How To Get Moisture Out Of A Rifle Scope? Things to know

How to get moisture out of a rifle scope? If you are still confused about this issue, check the detailed article below to receive the complete instructions!

How To Get Moisture Out Of A Rifle Scope

If you are starting your hunt in the jungle, the thing that annoys you is probably the dampness of your rifle scope. They cause discomfort for you and make the hunting journey more difficult.

The cause of this moisture can come from humans’ objective environment or motivation. Many hunters ask how to get water out of a rifle scope.

If you also wonder about this question, the following article is for you!

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How To Get Moisture Out Of A Rifle Scope?

Get your riflescope properly mounted and zeroed

Get Moisture Out Of A Range

The humidity in a rifle scope is a big deal with it. This condition shows that the seals on the range have water.

It can be caused by a damaged seal that causes nitrogen gas to escape.

To solve it, people usually send it back to the manufacturer to check and repair.

Currently, no one other than the manufacturer can fix this problem.

So, how did manufacturers make a rifle range waterproof? Below is the answer.

Water Infiltration.

Getting moisture out of the rifle range will help you prevent the lens from corroding. If this situation continues for longer, a rifle range will be less effective, even unable to use it anymore.

What the manufacturers have done is to use O-rings with exact machining. They will help your rifle range last longer in a variety of conditions.

The closer machining tolerances are to each other, the more the internal components will be kept dry, away from moisture from the environment. The tolerances include the tube, bell, or related parts.

This principle is that the joints among the compartments are tighter. They help block the passage of water through and moisten the lens of the product.

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Whenever Somethings should Move

The problem of moisture inside your rifle scope comes from several reasons, including the O-ring. Therefore, manufacturers have overcome the problem by replacing them or adding moving parts. This detail helps to limit and prevent moisture from entering, causing rust or corrosion.

O-rings are now from neoprene or silicone. If they are of high-quality materials, their durability and service life is longer. However, over time they will rust and get old and broken. All you need to do is replace them with new parts.

They are better suited for immobile, non-moving parts if you use tight tolerances. Besides, ranges with adjustable magnification get very complicated if you have ranges with adjustable magnification. You need to adjust the Diop, windage, elevation turrets, and parallax correction.

Keeping everything Dry

When you go hunting, what you face is your prey and the air, the natural humidity of a forest. So, keeping the product free from moisture is a point of need for hunters’ caution.

In addition, if your scope contains a lot of moisture, especially from manufacturing, it will cause condensation.

They stick to the lens of the range. Furthermore, you will most clearly notice this problem when you move from cool to cold.

Realizing the difficulty users face is how to defog a rifle scope, the manufacturer has paid more attention to providing products.

They prevented this from happening by removing air into the range. Air exchange gas contains many components that take on the task of nitrogen or dry argon gas.

At the same time, they designed the washers on the range. They will keep moisture on getting into the scopes. Best of all, they keep the dry air inside your range.

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Can’t I Open It To Dry?

Open the range

Open the range

You can do this, provided you get the tools and techniques to work with.

However, the truth is that neither hunters nor hunters have all of the above to do the job.

You are trying to open your device, and you need to be careful and gentle. At the same time, remembering the order of the parts and details inside also helps you more conveniently in assembling them. This operation is necessary to return the product to its original state and to be able to use it effectively.

Before reassembling them, please make sure you dry and clean the scopes; furthermore, beware of their corrosion.

Some methods to dry them include: placing them in a warm oven or using a pack. These tools and supplies are varied and easy to find in many places. They usually apply to electronics in transit or long-term use items.

However, it is tough to self-repair moisture in the product. Some of the situations you might encounter are that you don’t have dry nitrogen or can’t find a suitable O-ring. You’d better bring them to the supplier for better advice and repair.

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What Happens When the Scope is Damaged, or the Seals Fail?

The Seals can cause the gas inside to leak to the outside. This gas can be nitrogen gas or dry argon gas mentioned above.

The cause may come from the pressure difference generated inside the bronchoscope. As you increase or decrease the temperature, the humidity from the environment of this product causes more moisture to enter the scope.

In the long run, moisture condenses into fog. Not only will it hinder your hunting, but it can also damage your gear.

Can you Repair a Water Damaged Scope?

Water Damaged Scope

Water Damaged Scope

It would help if you did not do this.

One of the biggest reasons this can’t be on your own is tools and skills. You may not have the complete tools for the repair process.

Furthermore, fixing this problem requires unique skills and techniques. They need to learn and practice over the years.

Nowadays, you can find a lot of remedies on the internet. However, you should not wholly apply them. They only give you a temporary fix.

If you fix these errors improperly, they will damage your product and leave you unsatisfied.

The best way is to bring them to the manufacturer and supplier in the long run. Experts and staff will do the best replacement and repair when they have the best tools and techniques.

For more tips and tricks to follow, check out this video:

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How Long Does A Good Scope Last?

There is no specific number for the Lifetime of this product. It depends on a lot of different factors from birth.

One of the most important factors is the initial quality in production and design. If you buy a Good Rifle Scope at a premium, expect them to last a long time.

Besides, the care and maintenance factor is also worth noting. If properly maintained, a Rifle Scope can last longer.

Therefore, you should choose a good product with the best care and care.


The above article gives you the answer on how to remove condensation from a rifle scope. We hope you will understand more about the cause and problem with your product.

If this happens, the most valuable advice for you is to bring them to the distributor or the manufacturer. They will guarantee the best quality and replacement parts for you.

We hope you will have enjoyable hunting trips with a good Rifle scope!

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