6 Delicate Items Home Movers Should Be Careful With

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Moving from one area to another or shifting houses can be overwhelming, especially if you have many things in your home. The primary process involved here is the packing of items, which needs tactics and skills to avoid breakages and loss. For an average person, it is time-consuming and overwhelming.

6 Delicate Items Home Movers Should Be Careful With

Fortunately, nowadays, professional movers help move items from an old house to a new one. They ensure they pack some of the things well before transferring them to your new destination. This article will sensitize some of the things professional home movers should be careful with while packing and moving houses. Here is the list.


China wares are ceramic-made items which are very delicate and easy to break. These items comprise expensive materials and processes, making them very expensive and valuable to any home. This situation means moving them requires professionals who can handle them better. According to professionals from EVLmoving.com, such items require specialized packing. You can either pack them yourself by having cardboards and padding to protect them or have professional movers pack them on your behalf. 

Moving experts will use their skills and materials to wrap these items carefully to avoid breakages. Every professional mover knows the materials to use, the wrapping method, what to put in the packages, and other necessities that ensure your items are delivered without breakages. Chinaware comprises items such as cups, plates, saucers, and decorative containers.

6 Delicate Items Professional Home Movers Should Be Careful With 2

Crystal Items

Crystal items are those made from the crystal glass material. Crystal material is just like glass, costly, and highly breakable and requires care when packing and moving from one place to another—crystal glass when breaks, shutters and can cause injuries. Instead of breaking your valuable items, you need to give the duty to professionals who need to handle it with care and ensure it reaches the new destination without scratches or breakages.

One way of transporting crystal material is by using the package you bought with or getting cardboard with partitions to ensure your glasses remain intact throughout the journey. Professional movers have these cardboards they use in moving such things, and they need to handle them well while in transit to avoid breakages. 

6 Delicate Items Professional Home Movers Should Be Careful With 3

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Electronics are also fragile items that require proper handling when moving from a new house to another. The safest way of carrying any electronic item is by putting them in their original package with holders to ensure they stay intact until their last destination. Things such as flat-screen TVs, Radios, computers, and anything made of plastic or glass requires attention while moving to avoid damage or breakages. If you don’t have their original boxes, professional packers always have special containers for carrying such items. 

You should ensure that the movers have packed your things well and that everything has settled well in its box before moving. Most electronics come bulky and difficult to move. The professional company must have handled such before, and they should ensure extra care is taken to avoid breakages or damage to the systems’ components.

Besides TV sets and computers, items like fridges and cookers need careful handling since they have parts outside their main structures. Items like fridges and freezers require to be carried in upright positions to avoid damage to the systems or leaking the fluids and gases incorporated in the equipment.

6 Delicate Items Professional Home Movers Should Be Careful With 4

China Cabinet

A china cabinet is one of the most expensive investments in your house. It’s packing process and movement has to be done carefully to avoid breakages and other damages. Since this structure is made of softwood and breakable glass, extra care needs to be taken, especially on the front surfaces. What movers need to do is to remove everything inside the cabinet before moving. Since it’s heavy and fragile, too, it might require a team of individuals to move it, mostly if the house is located on a story building. 

If possible, you can dismantle the movable parts and move the component. You need to remove the loose parts, wrap it with protective materials, and pack it well. After it gets to its intended destination, you can put back the components as required. Another simple way is to get a carpenter who can disassemble and assemble it in its new location. The house owner should also consider getting an insurance cover for the cabinet if its value is too huge to cover it for damages and breakages. 

A Glass Coffee Table

Most homes nowadays have glass tables that are fragile and break easily. Before moving this kind of table, you need to check if it can be dismantled before moving. If it can, you can remove the parts; park the glass separately before moving it carefully to avoid breakages.

If it can’t be disassembled, you can wrap it with cartoons, paper, or moving blankets to prevent it from breaking until it reaches its new destination. Covering it contains the table from getting cracks, scratches, or shattering while in transit. Professional movers know how to effectively move this item from one place to another without breakages. 

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Grandfather Clock

Most households have the grandfather’ clock, which is mostly used as decoration. Grandfathers’ clocks are very expensive and are made of fragile materials, which include glass. Moving a grandfather’s clock requires extra care since you need to dismantle it before proceeding. Since the clock requires balance and gravity to operate, extra care is needed to ensure that every component works well after moving it.

A professional person may be necessary to disassemble and assemble this equipment to its new destination and to ensure it continues working as required. Most professional movers have technicians trained to do all these jobs. Please make use of their services. Before getting a mover, you need to conduct research and see if they specialize in moving such equipment. You won’t miss a moving company that has an expert in disassembling and assembling grandfathers’ clock. 

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Moving from one homestead to another can be a headache for an average individual. However, you will find this task more manageable if you use moving experts, especially a reputable moving company. Ensure the movers have the capacity and experience of moving delicate items such as those listed above. We hope this fragile list will help you in the process.


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