Will Movers Move A Gun Safe? Things you should know

Packing up all your belongings to move can be a huge undertaking. It’s even more stressful when you have a big-sized gun safe in the mix. You should now be asking, will movers move a gun safe for you? 

Just keep on reading! This blog post will give you a well-rounded answer to this question and some pointers on how best to safely and legally transport your gun safe.

Will Movers Move A Gun Safe?

The answer is yes. Almost all moving companies will transport gun safes provided that there’s nothing flammable or explosive inside. To be more specific, ammo and explosives will need separate transportation and cannot be stored in a moving truck at any time. This means you will pack your gunpowder, ammo, and C4 and load them onto your vehicle.

Will a moving company move a gun safe

Will a moving company move a gun safe?

Whenever you plan to move to a new city or state, packing up all of your belongings should be the top priority on the list. Hiring a moving company is almost done in most cases, but things now get more complicated because you own tons of firearms and ammunition. In order to cast light on this, let’s continue to discuss it in detail below.

When Can Movers Move Your Gun Safe?

The nature of the items will determine whether the companies can legally move them. This section will explain how they deal with ammo, guns, and gun safes.

Moving Ammunition

As for the dangerous nature of gunpowder, moving live ammunition is such a big deal that most companies will deny transporting it for you. It means you will have to move it on your own, though this work requires extreme caution.

Moving ammo requires extreme caution.

Moving ammo requires extreme caution.

Moving Guns

Though moving companies can’t help with ammo, unloaded guns are another different story. In case you have too many firearms to move, then this isn’t an issue.

As no law limits moving unloaded guns, most movers will be eager to do this job for you. Before hiring, you should check if they have experience with firearms and gun handling.

Moving Gun Safes

You can hire a moving company to help you move the gun safe, but it’s important that they have dealt with this type of job before. Usually, a gun safe is much larger and bulkier than regular ones, and it can weigh up to half a ton. For that reason, you should choose a reliable mover who will take good care when transporting your heavy and delicate piece!

Why Should You Let Movers Move A Gun Safe?

A professional gun safe mover will be able to deliver and install your gun safe. This means they can carry them in for you and secure the space where it is placed so that no one can gain access or even try.

A gun safe isn’t a purchase that you make very often, so, likely, you haven’t moved one before. If you try carrying out such tasks solo without any previous experience doing so, the damage could occur, which would be costly and inconvenient for everyone involved.

On the other hand, an experienced team of gun safe movers does this all the time, and they know how to get the safe into your home undamaged. This includes disassembling doors before moving any of your larger pieces, too. Still, having them do their job isn’t where it ends-in fact, there are many other valuable services included in their package deal!

When moving a heavy and bulky gun safe, you will need some specialized moving equipment. Yet, professionals will have everything they need to get the job done, including padded blankets, felt pads, and of course, an Ultra-lift motorized hand truck. With such preparation, both your safe and home’s flooring will not get scratched or damaged during transit.

If you choose to take the risk of doing this job on your own, any damage that may occur is completely at your expense. However, a professional gun safe mover ensures all their clients’ safes with insurance in case something goes wrong during transit or while it’s brought inside the home.

How Movers Move A Gun Safe?

You’re probably wondering how professional movers move a gun safe. It’s time to discover the details!

How Movers Move A Gun Safe

How Movers Move A Gun Safe?

Inspect Gun Damage

In the beginning, the movers will inspect your gun safe to make sure that they don’t create any scratch or dent in your valuables. This step is important because it lets both parties compare how clean and undamaged the safe is before and after moving!

Next, they will lift your gun safe and move it to a larger room of your house, where there is enough space to lay down. The movers will remove the doors and handles at this point, cover them up in plastic and blankets. That’s when they need the gun safe combination for smooth removal.

Transport Your Gun Safe

Alright, now that your gun safe is ready to go. With some help from a moving dolly, three pro movers can push it into the truck.

If your safe weighs right around 600 lbs, you can ask for a moving truck with a lift gate. The movers now will use an electric four-wheel dolly to push the safe on the lift, press the button, and arrange it so that it fits well in the truck. This way would make it easier to load up the safe.

The best way to avoid any confusion about where you want your safe is by confirming it prior to moving day. That way, when movers arrive at your new place, they can quickly set up a thick piece of Masonite and blankets and roll the safe directly into its final destination!

Transport Your Gun Safe

Transport Your Gun Safe

Preparation Guide To Moving A Gun Safe

No matter if you choose to move the safe yourself or hire a moving company, we’ve got some preparation guides for you before moving a gun safe.

Empty Your Gun Safe Before Moving It

When you move your gun safe, always make sure it is empty. Unloading will prevent damage and save money in repairs, so don’t forget to do this before transporting the unit from one place to another!

After that, you should ensure that you place them in an area with no moisture. As an extra precaution, consider putting some moisture-absorbing packets in your boxes.

Next, grab a marker and label all boxes with the types of ammo inside. This will help you later when unpacking all your goodies!

Keep in mind that never transport your gun safe with a loaded weapon inside. This is both dangerous for the environment and yourself as you can never be sure of what will happen when moving it from one place to another.

Now remove all ammo and switch the safety on. Also, you should pay attention when securing your guns. If it’s not loaded, you ought to treat it carefully and make sure it doesn’t point at anyone.

Lastly, write down the model and the serial number of your guns. This information is essential for you, especially when hiring a moving company.

Empty your gun safe before moving

Empty your gun safe before moving

Find Out The Weight Of Your Gun Safe

When you plan to move your gun safe, one of the first things you should do is measure its weight. This will help you determine how well to handle it and how many people are needed for the move.

Do not try weighing it yourself; just find out what model or brand of gun safe yours and look it up on the Internet.

If your gun safe weighs more than 600 pounds, we would recommend you hire professional services. They will have experience and equipment to help you move it safely.


When it comes to moving a gun safe, you want the peace of mind that your guns and valuables will be taken care of. So, will movers move a gun safe for you? Yes, almost all companies are willing to transport firearms as long as they aren’t flammable or explosive.

Make sure that you’ve had careful research before hiring, as a reliable moving company will ensure your potential move goes smoothly!


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