12 Best Drop Slot Safes – Reviews and Recommendations

How safe are your valuable items? Do you need a place to store guns and other valuables away from the kids and securely for an emergency period? Well, if your answer to these questions is yes, then you are in the right place. We give you the best drop slot safes that the market has to offer you.

These are the best products that money can buy you. With them at your home, you will be safer than ever! Moreover, they are user and children friendly.

For the full review, read on!

12 Best Drop Slot Safes review
Best Drop Slot Safe

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Reviews and Recommendations

Paragon Lock & Safe CashKing Digital Depository Drop Safe-Best Overall Product

1 SentrySafe Depository Safe, Medium Dual Key Lock Money Safe with Drop Slot, 0.38 Cubic Feet, UC-039K copy

While others would love to save the best for the last, we wouldn’t want to keep you waiting and so begin our list with the best; Paragon Lock and Safe CashKing Depository Drop Safe. This is arguably one of the best drop slot safe that the market has to offer. Hundreds of positive reviews that it enjoys is evidence of this. It comes with lots of cool features that make it outstanding from the rest.

First, the safe is built strong and durable to pass the test of time and take the hardest of beatings. This is thanks to its carbon-steel construction. It is fitted with hidden hinges which play a significant role in notching security up. Secondly, the interior is designed with shelves which assist you to put your items in a more organized manner. You can easily separate items based on their sizes.

That’s not all, unlocking this safe is via a secret pin and additional keys for maximum security. Also, there are two back up keys for instances when you want to unlock it manually. When it comes to its stylish design, we couldn’t ask for anything better. We will have to deduct a point from this safe, however, because of the lack of backlight in its keypad. This makes it unlocking during night times difficult. You have to carry along a flashlight with you.


  • Comes in a stylish design
  • Strong and durable construction
  • Possesses concealed hinges for added protection
  • Incorporates a secret pin and additional keys


  • The keypad lacks backlight making it challenging to open the safe at night

SentrySafe Depository Safe, Medium Dual Key Lock Money Safe with Drop Slot -Runners Up Best Product

2 SentrySafe Depository Safe, Medium Dual Key Lock Money Safe with Drop Slot, 0.38 Cubic Feet, UC-039K copy

SentrySafe has been in business since 1930, and with almost 100 years in the industry, you can rest assured that they know their way around safes. They have a reputation for high-quality and durable products, and an example of this is the SentrySafe Depository Safe. With this safe in your possession, you no longer have to worry about the safety of your cash, jewellery and electronics, among other belongings.

A lot is in store with this safe. For starters, this safe is impenetrable. The only way to access it is through a key lock. Inside, the space provided is humongous, allowing you to store numerous items. Space is divided through shelves for better organization.

What you’re settling for with this product are an expansive interior, professional craftsmanship and sturdy construction. It is made durable to serve you a very long time. A con that lies with this safe is that the glue used to secure the padding comes with a foul smell that will take a long time before ending. This is usually a nuisance to many buyers.


  • Security is top-notch thanks to its key locks
  • Designed strong and durable
  • Humongous interior space to store numerous items
  • Made using high-quality steel


  • A foul smell from the glue used to secure the padding

DuraBox Through-The-Door Locking DropBox (D500)- Guns Best for Top-Notch Security

3 DuraBox Through-The-Door Locking Drop Box D500 (Black) copy

Although other valuables can be stored in this safe, it was explicitly designed for guns. Its grey color is the center of attraction. It is made for stealth mode and can be concealed easily behind bookshelves or portraits for discretion. Accessing it is easy for convenience during emergency times. Its tubular key is user-friendly and quick to open a bid to safeguard your home against malicious thieves and intruders.

Installing this safe to your wall is a quick process that will prove not to be complicated. The safe comes with lag bolts used for installing and mounting the safe between wall studs securely. Inside the vaults are large and adjustable shelves for a customizable organization. The storage is ample and anti-pry protected.

We love this safe for its quick accessibility, concealed design and sturdy construction. Some buyers complained about this safe when it came to accessing it. Opening it using a pry bar isn’t hard, making it vulnerable to theft.


  • Attractive grey color
  • Easily concealed behind bookshelves and portraits
  • Easily accessible for emergency times
  • User-friendly and easy-to-open tubular lock


  • Accessing using a pry bar is simple, making it vulnerable to theft

SentrySafe Depository Safe, Small Dual Key Lock Money Safe with Drop Slot- Best Fire Resistant And Waterproof Safe

4 SentrySafe Depository Safe, Small Dual Key Lock Money Safe with Drop Slot, 0.23 Cubic Feet, UC-025K copy

SentrySafe once again appears in our list with one of their excellent products. This is proof of how hard the company is working to satisfy their customers. Their mission lies in providing protection and peace of mind in places where people work, live and play. This is what they have showcased with their product; SentrySafe Depository, fire resistant and waterproof safe.

What you’re settling for with this product is a fire and waterproof safe that has been designed to withstand disaster, built to prevent theft and made durable to last you a very long time. This is everything that you could possibly ask for. Nonetheless, you will fall in love with it from the first time you lay your eyes on it. Its black finish is simple but classy.

This safe comes with an anti-fish hopper that prevents deposits and cash from being stolen. Its locking mechanism takes security to a top-notch level. The downside with this safe is that its handle and manual lock are constructed cheaply and are vulnerable to failure


  • Fire-resistant and waterproof
  • Simple and classy look
  • Anti-fish hopper for maximum security
  • Made durable to last you a long time


  • Cheap handle and manual lock

SereneLife DropBox Safe Box- Good for its Quick Setup

5 ereneLife DropBox Safe Box | Safes & Lock Boxes | Front Loading Safe Cash Vault Drop Lock | Safe Security Box | Digital Safe Box | Money Safe Box | Steel Alloy Drop Safe Includes Keys copy

If you’re in search of a wall design safe, then look no more. Your answer lies with SereneLife DropBox Safe Box. In its price range, none can be compared to this prodigy. This safe safely fits inside your already existing structure between wall studs. More reason why we love it, even more, is that it can be concealed behind bookshelves and portraits for discretion more easily.

The drilling process is quite simple, and you can do it yourself or acquire a pair of hands for assistance. After the drilling process, everything is in place for use. The safe comes with a motorized locking system which makes it impenetrable. Moreover, the space provided inside is enormous enough to fit in lots of personal and discrete belongings.

Other cool features are inclusive of its LED interior, finger sensor technology and quick setup. One con with this safe, however, lies with the keypad. It is vulnerable to failure, and so you might be forced to turn to the backup keys for primary usage.


  • Setting it up is quick and simple
  • Has an interior LED Light for easy access
  • Finger sensor technology added security
  • Ample interior space to store lots of items


  • The finger sensor technology is vulnerable to failure

SereneLife Drop Box Safe Box- Best Value for Money

6 SereneLife Drop Box Safe Box | Safes & Lock Boxes | Front Loading Safe Cash Vault Drop Lock | Safe Security Box | Digital Safe Box | Money Safe Box | Steel Alloy Drop Safe Includes Keys copy

What this safe brings to the table is an opulent interior, steel construction, waterproof and fire resistance, and affordable pricing. Its fire resistance property is the climax of the attraction. In case of fire incidents, your items are safe. It is pretty much like fire insurance. The safe is also waterproof, safeguarding your items from water.

Security is a top priority with this safe. It comes with finger sensor technology. Opening requires the user to input their thumb finger — all these features aimed at deterring criminals from breaking inside your safe. The safe comes with a keypad for the locking system and keys as a backup.

Inside, the safe’s interior is expansive and comes with adjustable shelves totalling to 2.1 cubic feet of storage capacity. Also, you will be glad to hear that the price slapped on this product is a reasonable one, and you won’t have to break your bank to own it. The security offered by this safe isn’t top-notch, unfortunately. You can easily open the safe using items such as a pen, making it incompetent.


  • Waterproof and resistant to fire
  • Available at an affordable price
  • Finger Sensor Technology


  • The safe can be accessed easily using items other than its key

SereneLife DropBox Safe Box | Safes & Lock Boxes- Best for Storing

7 SereneLife Safes And Lock Boxes - Digital Safe Box, Home Safe Box, Combination Safe Box, Steel Alloy Drop Safe copy

This safe is equipped with high-security finger sensor technology to ensure that your items’ protection is on top of the line. The storage office and home-friendly for jewellery, electronics and cash, among other valuables. The safe is constructed using steel that is resistant to scratch. It is also durable and will serve you for years to come.

The door of this safe is pry-resistant and comes with a deadbolt locking system. The protection associated with it is heavy duty and impenetrable unless you have access. Its interior comes with LED Light. This doesn’t only make it appealing to the eyes, but also comes in handy when you’re trying to access the safe at night.

If you thought that is everything associated with this safe, then you’re in for a rude shock. Protection doesn’t end there when it comes to SereneLife DropBox Safe. The safe comes with a keypad for its locking system. The only problem that we found with this safe is with its shipping. The safe might arrive with broken parts such as the clips. We feel that there is room for improvement here.


  • Finger Sensor Technology
  • Its steel construction is resistant to scratch
  • The door is pry-resistant


  • The safe may come with broken parts

BARSKA Standard Depository Keypad Safe- Best for Large Storage

8 BARSKA Standard Depository Keypad Safe copy

If you’re a homeowner looking to take the protection of your valuables to the next level, consider BARSKA Standard Depository Keypad Safe for Home or Office for a perfect job. This safe comes in a sleek, black and contemporary appearance that you will fall in love with right from the word go. Its construction is a clear indication of some work of art.

This safe comes with a digital keypad which can store up to two unique codes. There is also an option for Dual Pin Access. The safe comes with the lockout mode which locks itself automatically if the wrong pin has been input too many times. Its protection is top-notch, complemented by an elegance look of the safe. The storage provided with this safe is an ample one. Its interior incorporates concealed compartments, and shelf spaces to organize prized documents and essential possessions.

Hundreds of positive reviews from loyal customers are an indication of how competent and reliable this safe is. Every detail has been brought out for the best experience. There is room for improvement with this safe when it comes to its installation. The process can be very frustrating, forcing you to call in experts.


  • Cool and appealing appearance
  • Ample storage
  • Lock Out Mode


  • Installing it is difficult

Stealth Drop Safe DS2014

9 Stealth Drop Safe DS2014 Made in USA Depository Vault Cash Drop Security Storage copy

With so many options in the market nowadays, it is easy to find lots of cheap crap all over the internet. Incompetent products designed by unscrupulous manufacturers. This isn’t the case with the Stealth Drop Safe DS2014. This is a proudly made in USA product tailored to meet all your security functions. Trust this safe as much as you would with your bank.

This drop safe is compatible for uses in the office, gas stations, hotels, motels, restaurants, or any other business that handles cash, receipts and other valuable items. Coming at a whopping 84 pounds, this safe is heavier than most of its competitors. A good reason behind it is the enormous amount of steel used in its construction. Its steel construction adds strength and durability to it.

The locking system that comes with this safe is a high-security electronic lock. This lock has been approved and rated highly like other big names in the game. What’s even better is that it has been designed to last you years and years, at the same time doing a pretty good job at keeping thieves off.

For added security, this lock comes with anti-fish baffles and jagged teeth to prevent any cash or paperwork from being taken out. The security measures instilled in this safe are top-notch. When it comes to its design, we couldn’t ask for anything better.


  • Its security measures are top-notch
  • Made durable and robust courtesy of its steel construction
  • Comes with the high-security electronic lock
  • Proudly made in the USA


  • Slightly heavier due to its steel construction

Viking Security Small Drop Slot Safe

10 Viking Security Safe VS-25DBLX Depository Biometric Safe Fingerprint Safe Small Drop Slot Safe copy

What you’re settling for with this safe is a simple, small, lightweight and highly effective safe. This one here has been designed in the USA and made in China. This combo should tell you everything that you need to know about its quality. Its design incorporates laser cuts, a fully carpeted interior, integrated LED lights, black powder coating and seamless welding, all in a bid to boost its security.

This safe is constructed using steel, and this makes it super strong and durable. It comes it anti-fish to prevent cash and other paperwork from being taken out. Its door is 5 mm thin programmed to produce warning beeps whenever the door is left unlocked.

The locking system incorporated in this safe is the digital keypad LCD. It has two anti-pry slots on top of having a display screen for the status of the battery. On top of the keypad, the safe also comes with an optical biometric fingerprint sensor which opens within no time. It is easy to operate and highly effective. This is the drop safe to buy for top-notch security.


  • Keypad and fingerprint sensors locking systems
  • Designed in the USA and made in China
  • Top-notch security
  • A programmable door that beeps whenever the door is left unlocked


  • No cons found

Viking Security Safe VS–40DS Depository Safe Keypad

11 Viking Security Safe VS--40DS Depository Safe Keypad copy

When the name Viking is mentioned, what comes to mind is aggressiveness. Yes, this is also true with this safe; an aggressive product with unique and great features that ensure your valuables are safe at all times. A lot is in store with this safe. For starters, this safe comes with a motorized locking system. This system incorporates a 5mm door, a seamless laser cut, an override key and hinges among others. All these are in place to ensure that your valuables remain in contact.

Secondly, this safe is compatible for use in the office, at home, in restaurants, stores, gas stations and other business locations. The customer service related to this product is entirely satisfactory to ensure that you go home with an efficient product that you are comfortable using.

Other features put in place for added security of this safe include an anti-fish design that comes with robust steel bodies, jagged teeth and pry-resistant. Nothing will get in the way of the safety of your valuables with this safe.


  • Motorized locking system
  • It is pry-resistant
  • Highly versatile


  • The keypad is susceptible to failure

Templeton Standard Depository Safe

12 Templeton Standard Depository Safe - Electronic Keypad Combination & Key Backup copy

The first thing to mention about this safe is that it comes with a digital combination lock which allows for up to six different users. This, thus, makes it great for small business and office use that may require different key holders. Each person who needs access gets their codes.

Secondly, you will fall in love with it right from the word go. This safe is sleek and has a matte black finish that is appealing to the eye.

Coming to its construction, this safe is made durable and long-lasting to beat the test of time. Its construction includes heavy steel with an anti-fish drawer which secures it against tampering. Moreover, the safe also comes with a triple bolt locking mechanism.

Storage isn’t an issue with this product. The space provided with this safe is a generous one which allows you to store cash deposits, large bills and other valuables. Its drop drawer makes it easier for depositing items without having to access other contents.


  • Stylish and appealing to the eye
  • Provides ample storage space
  • Made strong and durable


  • The keypad is susceptible to failure

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How to Choose the Best Drop Slot Safes

Before settling on the best slot safes that the market has to offer, we first look at how to choose the best safes. There are factors that you need to consider before making your purchase. They will assist you in determining what type of safe to settle for.


Among the list of the many considerations to factor in when making your safe purchase is the design. Many safes come as simple boxes, but others are more than this, incorporating shelves in their design. Other more complex shelves even come with two or three secure areas, with each of these coming with a separate key lock. This is separate from the drop safe section.

An advantage with this kind of design is that it allows other people to access only some parts of the safe but limiting them from others. Moreover, the extra-secured areas are versatile and come constructed in different manners. Some might be stuck like a file cabinet, while others side by side or vertically. There is a rare type of safes which come in drum shapes (drum safes) where you drop the top or bottom of your items into the safe.

The openings of safes come in different models. Some are thin with a simple slot while others are wide like an envelope. The opening can also be like a door to allow for large objects to go past them. For this reason, you must have in mind the type of items that you’ll be storing before settling for the type of slots for your safe.

How to Choose the Best Drop Slot Safes

Locking method

It will be true to state that the type of locking system your safe comes with, dictates how secure your items are. There are different types of locking methods incorporate in different safes, as discussed below.


This is the simplest and most common locking systems that safes come with. It is, especially most common, with the wall safes. With the keys, only authorized personnel have access to them. Also, some models come with twin keys, and both of them have to be used to open the safe, like the safety deposit box. One limitation with the keys is that they are vulnerable to getting lost, not to mention that they limit the number of people who can access the safe unless you make numerous key cuts.


Second, the list is the keypad. Here, you press in codes to access the safe. Two limitations are associated with this locking system. First, forgetting the code is easy. This wouldn’t be a significant problem if another person knows the code combination, but could be very problematic in dire situations or when the other person isn’t available.

Secondly, in organizations where numerous people have access to the code, there is a need to change the code in case someone leaves the company. This isn’t much of a big problem but can be frustrating.


We love this type because it is one of the most secure. The problems associated with the other types of the locking system are addressed with this one. Here, a fingerprint scanner is used. The number of people whose fingerprints can be scanned and accommodated in the system isn’t limited and can be as many as necessary. Most of the safes, however, carry a maximum of 30 people, which is still a vast number.

In an organization, in case one leaves the company, unlike the keypad where the code needs to be changed and inconveniences everyone, their fingerprints are deleted from the biometric type. Please note that only authorized personnel can make the changes and require a pin code to do so.

Of the three, types the key is the most common, but the biometric is the safest. Also, there are keys in keypads and biometrics as backups in case of any problems.

Locking method - key keypad - biometric

Slot Safe Prices

Now to something that everyone must consider, the price of the safe. It has to be within your budget. You don’t want to settle for something that will cause a huger dent in your pocket than you expected. In terms of the price range, we have three options: cheap, mid-range and expensive ones.


These are the most affordable safes the market has to offer. Their prices range anywhere between 75$ and 100$. There are many types of safes found in this price range. Most of them use keys for the locking system and keypads but on rare occasions. These safes are constructed using pressed keypads and aren’t the most robust options available.


To own safes in this price range, you will have to part with between 100$ and 400$. They are larger and more robust as compared to the cheap options. Most of them are operated using keypads and biometric on rare occasions, especially those at the higher side of the price range.


To own the best, you have to part with huge sums. These types of safes cost up to 1000$ and more. They are the largest and the safest. They are designed using thick steel, which can be translated to them being impenetrable.


We have come to the end of our review. We are sure that we’ve stayed true to our course and provided you with an in-depth review of the simplest possible language for you to understand. With an array of products in the market nowadays, settling for the right one can be a daunting task. That is why we went out of our way and took the extra step to provide you with this review.

The advantage of having so many products is that the price is regulated. However, the quality is also compromised. For this reason, you have to be extra careful with what you settle for. Our list contains the best in the game. These are products from trusted brands that have been in the game for long. One common thing with all our product is that they are designed durable and long-lasting to serve you a very long time.

The price for the best overall product goes to Paragon Drop Slot Safe. Second to it is SentrySafe Security Safe. Finally, the best value for money product is the Templeton drop slot Safe. You don’t have to dig deep into your pocket to own it.

We have done our part, and now the ball rests in your court. Do not forget our buying guide on how to select the best safes. Remember, there is no wrong choice. It all lies with your needs and preferences.

Best Drop Slot Safe
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