Does Tractor Supply Deliver Gun Safes? If Yes, How Do They Transport?

As a firearm enthusiast, you must be familiar with well-known gun-safe manufacturers like American Security or Browning. However, some may not come along with delivery assistance, which causes you inconvenience in carrying massive safes to your home.

The alternative solution for you is Tractor Supply. some people who haven’t heard of this online store may wonder: Does Tractor Supply deliver gun safes? If you tend to purchase a brand-new gun safe, you should be clear about its service policies, including delivery.

Keep reading, since this post will be helpful to you!

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Does Tractor Supply Deliver Gun Safes?

The good news is Tractor Supply Co. will drop-ship the gun safes to your house or business with several delivery options if you order their products. Prices and availability of the safes will vary depending on your goods’ size, quantity, and location.

What about shipping costs? Tractor Supply stores will calculate the cost based on criteria including the actual load of the item, dimensions, and the address where you receive the goods. In particular, they apply the shipping tables implemented by their general parcel and road freight partners to determine the delivery charges of your order.

Moreover, they will hand over your ordered products from one of their online depository places or any supplier partner spot. The final transporting payments are tot up throughout checkout when the shipping addresses are inscribed.


Gun safe delivery

What Are The Delivery Options At Tractor Supply?

As shared above, Tractor Supply Co. comes with several delivery options, which bring you a sense of convenience when shopping online. Below are the two common modes of transportation you can refer to when purchasing at this store.

Standard Delivery

  • They carry your order to the delivery location you designate, such as mailbox or entrance hall;
  • For bulky items, they have curbside delivery right next to your home or your company;
  • If additional costs arise, they will contact you for notification.

Same Day Delivery

  • This express delivery will apply to your order as long as you make your purchase before 2:00 PM and within 25 miles of the Tractor Supply shop;
  • In other words, orders placed after 2 PM and beyond 25 miles will be shipped and delivered the next day;
  • If you’d like to receive your ordered goods by a specific date, they will make a delivery plan that is fitting for you;
  • This shipping method will flexibly modify based on several other factors like the stock size, quantity, or inventory.

Tractor Supply delivery options

Tractor Supply delivery options

What Is An Alternative For Tractor Supply Deliver Gun Safes?

Aside from Tractor Supply Co., one more alternative you can buy a gun safe with delivery service is Buy Online Pick Up in Store. Here is an overview of this company and how to shop there.

Overall About Buy Online Pick Up In-Store

Like Tractor Supply, Buy Online Pick Up in Store brings you a sense of convenience when shopping online with a fast delivery service within an hour after placing the order. Moreover, the products with Pickup In-Store designations will help you avoid freighting and online shipping expenses.

Frankly speaking, the delivery policy of this store is quite different from Tractor Supply. For instance, they will ship your order to a pick-up designated store location on the following day.

Steps For “Buy Online Pick Up In-store”

  1. Choose Pickup In Store today (free) option for available merchandise.
  2. Select the desirable shop where you want to receive your order.
  3. Place your order and wait a few minutes to receive an order confirmation announcement in the form of a text message or email that says Ready for Pick Up.
  4. Go to the store you picked earlier, along with your order confirmation email and your order number.
  5. Seek location of Store Pick Up, which is usually located at the Customer Service desk amid the store.
  6. If you can’t go to the pick-up store, contact them, and they will deliver to you.
  7. Remember to come to the store to pick up the goods after placing the order within two days. Otherwise, they will cancel it. Fortunately, you won’t have to pay any fees for that item.

Buy Online Pick Up In-store

Buy Online Pick Up In-store

Frequently Asked Questions On Tractor Supply Deliver Gun Safes?

What Carriers Do They Use To Ship Orders?

Normally, Tractor Supply uses the parcel express to transfer orders. They also come with over-the-road delivery for extremely massive and bulky packages. They apply the Roadie carrier to transport some purchases directly from the store.

How Do I Change My Delivery Date?

After completing the order process, you can contact Tractor Supply Co. Customer Solutions when you need to adjust your delivery time for any support.

What Do I Do If My Order Arrives Damaged?

When getting the product but detecting that the merchandise is broken or defective, you want to return or exchange it. In cases like these, you need to call Tractor Supply Co. Customer Solutions for specific assistance.

Where Is Tractor Supply Delivery Not Available? 

Tractor Supply’s online shipping is present in most regions. However, this delivery service is not yet available at some of the locations, as shown below:

  • Alaska, Canada, and Hawaii;
  • P.O Box;
  • FBO/APO addresses.

Can I Track My Order Online?

You can track your order updates as long as you have registered your customer account. If you don’t have one, you can still follow your order status using personal information such as your phone number, last name, and order number.

Once your order is in freighting status, you can continue to track it via visiting the website of the shipping unit and searching for its tracking number attached in the confirmation email.

Track order online

Track order online

Frequently Asked Questions On Buy Online Pick Up in Store

What Do I Need To Bring At The Time Of Pick Up?

As mentioned earlier, you must bring along the Ready For Pick Up email when picking up your items.

Note: Some goods may have an age limit for the recipient. Put simply, if you are not old enough or the person authorized to get the package is underage, you won’t be able to pick up your order.

Will My Vehicle Be Large Enough To Transport My Item?

It’s up to your ordered products and the vehicle you use to carry. You should assure that your means of transport is sizable enough to suit your package. Remember to bring bungee cords or tie-downs to secure your large purchase.

Instead of worrying in vain, you should contact Tractor Supply for the best shipping service. No matter how big or small your item is, they transport it with the utmost care and safety.

Can I Pick Up Some Items At The Store And Have Some Items Shipped To My Home?

The answer is yes. An order can include items of different sizes, so you can choose the right shipping method for them.  In particular, you can select in-store pickup for small items and online shipping for large and heavy packages like gun safes in the same order.

How Will I Know When My Item(S) Are Ready For Pick Up In The Store?

The Tractor Supply will send you an email or text message to inform you of your purchase ready for pick-up status. As soon as you get their email, you can go to the store and receive your order during their timework.

Note: This email is not the same or attached in the order confirmation email.

Tractor Supply Co. Customer Solutions

Tractor Supply Co. Customer Solutions

In A Nutshell 

This article has ultimately got to the bottom of your initial issue: Does Tractor Supply deliver gun safes? As an excellent online store, they allow you to purchase the goods and support you in transporting your items.

This convenience is extremely beneficial for you, especially when buying gigantic and weighty merchandise like gun safes. Also, they flexibly come along with an in-store pickup service if you like.


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