What Is The Safest Gun Safe? Tips For Choosing A Firearm Protector

Keeping your firearms in a strongbox can protect them from theft or unwanted events. But, what is the safest gun safe? Let’s explore together!

According to most hunters, gun safes are the most secure place to store their weapons. Reliable strongboxes can keep your guns and other valuables from unwanted events like thefts or fires.

So, what is the safest gun safe? The safety of a firearm vault depends on many factors, but many users said the Barska biometric safe is the most secure one. 

Today, let’s learn more about this gun vault and what you need to think about when picking a safe!

Many users said that the Barska biometric safe is the most secure

Many users said that the Barska biometric safe is the most secure

What Is The Safest Gun Safe?

When it comes to the most secure weapon protector, the biometric safe from Barska receives the most votes. 

The modern security system of this strongbox can record up to 30 fingerprints. The advanced biometric lock can effectively prevent thieves from accessing it.

Besides, you will rarely have to charge the battery of this safe as its life is an entire year. Another advantage of this firearm container is its compact size. You can easily hang it on the wall or place it on a shelf.

However, every gun vault has its weak spot and is not fire-resistant. So, in case of a fire, it does not protect your items inside from the effect of the heat.

Generally, a firearm strongbox is safe enough if it is in the UL list or meets the following standards.


Gun vaults come in various sizes, and each of them is for different gun types. Your safe should have enough space to store certain weapons and keep them in a secure position.

Your safe should have enough space to store certain weapons.

Your safe should have enough space to store certain weapons.

Locking system

The locking system of your firearm protection box should have at least a combination lock. The number of available combinations must be 10,000 at minimum. Besides, there must be a drill-resistant hard plate for the lock.


Your weapon coffer needs to have at least three locking bolts with separate handles and locks. The thickness of these bolts should be 0.5 inches at a minimum.


The walls of a standard strongbox must be steel of 12-gauge thickness. For double-wall safes, the total thickness of two wall layers must be 0.1 inches at a minimum.

The door thickness should be at least 7-gauge for one layer and 12 gauge for two layers.

Door hinges

Secure safes should have internal door hinges supported by bolts and bars. This feature will prevent intruders from taking the door out.

What Do You Need To Consider When Buying Gun Safes?

The security level of each safe depends on different factors. If you choose the proper firearm vault, it will protect your items the best.

While shopping for a protection box for your guns, it’s better to look at the following aspects.


Gun strongbox sizes vary from small ones for handguns only to large models for long weapons. If you want to purchase a vault, remember to look at the internal and external measurements.

The external size should fit the intended position of the safe in your home. Meanwhile, the interior needs to have enough room for your items.

Type of lock

The most common lock types used for firearm protectors are combination, keyed, electronic and biometric ones.


Currently, you will rarely find weapon coffers operating with only keys, as it’s easy to break into them. Some safes come with keys to open in case the owner forgets the password.


The combination lock is the traditional lock type for safes. To open a strongbox with this lock, you need to make the exact number series with a dial. This video will help you to visualize how to open mechanic combination locks.

Combination lock

Combination lock


The operation of an electronic lock is similar to which of a smartphone screen lock. You will have to enter a password with an electronic keypad to open your safe. It’s possible to change the password if you want.

However, this lock type operates by batteries. So, you can’t use it if it runs out of batteries. The solution is to apply new batteries before you make any attempt to open the vault.


Biometric locks are the most modern and secure locks for firearm safes. It uses the user fingerprints as the condition to open the repository.

Because no two people have the same fingerprints, this lock type can ensure the safety of your gun strongbox.

Both the biometric pad and your finger must be clean to open the door. Besides, you also need to keep the batteries full to operate the lock.

Fire protection

Your items face not only the risk of theft but also other unexpected events such as fire. So, choosing a vault coming with fire protection will be a wise decision.

Is It Safe To Use Portable Gun Safes? 

Most people will bolt down their safes to the ground or mount them on the wall. But sometimes, if you need to go somewhere with your guns, you can consider portable safes.

You can choose some attachable models and get them fixed in your car. Moreover, many other small designs can fit your desk drawer. However, these safes can only keep your weapons out of children.


This post helped you answer the question: What is the safest gun safe?

The safety of a weapon strongbox also depends on your purpose of use. So, it’s necessary to consider your needs to avoid picking the wrong vaults. If you have any questions about gun safes, feel free to leave a comment.

Thank you for reading!


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