Will Military Movers Move Gun Safe? Things to know

When you’re moving to a new home, it can be tough figuring out how to move all of your belongings.

One thing that might not come immediately to mind is how you will protect your gun safe, especially if you live in California or another state where gun laws are strict. This means that you’ll need to find a way to make the journey of transporting your belongings safely and legally.

In this case, you possibly think of military movers because of their credibility, but wondering will military movers move gun safe? Let’s scroll down to down for the answers and other relevant information!

The gun safe.

Will military movers move gun safe?

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Will Military Movers Move Gun Safe?

Military moving companies can help you move your items if they aren’t on the list of prohibited firearms. These prohibited items include machine guns, semi-automatic assault weapons, and short-barrel shotguns!

Also, they can help you with personal firearms, antique firearms, surplus military firearms, and conventional firearms moving; just make sure that you have all the valid and legal permission or license.

Be mindful that the movers are not allowed to ship any type of ammunition!

It is vital to gather all of your documents in advance and make sure the guns are unloaded before entrusting them to the moving company. However, please be aware that there are also potential risks coming up the service, as you can not avoid the risk of missing valuable items during the shipping process.

You must grasp all the gun laws!

You must grasp all the gun laws!

If you’re moving across state lines, your firearms must be properly secured and identified. You cannot just claim “my missing firearm” as the movers will say nothing more than: “We don’t know what’s happening with this move right now.” Firearms must have a valid registration certificate for them not to be considered lost or theft!

Based on the law, you must contact the commander, the military’s Transportation Command (TRANSCOM), the company’s investigative service that monitors the military moves once you recognize the missing of your gun.

What To Prepare Before Letting Military Movers Move Your Gun Safe?

Here are some tips and notices that you must bear in mind before letting military movers move your gun safe!

Remove All Items From Your Safe Beforehand

The first and most important step in protecting your valuables and ensuring they’re safe during transport is to remove all items from your safe before getting them into any vehicle! Keeping each item separately during transport helps prevent damage from shifting around.

Make sure you unload your guns!

Make sure you unload your guns!

Prep Your Gun Safe With Wrappings

In case you prefer to preserve the gun safe by yourself, utilize that bubble wrap to protect your guns separately in front of the eyewitness of the company mover. Otherwise, you can choose to put them in separate cases and ensure that you have double-locked all of them!

Make sure that the movers list all serial numbers on your move, and take a photo of them with their phones or cameras so you can easily identify the location of each. Do not forget to check the wrapping condition of the gun safe before the mover starts moving it! Also, make certain to check for any required state licenses before loading up!

Check your gun carefully before hanging it to the mover!

Check your gun carefully before hanging it to the mover!

After the mover has finished their duty of moving the items to the destination, remember to check them carefully for any damages. If you inspect any damage caused by the shipping, take pictures and contact the company immediately!

What Are Gun Safe Military Moving Tips?

It is essential to make sure your gun safes are safe during transport. We recommend that you follow these tips:

  • Prepare all the necessary licenses or documents regarding guns to show the authorities or the movers if they require them at any time!
  • Make sure that you understand and agree with all the policies of the mover company in terms of insurance options and transportation. When you need to move quickly and efficiently, call ahead for a quote. The best way is always to go through an established company that knows how to get it done quickly with professional staff on-site!
  • Keep in mind that you must move the ammunition from the box and transport it separately by yourself! Based on the law, movers are not allowed to transport combustible items.
  • Make sure that you unload all the rifles and pistols and rifles.

Can you change the combination on a Field and Stream gun safe?

Gun safe.

Why Should You Hire Military Movers To Move Your Gun Safe? 

The process of moving a gun safe is different from the typical move. Although your friends may think they’re helping out by lending their assistance in getting the job done right- chances are that somewhere down the line (as well as after)!

Apart from proper equipment, it demands specific skills, techniques, and enough strength! Hence, this is also why a military mover is the best option regarding gun safe moving!

Hiring professional movers is always a smart idea, as they have the experience and know-how to get your gun safe up those tricky stairs or through tight doorways.

It’s no easy task! If you don’t feel confident enough for this on your own, then call military moving professionals. They will be happy to give a quote whether you want to move your safe or your house.

Why should you hire military movers

Why should you hire military movers?

Hiring professionals carrying out such tasks can give you peace of mind. Also, these movers bring their own equipment, this will save you a great deal of time, money, and effort!

Imagine how much damage it would cause if you let your inexperienced friends or yourselves be involved in the task without the help of professionals. It could even lead to fatal injuries!

Frequently Asked Questions

If my gun safe is small, can I move it by myself?

You can both choose to seek help from the military company or move all the stuff by yourself (PPM) if your rented trailer or car has enough space.

Regardless of the moving method, you all need to head to the DPS or transportation office to sign up your information on Move.mil in order to get reimbursed.

In case there is still no response from the office, send them an email! Some offices possibly won’t answer your phones, but you still can reach them to get your paperwork via email.

Are there any tips for short-distance moves?

In fact, it is possible to receive the door-to-door transport service if the whole process happens and finishes within one day. The decision is all up to you, as you can choose the Personally Procured Move (PPM) as we’ve mentioned above. You can take the duration of the transportation and the level of control into consideration before making a decision.

Is There A Special Process To Move Gun Safes?

Of course, you can! When you navigate through the online move scheduling system, certain questions require special attention. Be sure to include as much detail and information during your pre-move survey so a military mover can come prepared for these requests/needs in advance!

Last Word

So, will military movers move gun safe? Yes, indeed!

Moving a gun safe is not something that should be taken lightly. You want to make sure you’ve done all of your research and preparations before letting military movers move it for you.

In case you want to seek help from a military movers company, A2B Military Movers with years of experience in the industry can guarantee your safety and peace of mind. At the same time, they take care of moving your gun safe!


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