Which Dolly is Ideal for Safely Moving a Gun Safe?

What kind of dolly to move a gun safe, you wonder? A brief understanding of some types of dolly would help you with making a wise decision.

Fortunately, we have just the blog post you need! Check out right now for more information about the different types of dolly, as well as guidelines and some caution when using a dolly to move a gun safe to find one that will work best for your demand.

A dolly would benefit your safe delivery process.

A dolly would benefit your safe delivery process.

TitleWhat Kind Of Dolly To Move A Gun Safe? Find Out The Answer!
AuthorLisa J Thompson
What Kind Of Dolly To Move A Gun SafeRecommends using a dolly with a platform on wheels to move gun safes and discusses various types of dollies.
Furniture DollyDescribes the furniture dolly and its features, suitable for moving large furniture but not recommended for stairs.
Utility Dolly Or Hand TruckExplains the utility dolly or hand truck, versatile for heavy items with straps and rubber tires, suitable for stairs.
Stair-Climbing Hand TruckDetails the stair-climbing hand truck, designed for stairs with unique wheel configurations.
Appliance DollyDiscusses the appliance dolly, suitable for heavy appliances and gun safes, with sturdy nylon straps.
Hydraulic Safe DollyHighlights the hydraulic safe dolly with a high weight capacity, provides lifting assistance.
Electric DollyIntroduces the electric-powered stair climber dolly with automatic braking and folding handle.
How To Move A Gun Safe With The DollyProvides step-by-step instructions for moving a gun safe using a dolly.
Caution When Moving A Gun SafeOffers cautions and safety tips for moving a gun safe with a dolly, including protecting floors and walls.

What Kind Of Dolly To Move A Gun Safe?

To move a gun safe, you will need a specialized dolly designed for the task. One commonly used dolly for this purpose is the Anderson Gun Safe Dolly, which is a hand truck capable of moving solid objects weighing up to 1,600 pounds. To use it, you place one dolly on each side of the gun safe, attach the ratchets to the hooks, tighten the ratchets, and then your gun safe effectively gains wheels for easier movement. This type of dolly is equipped to handle the weight and size of a gun safe safely and efficiently.

Other options include heavy-duty two-wheel dollies with a high weight capacity, hydraulic dollies designed for cabinet-shaped loads like gun safes, and specialized stair-climbing dollies for moving gun safes upstairs. The choice of dolly will depend on the specific size and weight of your gun safe, as well as the terrain and obstacles you may encounter during the move.

The best way to move your gun safe is with a dolly with a platform on wheels. There are types of these that serve specific purposes while all have one thing in common: you lift the piece onto it then secure it into place. Plus, there is no heavy lifting required as everything gets pushed by gravity.

So, if this sounds right for you, keep on reading to find your perfect match among various types.

Furniture Dolly

The furniture dolly is a flat, simple-looking tool that we use to move and maneuver large pieces of furniture.

This kind of dolly is made out of wood or steel with four swiveling wheels. This design makes for easy movement when loading in somewhere you do not have much space available. All one needs to do now is give their load some push – no handles necessary!

A furniture dolly is a perfect choice for moving large furniture. It has a tight turning radius and padded edges to protect your cherished belongings, making it easy to navigate in places like elevators or stairs with ease.

The only drawback would be that you can not use this on stairs.

Utility Dolly Or Hand Truck

Being a small and versatile tool, it is so convenient that you can easily pull it under your item for storage or transportation.

A red hand truck on 4 wheels 

A red hand truck on 4 wheels 

When you need to lift something heavy with ease, the lower shelf portion slides out from underneath while keeping it balanced on two wheels. Therefore, there is no risk of falling over.

Your hand cart can carry up to 600 lbs. The best part is that its large rubber tires will leave no scratches on your floors. It also comes with straps for you to tighten your safe onto the frame. So, it is so easy to utilize even when you are going up or down ramps.

The utility Dolly may decrease your working time by 50%.

Stair-Climbing Hand Truck

A stair-climbing hand truck is a type of material handling device to climb up and downstairs.

A stair-climbing hand truck

A stair-climbing hand truck

They feature an L-shaped frame with handles and wheels with unique configurations, setting them apart from traditional ones. Instead of having two driving front axles as most other all-hand trucks do, these have six at the bottom.

Stair-climbing hand trucks with tri-star wheels are the best for climbing stairs. These sturdy tools have two sets of three-wheel designs, which make them easier to move up and down steep flights of stairs than their traditional counterparts.

Appliance Dolly

This kind of dolly is perfect for moving heavy appliances, including gun safes.

An appliance dolly has sturdy nylon straps that can securely hold the appliance. Also, its rub rails further protect its finish.

If you’re a safety freak, the locking mechanism with auto-recoil or a tightening handle can relieve your anxiety.

With a weight capacity of 700 lbs., this 2-wheel dolly is perfect for moving large household items. It rolls upstairs and downstairs easily, allowing us to take our appliance anywhere safely and conveniently.

Can you move a gun safe with an appliance dolly?

Hydraulic Safe Dolly

One of the best ways to move a safe is with a hydraulic dolly. The weight capacity reaches 3950 lbs. It includes a built-in track that makes lifting easy for you.

However, first, make sure that you have removed all heavy contents inside before use. You should ask for help to put the safe onto the dolly and hold it steadily on the transition because it might cause injury if someone or something gets in its way as they fall over while being transported.

Electric Dolly

The electric-powered stair climber is a durable steel frame that provides the user with assistance in lifting and maneuvering operations. It offers support for its load as it guides them up or downstairs, allowing fast transitions between steps while minimizing effort on your part.

An electric dolly has many benefits, such as an automatic braking system that helps to stop and start at will. When not in use, a convenient folding handle contributes to easy storage.

Moreover, with the help of a sliding clutch, there is no chance that mechanical overload might occur while operating this device.

How To Move A Gun Safe With The Dolly?

Now that you’ve learned all the dollies available for your moving process, it’s time to look at the steps needed to know which dolly would best fit your gun safe and house!

  • Step 1: Place the gun safe on the dolly.

Securely strap a rope around your gun safe, and wrap it with blankets. Then, slightly tilt your safe and slide your dolly underneath the safe. Once the dolly is in place, have your helpers hold the safe and tilt back your dolly.

  • Step 2: Check the stability of the dolly to carry your gun safe.

Don’t let the safe’s weight heavily affected any particular part of the dolly. It’s best to let all parts be evenly affected so that no accidents or injuries would arise.

  • Step 3: Move the dolly.

Carefully and slowly guide the dolly along narrow gaps or bumps to prevent dislodging your safe. You may want help from others when you’re in tight places to assist with providing extra leverage if needed.

  • Step 4: Remove the security strap from the safe.

When you have reached your destination, make sure to remove the security strap from around the safe. Slide it out slowly so as not to damage its exterior. Remember that this will be heavy.

Now your dolly is ready to move. (2)

Now your dolly is ready to move.

Caution When Moving A Gun Safe With A Dolly 

Even if you’ve mastered all the steps above, there’re still some cautions to consider before jumping into the job.

Check The Capability Of The Dolly

It’s important that you know your safe’s dimensions and weight as this will determine which type of dolly is right for moving it – one that can withstand an enormous load from large objects.

Consult the documentation or look up online features, make sure you have the information about the model numbers, then everything should be OK.

Protect The Floors And The Walls

Now is the time to cover all tight spaces that your safe will need while you’re taking it out with a tarp. Cover doorways, corners, and walls just in case. Make sure there are no furniture pieces nearby so as not to damage them too if it passes by them on its trip to be moved truck-side.

For more protection, you can place old rugs or large thick cardboard sheets on the floors. The idea is that these items would ease the impact, also minimize any possible damage if your safe accidentally falls off its dolly onto a hard surface.

Consider protecting the floors by placing large sheets of thick cardboard.

Consider protecting the floors by placing large sheets of thick cardboard.

The very troublesome issues when moving your safe using a dolly are the tight corners. Stay calm and proceed slowly, take one step each time.

To carry out the job safely, position yourself wider than normal by putting out more space with an L-shaped lever that extends outward from both sides of where you are standing or sitting. Make sure not too far away as this will cause strain on someone’s arm if they are trying their best to hold up all those pounds.

Moving a safe requires skill and power. The hardest part is to move it downstairs when you get it out of your old residence or upstairs into your new address.

It is best not to take risks with such heavy objects, so make sure nothing goes wrong by always remembering: slowly and carefully.


Q: How to move a gun safe safely?

A: Moving a gun safe safely requires proper planning and the right equipment. Here are the steps to do it safely:

  1. Empty the safe: Remove all firearms, ammunition, and valuables from the safe.
  2. Check the weight: Know the weight of your gun safe; this will help you choose the appropriate equipment.
  3. Get the right dolly: Invest in a heavy-duty gun safe dolly, such as the Anderson Gun Safe Dolly, designed to handle the weight of the safe.
  4. Secure the safe: Use straps or ropes to secure the safe to the dolly securely.
  5. Clear the path: Ensure there are no obstacles in the moving path and plan your route carefully.
  6. Enlist help: Moving a gun safe is a two-person job, so ask a friend or family member to assist.
  7. Move slowly and carefully: Use caution while moving, and make sure the safe stays balanced.
  8. Use a stair-climbing dolly if needed: For stairs, consider a specialized stair-climbing dolly for added safety.

Q: Gun safe moving equipment?

A: When moving a gun safe, the essential equipment includes:

  • Gun safe dolly: A heavy-duty dolly designed for the weight and dimensions of the safe.
  • Straps or ropes: To secure the safe to the dolly.
  • Furniture sliders: To help move the safe across smooth surfaces.
  • Furniture blankets: To protect your safe and surrounding objects from damage.
  • Stair-climbing dolly (if navigating stairs): Specialized equipment for moving gun safes up or down stairs safely.

Q: Stair-climbing dolly for gun safe?

A: A stair-climbing dolly is a specialized hand truck designed to transport heavy objects, including gun safes, up and down stairs with ease. It typically features wheels that rotate to navigate stairs smoothly. Using a stair-climbing dolly reduces the risk of accidents and makes moving a gun safe on stairs much safer.

Q: Tips for moving heavy safes?

A: Here are some tips for moving heavy safes:

  • Plan ahead and assess the weight and size of your safe.
  • Invest in the right equipment, such as a suitable dolly.
  • Secure the safe tightly to the dolly using straps or ropes.
  • Clear the moving path and plan the route in advance.
  • Enlist the help of a friend or family member for assistance.
  • Move slowly and carefully, ensuring the safe remains balanced.
  • Consider using furniture sliders to maneuver the safe on flat surfaces.
  • Use a stair-climbing dolly for moving on stairs if necessary.

Q: Best practices for moving a gun safe?

A: The best practices for moving a gun safe include:

  • Prioritize safety: Always put safety first to avoid accidents or injuries.
  • Use appropriate equipment: Invest in a quality gun safe dolly and other necessary tools.
  • Secure the safe: Ensure the safe is securely fastened to the dolly and use straps or ropes.
  • Plan the route: Clear obstacles and plan the moving path carefully.
  • Seek assistance: Don’t attempt to move a gun safe alone; ask for help.
  • Move slowly and cautiously: Take your time to prevent accidents.
  • Consider professional movers: For very heavy or complicated moves, hiring professionals may be the safest option.


There are many different dollies to move a gun safe, so it can be hard to find the right one. You must choose the best option for your needs and budget.

The decision on what kind of dolly to move a gun safe will depend on whether or not you need portability, how heavy the safe is, and where you plan on using it primarily.

We hope that this post is helpful for you!

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