Change Battery In Rifle Scope

How To Change Battery In Rifle Scope? All You Need To Know

If you wonder how to change battery in rifle scope, you must understand more about the gun and the batteries. That’s why you should look at this article.

If you want to understand how to change the battery in the rifle scope, you must first discover more about the batteries and the construction of the gun.

Depending on your rifle type, you can remove batteries in various ways. As a result, if you want to know how to replace your batteries without difficulty, you must first become familiar with the weapon’s construction.

The process usually includes three main steps:

  • Use a screwdriver to remove the cap
  • Remove the old batteries and insert the new ones
  • Testing

Read on to dive into the details!

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What Are The Components Of A Rifle Scope?

How To Camo Paint A Rifle Scope_ Steps To Follow

A rifle

Riflescopes are constructed by casting metal pieces that hold the lenses and fitting them into fixtures to obtain the correct magnification.

Moreover, the manufacturers have to make some adjustments during the final assembly. The scope is verified for airtightness before being dispatched for sale.

Because rifle scopes work similarly to telescopes, they share several features, such as the ocular and objective lenses. On the other hand, an excellent optic has more than two lenses within a tube.

The sight has to maintain a solid fixed position on the weapon to not shift in the middle of a shot. While the components may differ, all high-end scopes include the following:

  • Objective Bell
  • Objective Lens
  • Ocular Lens
  • Adjustable Objective
  • Illuminated reticle
  • Eye bell
  • Secure front mount
  • Windage and elevation settings

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How To Change Battery In Rifle Scope?



A single red dot scope is required for every rifle to function correctly, especially on a gun with a functional rifle. The scope is primarily ideal for engaging targets quickly and effectively. Some models even have a 30 mm lens.

At a close or medium range, you may use this rifle at distances of roughly 25 to 50 meters. That’s why you can easily replace batteries on the scope that only utilizes tiny batteries when they run out.

We will discuss removing and changing some dead batteries with new ones in time. Also, the instructions in this video may be beneficial to you in doing so.

Step 1: Use A Screwdriver To Remove The Cap

Initially, you will need to use a screwdriver to remove the cap. You will see the brightness adjuster has a cover on top of it.

Make careful to identify the cap first, then remove it as directed above for various rifle types. For the screwdriver to operate correctly, there is always a slot where you may insert it into.

Step 2: Remove The Old Batteries And Insert The New Ones

Following that, you may remove the dead battery cells from the sights and install them with a new battery pack. Ensure that the battery’s positive side (+) is already facing up.

You may screw the cap back on after that. Twist it securely for more security to not come loose too readily after the installation.

Step 3: Testing

You have to test your batteries after replacing them by adjusting the adjustment mechanism and sights as you generally would.

If the battery cell is working, you will see the red. After checking, adjust the brightness setting to zero to switch off the scope.

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What Is The Battery On A Red Dot Sight?



Without power, you cannot see anything in a red dot sight. So, you need specific batteries for any red dot.

What Battery Does A Red Dot Scope Take?

The Firefield red dot sights use 3V Lithium batteries, CR2032 or equivalent.

What Size Battery Does My Scope Take?

As you switch on sight, there will be a red dot in the middle of your rifle. You can adjust the brightness based on the brightness of your surroundings through this. The device runs on a regular 3-volt lithium battery, including the rifle.

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What Does A Battery Do In A Rifle Scope?

_ You have to remove the cap to enter the batteries

You have to remove the cap to enter the batteries

A single LED runs by power from a battery in the red dot sight. A green or red light is projected onto a concave lens by this LED.

That lit spot becomes apparent to your sight thanks to a unique coating. There is no need to align your eyes because the dot merely appears solely on a single plane.

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Where is the battery on a red dot?

The cap of the battery access lies on top of its reticle knob. This cap is a thin metal cover, which is as thin as a coin. When you open the cap, you will see the battery lying inside.

What is the end of a rifle scope called?

The lens is on the stock’s furthest end of the rifle scope. It is responsible for returning light to the ocular lens nearest to your eye.

The objective ring is a piece of the scope that features the objective lens, whereas the ocular is the component that contains the ocular lens.

What is the benefit of having a large objective lens?

High magnifications are more effective with a larger objective size, and picture quality seems brighter. With a bigger exit pupil, you’ll be able to discover the spot quicker. A wider field of view reduces your eyestrain.

What batteries do Hawke scopes use?

Hawke optics uses a CR2032 battery. Because this scope doesn’t even have an auto-shutoff option, you must switch off the light when not in use. Its battery may last several months if used correctly.


Hopefully, you can better understand how to change battery in rifle scope after reading this article. This process is straightforward with just three simple steps: remove the cap, replace the old batteries, and check it.

Another vital thing to do is determine the type of batteries. If you have any questions about this field, please feel free to let us know.

Thank you for reading!

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