What Is The Hardest Gun Safe To Break Into? Things to know

What is the hardest gun safe to break into? Click on to know which safe has the greatest security and how to protect your gun vault from thieves. 

Many people think that putting guns into gun safes is the most secure way to store them. However, many safes are relatively easy to burglarize.

So, what is the hardest gun safe to break into? According to many firearm users, gun safes produced by Cannon and Liberty are the most secure ones. 

Every safe has its weak spots, but it’s challenging to break into Cannon and Liberty gun lockers. This post will provide you with more information about the features of a secure weapon vault and how to protect it from thieves.

Liberty Safe Brand

It’s challenging to break into Liberty gun lockers

What Is The Hardest Gun Safe To Break Into?

Breaking into some safes can be as easy as pie, but it’s a seemingly impossible task for others. Among the current safe brands on the market, Cannon and Liberty are the two leading companies in high-security products. 

Both of these brands prioritize security design when manufacturing safes. Thus, they can minimize the weak spots of their products.

Cannon and Liberty weapon strongboxes are not utterly impenetrable. But breaking into them will take a lot of time and effort. So, these safes will be less likely to be the target of thieves.

The secure level of a repository depends on many factors. If high security is what you aim to, you should look at the following features when choosing a strongbox.

Have UL listed locks

When evaluating the secure level of a strongbox, you will look at its lock first. It should be a good lock if you want to prevent thieves. The best locks for safes are those meet requirements of Underwriters Laboratories.

This organization specializes in testing the safety and security of products. So, when you buy a gun vault, remember to pick one with a UL-listed lock.

Your strongbox lock should be good if you want to prevent thieves.

Your strongbox lock should be good if you want to prevent thieves.

Come with re-lockers

Only high-quality locks will not be enough to protect your gun safe. It would be best if you considered safes that come with re-lockers.

Relockers will create the second round of protection for your coffer. Once the lock gets damaged, re-lockers will keep your vault secure with bolts and bars.

The best option is a firearm coffer with both internal and external re-lockers, or at least either.

Have bolts and bars on multiple sides

Your items will be in higher security with multi-directional protection safes.

It will be easy to break into if only locking bolts on one side of your strongbox. Currently, you can find more safes with bolts and bars on other sides to avoid pry attacks.

Fireboard is available

Besides preventing thieves, your safe should have a fire-resistance feature. It needs to have fireboard layers attached to all interior sides.

It’s better to check the number of fireboard layers in the coffer than to rely on the fire rating listed by the manufacturer.

Have thick walls

Wall thickness is also a determining factor of the safe’s security level. Your vault should have steel walls with 0.1345 inches of thickness. Besides, it will be more secure with armor shielding and a door thicker than 1 inch.

What Are The Common Ways To Break Into Gun Safes?

If you are wondering about how thieves can burglarize your weapon vault, here are some common ways.

Cut the side of the safe to get in

The side is where the amount of steel used is less than other places. So, thieves will focus on this spot to break into your gun container. The cheaper your gun coffer is, the easier burglars can cut it with a saw.

Pry attack 

This approaching method is the most common one where you open the strongbox with pry bars. The bars used will have sizes to fit the door slits.

Thieves will use them to pry the vault’s door to unlock the bolts and bars. You can watch this video to visualize better how thieves pry a safe:

Pry attack

Pry attack

Drill to open

Drilling is another way that crooks often use to access your firearm coffer. They can destroy the safe’s lock with their driller. Safes that don’t have a hard plate will be easier to drill through.

Break the hinge

The hinge is one of the weak spots of a vault. Thieves will use cutting tools to break the hinge to take out the vault’s door.

However, most modern safes come with bolts or bars supported their hinges. So, even though the hinge gets broken, the door is still secure.

How To Keep Gun Safes From Thieves

Now, let’s move on with some tips to protect your firearm strongbox from burglars.

  • Get a gun vault with thick walls or walls filled with cement. These features can prevent others from cutting through the side of your safe. Besides, keep your strongbox away from any cutting tools.
  • Make sure that your vault comes with a hard plate for the lock. With this piece, thieves can’t reach the lock mechanism with their driller.
  • To prevent hinge attack, you can choose weapon safes with internal hinges or bolts on both sides of the door. In this way, no one can access your coffer by attacking the hinge.
  • A weapon container equipped with bolts in the corners will minimize the risk of bending bolts. Another idea is to bolt it to the floor. Standing safes will be challenging to pry attacks.
  • Always put your firearm locker in places out of sight, and don’t tell others about it. In this way, you can avoid attracting the attention of thieves.
Used gun safes

Always put your weapon vault in places out of sight.


Hopefully, you have known what gun safe is the hardest to burgle. Choosing a vault with features can help you protect your assets from thieves.

Also, you should know about different ways burglars can get access to your safe. Then, you can have proper solutions and preventions.

Thank you for reading!


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