’s, therefore, important to possess the best gun safe in your house to safeguard the weapons since it takes plenty of responsibility to keep it secure. With the help of a gun safe, you could keep your guns and other vital items kept away plus still in reach neatly, particularly if you’re certainly not likely to consider it with you upon outings. Under $500 is a quantity that everyone is able and obtains good features also for a reason that quantity.

There are various gun safes in the marketplace, and some are extremely expensive, yet here around, you can find the best gun safe under 500 with some very nice features. You could find some great types available which make appealing improvements to your house. Nevertheless, most importantly, it requires keeping your weapons out burglars and kids hands.

The easiest method to store your guns is to lock them in a gun safe safely. Nevertheless, you shouldn’t dispose of all of your hard-earned cash to do so. So we think the above reviews must be very supportive for you to purchase a good gun.

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