How Hard Is It To Move A Gun Safe? Handle Like a Pro

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If you’re planning to move a gun safe by yourself, you probably wonder about the chance of success of such a heavy task like this. So, how hard is it to move a gun safe? Is there any efficient method to move this heavy item? Don’t worry; we are here to help you.

This post is going to clarify this matter and provide some helpful tips that will make your move successful. Scroll down!

Table Summary

Number of Movers RequiredLearn how many people are needed based on the weight of the gun safe for a secure move.
DIY vs. Professional MoversUnderstand the risks of moving a gun safe by yourself and when it’s best to hire professionals.
Essential EquipmentDiscover the necessary tools and equipment for a safe gun safe relocation.
Precautions and Safety MeasuresGet insights into safety precautions, lifting techniques, and creating clear paths for moving.
Finding Professional Movers NearFind tips on locating experienced safe movers in your area to ensure a smooth and secure move.

How Hard Is It To Move A Gun Safe?

Moving a gun safe can be a challenging task due to their weight and size. The difficulty of moving a gun safe depends on its weight, with heavier safes requiring more effort and manpower. Here’s a general guideline for moving gun safes:

  1. Under 250 pounds: A gun safe weighing under 250 pounds can typically be moved by two people.
  2. 250 to 400 pounds: Safes in the range of 250 to 400 pounds usually require at least three people for safe and efficient movement.
  3. Up to 500 pounds: For gun safes weighing up to 500 pounds, it’s advisable to have a team of at least four people to move it safely.
  4. Over 500 pounds: Gun safes exceeding 500 pounds are best moved by professional safe movers who have the equipment and expertise to handle them safely.
Moving a gun safe is not only physically demanding but also requires proper planning and safety precautions to prevent injuries or damage to the safe and surroundings. It’s crucial to use the right equipment and techniques to ensure a successful and secure move.

Moving a gun safe is not an easy task, especially if this is your first time. So in this first section, we will get a grip on how difficult this matter is.

Can I move a gun safe by myself

Can I move a gun safe by myself?

A Gun Safe Is Usually Large And Bulky.

There are so many different types of safes out there, but they all have one thing in common: they’re heavy and hard to move. Generally, the weight ranges from 200-600 pounds for entry-level gun safes, 600-1000 pounds for mid-range safes, and 1,000-1600 pounds for high-end ones. Not to mention commercial-grade gun safe can weigh from 2,000 up to 5,000 pounds.

With such a heavyweight, it would help if you have three strong friends who are up for the task.

It Requires Moving Equipment.

If you’ve intended to move the gun safe on your own (with your buddies, of course), then you must have the proper equipment on hand. Though you can’t equip specialized tools, a heavy-duty furniture dolly or hand truck may be sufficient for pushing and hauling your bulky safe. Otherwise, you will be likely to give up all intentions and call a professional hiring company!

It Requires A Well-planned Moving Strategy.

Improvising your actions while moving a large and heavy safe is not a good idea unless you have extensive previous experience. Instead, when moving the big guy around the house, make sure you’ve already mapped out a strategy!

Devise this thing beforehand because, according to both known laws of physics and those yet-to-be-discovered, brute force won’t work on moving such heavy safes. A lack of clear strategy will lead to a mess and possibly unintended damages to your safe.

What Should You Do Before Moving A Gun Safe By Yourself?

Though moving a gun safe is a painstaking job, it doesn’t mean you guys can’t handle it. As long as you’re well-prepared before the move, it would be “stepping stones” for your successful job later!

How Hard Is It To Move A Gun Safe? Handle Like a Pro 2

Prepare carefully before moving a gun safe.

Measure Your Gun Safe

When you’re planning to move your gun safe, it is important that the path taken has enough space for both movement and storage. The best way of knowing this? Measure your gun safe! This will ensure not only clearances with doorways but also around corners where wide spaces are limited.

Make A Clear-cut Plan

Once you get the measure of the safe already, you should now determine the perfect destination for your gun safe since the moving process involves a lot of work!

Inspect where you plan on moving and get rid of all the obstacles on the way, like tight hallways, door frames, and stairwells. This way, you can make things go much smoother than trying at random without knowing any better.

Don’t forget to make room for your gun safe by clearing out any tables or shelves that are near its final spot. Make sure there’s at least enough space on each side for lowering, and then stack anything behind those areas so as not to scratch walls with its weight!

Empty Out Your Gun Safe And Clean It Thoroughly

Removing all the ammo and firearms will reduce the total weight of the safe and protect them from being damaged on the move. Not only will this make it easier for your move, but cleaning out dust can also give you a better grip with less risk than if there was no cleanup beforehand!

Empty out your gun safe

Empty out your gun safe

Secure Your Gun Safe

Moving a safe is no small task. In some cases, the doors and drawers can swing open and cause scrapes on your safe, or the safe’s hard surface may damage your walls or furniture while you pass by.

Still, you can prevent any damage and headaches from occurring during your move with the right precautions. We would recommend you wrap your safe in furniture blankets, as this will keep the loose parts secure as well as provide padding for other furniture that may get damaged when bumped into!

Prepare The Proper Equipment

It is important to remember that moving a gun safe is not as simple as moving a couch or any slightly heavy furniture. As you may expect, there are certain precautions one must take when handling this heavy and bulky load.

Moving a safe with arms is surely impossible, not to mention that lifting it can cause injury to yourself. Instead, you can borrow or rent a hand truck or a furniture dolly with a sufficient weight rating to handle this heavy item. If you’re moving the safe upstairs or downstairs, consider a stair-climbing dolly!

A dolly for moving gun safe (2)

A dolly for moving gun safe

Buddy Up

You will need 2-3 strong helpers to aid in lifting, controlling, and directing your safe to its final destination. It would be best if one of them had experience in moving a 2,000-pound gun safe. Even if yours isn’t as heavy as such, his knowledge will also benefit the move!

How To Move A Gun Safe Without Professional Movers?

Now that everything is in order, roll your sleeves up and get down to work!

Get ready to move your gun safe

Step 1: Secure The Gun Safe On A Hand Truck Or A Moving Dolly.

Ask your partners to tilt the safe first, and you guys can slide the moving dolly under it. When everything is in place, you should secure the ratchet straps and tilt the dolly onto the wheels.

Be sure you’ve practiced using the rolly (in case you don’t know how to use it) before moving an object as large and cumbersome as a gun safe.

Step 2: Protect Your Floors And Walls While Moving The Gun Safe.

At this stage, one person will balance the safe and manning the dolly handle. Simultaneously, the others can either stand next to him and assist with weight distribution or stand on two sides to aid in direction and prevent the safe from hitting the walls.

Communication is the key to success! When the person manning the dolly needs a break, he has to speak out to the group. The other partners will then find a safe space to gently lower the safe so it won’t crash to the floor. They will navigate the tight corners and summon their strength to push it up or carry it down a stair.

Keep in mind that slow and steady will help you move the gun safe safely. Don’t ever be in a hurry.

Step 3: Slowly lower your gun safe in its new home.

When you guys come near to the target, take care and don’t be excited too soon. This will help you avoid unnecessary strain and keep your floor new.

Lower the safe to the end spot as close as possible. Otherwise, you will need to pull it to the exact spot, which could lead to deep scratches on your floors and walls.


Q1: How many people are typically needed to move a gun safe?

A: The number of people needed to move a gun safe depends on its weight. For safes under 250 pounds, two people can usually manage the task. Safes between 250 and 400 pounds may require at least three people, and for safes up to 500 pounds, it’s best to have a team of at least four individuals. For safes over 500 pounds, it’s highly recommended to hire professional safe movers.

Q2: Can I move a gun safe by myself?

A: It is not advisable to move a gun safe by yourself, especially if it’s heavy. Gun safes are bulky and can pose a risk of injury if not handled correctly. It’s safer to have assistance from others or hire professionals who have the expertise and equipment for the job.

Q3: What equipment is needed to move a gun safe safely?

A: To move a gun safe safely, you’ll need equipment such as heavy-duty moving straps, furniture dollies, padding, and, for larger safes, specialized safe-moving equipment. It’s essential to have the right tools to ensure both the safety of the movers and the integrity of the safe.

Q4: Are there any precautions to take when moving a gun safe?

A: Yes, there are several precautions to consider when moving a gun safe. Make sure the path is clear of obstacles, use proper lifting techniques, and always prioritize safety. If you’re not experienced in moving heavy items, it’s best to consult professionals who can handle the job safely.

Q5: How can I find professional safe movers near me?

A: To find professional safe movers in your area, you can start by conducting an online search or checking with local moving companies. Make sure to inquire about their experience in moving gun safes and ask for references if needed. Hiring experienced professionals can provide peace of mind during the moving process.


How hard is it to move a gun safe by yourself? We’re sure you’ve got all the parts down. Moving the gun safe is not an easy task – there was no getting around it. Yet ,problems can always get solved no matter how difficult it is. As long as you follow our step-by-step instructions, you’ll be on track to finish this challenging job with ease! Good luck!

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