How To Fix Scratches On Rifle Scope: The Complete Guides

How to fix scratches on rifle scope? Our detailed article below will help you easily do this in the easiest way! Check it out for details!

How To Fix Scratches On Rifle Scope

When you have yourself a rifle, some reason or environmental factors make unwanted scratches appear over time. Don’t worry; this article will show you how to fix scratches on rifle scope and prevention solutions as follows:

  • Black Permanent Markers
  • Cold Bluing
  • Aluminum Blackening Agents
  • Factory Refinishing
  • Coated Lenses
  • Fully-Coated Lenses
  • Factory Refinishing
  • Coated Lenses
  • Fully-Coated Lenses
  • Fully Multi-Coated Lenses

The article will analyze the method to fix scratches on a rifle scope in-depth.

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How To Fix Scratches On Rifle Scope

Fix Scratches

Fix Scratches

A rifle is a commonly used weapon with many purposes, including self-defense, hunting, or even decoration. Similar to many different objects, injuries, as well as damage, can occur over time. The most common of which is the appearance of any scratches on the gun scope.

Wear and tear fall into major or minor categories, occurring everywhere. This article will point out the two most affected positions and appear most often.

Aluminum scope tubes and bodies

The components that make rifle glass are mostly aluminum compounds. To perfect a well-rounded gun is an anodizing process. It is highly protected and almost impossible to manufacture yourself or find outside the factory.

It leads to a situation where it is difficult to find the perfect repair place to return to the original shape. Some solutions are to overcome scratches from some experienced gun users.

Black Permanent Markers

Using a black marker is a popular method. Besides the convenience, this pen does not match the color with the black anodized finish on the aluminum body of the rifle. Besides, the preservation time is not long or quickly corroded.

Cold Bluing

The following method to fix scratches is to use a cooling pen. It is a tool that can improve and erase scratches on structural steel parts in the rifle glass body.

The action mechanism of this method is the peeling off of some heterogeneous alloys when in contact with the inherent aluminum alloy. From there, push out and blur the traces on the gun body.

Aluminum Blackening Agents

Using an aluminum blackening agent to refresh the gun body is a measure that has appeared recently. Similar to the first method, it is identical to the initial shell anodizing process. But more important is the added ability to remove the oxidation cycle from scratch.

Factory Refinishing

Depending on the type of factory you buy the gun from, there will be a separate warranty. Particularly for large factories, high production scale, they will need to repair a damaged gun.

And some places will have a fixed warranty period. Therefore, when choosing to buy something, it is best to ask carefully for relevant information.

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Lens Scratch Solutions

Scratches on the lens cannot be repaired, so it is the most protective part.

The many approaches offered in which additional coatings on tempered glass are optimal have many disadvantages for many people.

There are four ways to cover glass as follows:

Coated Lenses

It is the coating located at the bottom of the rifle glass quality scale.

Fully-Coated Lenses

Coating all over the glass. Full coverage like this has long been the norm in most mid-range gun lenses.

Multi-Coated Lenses

Unlike coating the entire lens one time, this method will be many operations, which helps prevent scratches. Similar to having many layers of protective film on the glass.

Fully Multi-Coated Lenses

It is the most expensive quality glass coating solution that gamers often choose. If you pay attention, you will see that it is pretty similar to Fully-Coated Lenses.

The main difference is that Fully-Coated Lenses only coat one layer, then Fully Multi-Coated Lenses choose to cover more layers to ensure that the damage is not dynamic to the rifle lens.

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Is it possible to remove scratches?

Scratches can be erased or not, depending on the damage condition, for example, new or old scratches, heavy or light, big or small.

For minor wounds that have just occurred, you can blot them out using a soft, damp white cloth over and over again. But it’s impossible to make a complete disappearance, especially when it happens on rifle scopes.

What can I clean my rifle scope with?

clean my rifle scope

clean my rifle scope

To clean the range of lenses, you can also use common commercially available lens cleaners or provide 90% isopropyl alcohol for quick dry cleaning.

Choosing a grease remover like 409 is also an effective optimization (forbidden to use on the lens surface). Check this video for a more specific answer.

Why does my rifle scope fog up?

The leading cause of your lens blurring is mainly due to the weather. When taking the rifle out of the box, it is exposed to cold air, causing water vapor to condense into mist, which adheres to the glass, causing the lens to be visibly blurred.


The above article summarizes knowledge related to rifles, ways to repair scratches that appear on the scope of the lens. We hope that you will have smart ways to deal with this situation through this article. Thanks for reading!

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