How Much Does It Cost To Move A Gun Safe? Things to know

How Much Does It Cost To Move A Gun Safe_
How Much Does It Cost To Move A Gun Safe?

A gun safe is necessary to store firearms in a protected area, far away from the reach of children and intruders. There are times that you will not have to worry about moving your gun safe from your home to a new place. But what happens if you have to move away?

And in that case, how much does it cost to move a gun safe? We will find out together in this post. Get yourself ready, and let’s go.

How Much Does It Cost To Move A Gun Safe?

The cost of the safe transfer might range from $170 to $550 on average. Based on the place you reside and where you want to travel, as well as the weight and dimensions of the safes, the expense of carrying 8500 lbs to 9500 lbs securely might mount to $4900, incorporating additional charges for safe moving special equipment. Several operators don’t charge extra for the extra tools.

How Much Does It Cost To Move A Gun Safe

The Cost Varies To Move Gun Safe

What Does The Gun Safe Delivery Cost Include?

Standard Delivery Fee 

How much to move a gun safe follows the standard delivery fee, often consisting of:

  • Over three delivery persons
  • Dedicated delivery vehicles
  • Special transportation and assembly equipment for biometric gun safes.
  • Insurance coverage to protect your home from potential harm
  • Tolls on the highway
  • The length of time required to finish the shipment

Custom Delivery Fee

We understand that not all shipments fall under the category of standard delivery. To decide how much does it cost to have a gun safe move, some other factors count:

  • Several floors
  • Small turns
  • Doors, Railings, panels, and possessions displacement
  • The distance between you and the delivery location
  • Other difficulties of the motion include walking across grass, dirt, or slick terrain.

Because relocating your gun safe is a specialist relocation, you should choose skilled and experienced country removalists who have the appropriate tools and knowledge to assist you in getting the safe from your house to your desired location.

  Houses With Several Floors Charge Cost Higher

Houses With Several Floors Charge Cost Higher

What Factors Affect Pricing?

Several factors are deciding the rates of transportation services. Let’s take a look at some of them.

Weight and dimension of the safe

The size of your safe is, of fact, the first factor that influences the cost of service. And the more you spend for delivery, the bigger the gun safe is, and vice versa. This is because larger safes need more costly equipment and staff.

The majority of movers divide it into levels. Tier one, for instance, might be for safes weighing within 100 and 700 pounds. Tier two includes those weighing 701-900 pounds. Tier three might range from 901 to 1200 pounds. Tier four would be for the huge boys—those weighing more than 1200 pounds.

Distance of delivery

The expense of a safe shipment is affected by where you reside. Some firms charge by distance, so the farther you live from the desired location, the more you have to spend. The majority of them include a range in their cost.

For instance, they might not bill you anything more if you reside around 25 miles from their place, but you probably have to spend an extra amount for each mile beyond that radius.

Long-distance Location Increases Cost For Shipment

Long-distance Location Increases Cost For Shipment

Where the safe will be put at home

Size isn’t the only feature to take, but it leads to the second point: where will you store the safe?

It can cost extra if the safe removalists have to carry your brand-new safe up and down some stairs. Most reputable movers will divide this into categories as well. Most companies charge one fee for curb and garage service, another fee for main floor shipment, and yet another fee if you get your safe transported down or up staircases.

These are the primary elements that will influence the shipment of your under $500 gun safe. However, there are a few additional considerations you should make. It will cost more when the carriers have to transport your safe through mud, rocks, or any unusual surface.

Some businesses may charge you an extra price if you want your safe bolted to the floor. Certain companies won’t unpack your safe for a garage shipment, and then you’ll have to do it yourself. It’s advisable to contact beforehand and inquire about the details of charges included in the safe delivery.

What Do You Need To Provide To Schedule Your Gun Safe Delivery?

You must organize and offer as much detail as possible when scheduling your transfer with a transport company. This will ensure a smooth transition and enable the firm to provide you with the best and most accurate quote possible.

The more direct you are with the information required, the more quickly and smoothly the gun safe will be delivered. Furthermore, this will eliminate any unexpected expenses that may arise during shipment.

Send Your Location Info To Moving Company For Accurate Quote

Send Your Location Info To Moving Company For Accurate Quote

For your relocation, send the required photographs and information:

  • At your house, take photos of the entry.
  • Gates through which the vehicle will go with the safe
  • Doors or corridors that movers must cross through
  • The ultimate site for placement

For providing instructions, try to mention the precise location and particular facts as detailed as possible:

  • Room on the second floor with 4-5 stairs up
  • Stairs in a garage with three steps
  • The basement with 6-7 stairs, and so on.

How To Move A Gun Safe Individually?

Here are the important tips and tricks to apply when you are intended to relocate your gun safe.

Empty your gun safe before transporting it

The first and most important guideline to remember while transferring your safe is that it should never be moved while it is full. Unloading your safe is one technique to ensure that your weapons are not destroyed while being transported from one location to another, resulting in higher repair costs.

Additionally, do not transport loaded firearms. This is a no-brainer tip; don’t attempt it, and don’t take any chances. Since you never know what may occur to humans while transferring the safe from one location to another.

Take off obstacles

Remove any obstructions that are preventing you from relocating your safe. Door frames, narrow corridors, and stairwells are just a few of the major difficulties that can be encountered. These barriers must be overcome for you to relocate your safe without causing harm to it.

Even if it might be difficult at times, you can remove the hurdles with the appropriate knowledge and tools. Special tools, like stair-climbing dollies, may help make the task go more smoothly.

Measure the size of your gun safe to figure out how much room you’ll need to transport the safe past these barriers. Furthermore, plan your route before your moving company comes, and make sure you picture a route in mind once you travel at your location.

Measure Gun Safe To Plan For The Space Needed For The Safe

Measure Gun Safe To Plan For The Space Needed For The Safe

Be technical about the move.

Make all of the required preparations to keep your safe protected. If you’re doing it personally, plan out the direction your safe will take, remove any obstructions, and make sure you have the necessary tools.

If you’re employing an expert mover, bring them inside for an internal assessment then they can see precisely what the relocation will encompass. Hence, they can make technical arrangements to guarantee your safe is relocated safely without causing any harm or injury to the individuals engaged.

Secure your gun safe before moving

To protect your firearms safe from sliding off the dolly while being in transportation from the home to the vehicle and while unloading and bringing them inside the new place, you can utilize straps. Make sure the safe’s lock is securely closed.

The Final Verdict

Hopefully, this post has provided you with everything you need to know about “how much does it cost to move a gun safe?”

Normally, moving a firearm safe costs you from 100 bucks to thousands of dollars, depending on the size of the safe and the ease of transportation.


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