Effective Tips to Protect Your Firearms During the Winter

Effective Tips to Protect Your Firearms During the Winter 

As a licensed firearms holder, maintaining them during the winter season can be quite problematic if you do not know efficient protection techniques.

Effective Tips to Protect Your Firearms During the Winter

Remove Foam Casings 

When you steal your firearms in a storage case with an inner foam lining, corrosion is bound to happen. The foam will attract and absorb water from the atmosphere in large quantities. Consequently, the water will trigger the rusting process on the gun surfaces, gradually developing over time.

Instead, you can use the appropriate gun sack holders or storage bags to store your guns. As long as the gun holder has anti-rusting properties, your gun will remain in top shape even when temperatures continue to fall during winter and more moisture content is present in the atmosphere.

It would be best if you also steered clear away from a cardboard gun storage box and the original storage box that came with the gun. Animal casings are also not advisable as they attract more moisture than average and will initiate rusting.

Clean the Bore

At the onset of the winter season, it is essential to clean your firearms effectively to remove any solvent that may have lodged in between the bore. The essence is to eliminate the risk of corrosion, which increases during the winter season.

You can also analyze your firearm to detect any irregular wear and tear on the surface, which may worsen during the season. As a precautionary measure, you can replace the barrel or tie with a masking tape over the firearm muzzle to enhance the crown’s longevity.

After the process, it is advisable to apply lubrication to form a coating that acts as an intermediary between the gun surface and the atmosphere.

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Use Surface Protectant

For firearms with a metal surface, corruption is imminent, especially during the winter season. However, you can incorporate the application of surface protectants on metal surfaces on your firearms. Also, ensure to apply the hard to reach areas which are also prone to corrosion.

During the application, it is advisable to wear latex gloves to prevent your skin from contacting the gun surface. The protection is a two-way enhancement where you eliminate the risk of coming into contact with any physical or chemical abrasive present in the anti-corrosion protectors, which may damage your skin.

On the other hand, you also prevent the transfer of any oils present in your skin, triggering corrosion on the gun surface.

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Maintain Your Home Temperatures

During the winter season, it is normal to experience cold temperatures. However, you can also regulate your home temperature to have a warm and conducive environment, convenient for you and your family members and your household belongings. In maintaining your home temperature, you can adopt curtain sheers, helping keep your home warmer. 

You can also seal off any holes and leaks in your windows and doors, which may enhance more cold airflow than average into your home. When it increases, your house becomes cold, and condensation leading to rusting on your guns is imminent. On the other hand, when you have a functional and reliable heating and air conditioning system for your home, it will regulate the temperature and humidity levels. Consequently, no condensation will take place, which may result in rusting.

You can also incorporate the use of a programmable thermostat and a power backup generator to regulate your home temperature and humid levels. It will ensure you use the appropriate setting with the timing in mind.

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Remove All Residue

After using your firearms, it is essential to disassemble the guns in the best way possible before cleaning. It will ensure you get rid of all the residue and fingerprints which accumulate on the gun over time, diminishing its quality and decreasing its longevity. Any residual such as copper and lead tend to attract more moisture than the typical range, which will settle on your gun, causing it to rust. Additionally, it is vital to use a cleaning adhesive without ammonia content to keep your firearms dry.

Also, remember to apply the wood surface with high-quality wax treatment. When it is wet during the winter season, the wood surface tends to swell and even crack eventually with excessive moisture absorption.

Effective Tips to Protect Your Firearms During the Winter - Remove All Residue

The Storage Area

Apart from regulating your atmospheric temperature and humid levels and ensuring your gun is in top-notch shape, it is also essential to prepare the appropriate storage area. Lacking a functional and efficient storage area may result in the rust of your firearms even when you had other precautionary measures in place. For instance, you can use a gun safely secured by a key, password code, or even restricted fingerprint access.

The inner lining is efficient to eliminate any dirt and moisture seeping into the gun. Additionally, you may also use again sock with silicone treatment, which eliminates moisture absorption. When storing your guns, kindly ensure the barrel faces downwards to avoid oil transfer to other gun parts, which may develop a corrosion reaction.

You may also modify your trigger pull for the winter season as a heavier variation of the standard. It ensures you will not experience any accidental firing, which may endanger you or others. Additionally, you can also use a high-quality synthetic lubricant to prevent any potential misfire while maintaining your gun’s lubrication ready for firing and minimizing corrosion risk.

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Gun Dehumidifier 

A gun dehumidifier works by regulating conducive atmospheric temperature in your gun safe. The equipment will draw away moisture from the air, which may condense the gun surface, triggering a corrosion reaction. Additionally, you can also remove your trigger assembly from the gun as it may contain oil, which can corrode the gun surface metal when constant for long.

When you remove your gun from a safe, relatively manageable, and warm area, condensation will occur on the cold surface metal. Consequently, rusting will gradually start developing from the inside surface and outside surface, too, diminishing your gun’s physical appeal and functional effectiveness.

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Furthermore, it is also essential to ensure that you keep your hands warm during the winter season to prevent them from becoming numb, which will reduce your ability to aim and shoot correctly. Nevertheless, when protecting your firearms against depreciating due to moisture and rust reaction, your safety and those around you takes precedence.



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