What To Look For In A Gun Safe? Top 5 Features You Need To Take Note

Safes and vaults are reliable lines of defense against theft or fire. But do you know what to look for in a gun safe? Please refer to this article.

An investment in a gun safe is a significant and long-term investment. It requires you to put more time and effort into researching than just relying on feelings.

What to look for in a gun safe? Many factors determine the quality of a gun safe. There are five factors you need to note when looking for in a gun safe: size, material, construction, insured value ratings, and fire rating.

The safe body must use at least 11 gauges of steel, preferably from 10 to 7 gauges. Door construction is at least ¼-inch of solid sheet steel or similar material, etc.,

The examples above are just a tiny part of what you need to keep in mind when choosing to buy safes or vaults. Let’s discover more in this article!

If your gun safe is big, consider hiring a safe-moving team.

People need a cabinet to prevent burglary

What To Look For In A Gun Safe?

When choosing gun cabinets, you need to consider many factors. They will help you make a more accurate choice. After all, you are also looking for a place to store your precious collection of weapons and self-defense equipment.

For a more clear view, check out the following video.


When it comes to size, the bigger dimension, the better.

A safe will hold a lot of valuables every year. You will keep filling it up. No one constantly wants to change the safe every year, so we recommend choosing the largest size you can afford.

The formula for calculating the area inside a safe is straightforward. Prepare a pocket calculator and calculate according to the following procedure.

Formula: (Height x width x depth) / 1728 = Interior Dimension (cubic feet).


In the past, people used to use glass and wood to make gun cabinets for display purposes. Safety and security are much more critical in the modern era, and no one wants to use a cheap thin metal cabinet to protect their weapons.

Inexpensive vaults often have thin steel bodies from 14 to 16 gauges, even 20 gauges. A professional thief with complete tools can easily break in and take your valuables.

Choose gun safes with at least 11 gauges of steel in the body. A better choice is steel from 10 to 7 gauges.

Used gun safes

An ideal gun vault needs to have a high-security rating


The door part of the safe is also a notable issue. The recommended construction of the door is to have at least ¼-inch of solid sheet steel or equivalent composite material.

If you’re searching for the ultimate in security, opt for doors using ⅜ to ½ inch thick sheet steel.

Insured Value Ratings

Not only gun protection, but sometimes you can also use cabinets to protect valuables such as jewelry or important documents. Depending on the needs of each individual, they will need different levels of security.

These ratings will affect the insurable value of the product. These include:

  • Content value: Up to $5.000 – RSC (Residential Security Container): Equipment of this level passed the attack test with simple devices lasting 5 minutes.
  • Covered Value: Up to $10,000 – B-Rated: Body ¼ inch thick and door ½ inch thick.
  • Content value: Up to $30,000 – C-Rated: 1-inch thick door guard and ½-inch body.
  • Covered Value: Up to $200,000 – U.L. TL-15 (Tool Resistant): Equipment of this level passed a 15-minute attack test. Tools used include conventional or mechanical hand tools.
  • Content value: Up to $375,000 – U.L. TL-30: The device passed 30 minutes in the same test.
  • Covered Value: Up to $500,000 to $1,000,000 – U.L. TL-30X6: This device passed the attack on six sides of the safe within 30 minutes.
  • Content value: $1,000,000 and up – U.L. TRTL-30X6: The device overcomes the same attack within 30 minutes. Additional gear includes torches and attack tools.

Fire Rating

Many people buy safes not only to prevent theft but also to prevent fire. In the safe, people will put several layers of fireproofing into the interior. The more and thicker the fireproof layer, the longer the safe is resistant to fire.

Ideally, it would help if you bought vaults that are fire-resistant for 1 hour.

Frequently Asked Questions

This section will answer a few more frequently asked questions when choosing to buy gun safes.


Electronic locks are the best choice for safes

What Kind Of Gun Cabinet Lock Should You Choose?

Choose safes with electronic locks. They are more secure and a more economical choice to repair or replace than conventional locks when attacked.

How Heavy Should A Gun Safe Be?

Depending on the security level of a cabinet, their weight changes. The three levels include:

  • Entry-level gun vaults: These devices typically weigh between 200 – 600 pounds.
  • Mid-range cabinets: Their weight typically ranges from 600 – 1000 pounds.
  • Commercial-grade safes: These devices usually weigh between 2000 and 5000 pounds.

Do You Have To Bolt Down A Safe?

Thieves can carry your safe away if it’s not too heavy. Devices including standard home gun cabinets or business deposit boxes are prime targets for theft.

If your appliance has a bolt hole, the best way to secure your safe and prevent it from being carried away in just a few minutes is to screw it down.

To learn how to bolt down a gun cabinet, check out the following video.

Final Thoughts

Gun safes are a place to store your expensive equipment and valuable weapon collection. So, invest well. The high price of this device is an insurance card to prevent unnecessary regrets in the future.


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