How To Camo Paint A Rifle Scope: Steps To Follow

How to camo paint a rifle scope? The specific article below will make it easy for you to do it with the step-by-step instructions below. Check them out!

If you have a rifle scope and use it in many different terrains, you want it to be the best fit.

Paint will make the product more personal when it shows your style. However, the most asked question is how to paint a rifle scope. The following article will provide the complete answer on how to paint your rifle scope.

Let’s get right into the details!

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How To Camo Paint A Rifle Scope?

Embellish Rifle Scope

Embellish Rifle Scope

Things to prepare

  • Scope: Before you start embellishing, make sure everything is removed and cover the unpainted part, to begin with, each leg.

Thus, this activity will protect the remaining pieces to help you have the best embellishments.

  • Spray Paint: Be sure to prepare the embellishments for this job. Some of the colors that can be available are black, brown, and earth green.

Don’t forget you can also mix colors in perfect proportions to get the best color, especially camo. Pay attention to the gloss, and they will make your prey detect.

  • Blue Painters Tape: These are used to re-glue the part you did not embellish. Perfect for concealing Lenses, adjustment knobs.
  • Tissue: You need to wrap a tissue near the lenses, then apply Blue Painters Tape on top. They prevent seepage into the iris.
  • Exact-O Knife: They are not needed to cut tiny tapes. But if you have that, it will also be perfect.
  • Patterning Object: These will help you better shape what to paint. They can be leaves, twigs, or whatever suits your hunting conditions.

Painting spray

Painting spray

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Steps to take

Nowadays, it is straightforward to find different painting methods. These methods all have their characteristics and processes. Furthermore, some of them have been in use since long ago.

The method shown below is to embellish the camo in the color you like and show the steps for how to paint rifle scope. It is a time-saving method, cost-effective, and straightforward to operate.

Step 1: Prepare Scope

Clean its surface perfectly. It will help the embellish stay on it longer due to the bonding. It would help if you cleaned the oil residue or dirt on it.

Step 2: Tape Off

After that, clean the entire surface and the details of the product, especially the lens.

At this point, you take a tissue to dip, and at the same time, use tape to glue the lens. It helps you better protect your lenses from embellished drops in the process.

Above all, be careful in this work with the most meticulousness. It would help if you stuck it straight and even for better aesthetics.

At the same time, both of your lenses must have the Blue Painters Tape fully bonded. Also, don’t forget to paste the adjustment knobs and indicators like valuation numbers or serial numbers.

Start your embellish job once you’ve glued on all the things you don’t want to paint.

Step 3: Base Coat

Indeed you have chosen a color tone that suits your preferences and hunting space.

When camo your rifle scope, you can choose some colors, including green, yellow-brown. Don’t forget, and you need to paint evenly and seemingly all the parts you intend to embellish.

During the painting process, move your hands smoothly and evenly. You need to avoid the embellishment stains from dripping, which is unfortunately unsightly.

If you want to apply another coat, you should let the old coat dry completely. One striking feature of today’s paints is that they dry pretty quickly.

Step 4: Patterning

Once you’ve found a template for your design, follow it. The following work, more specifically about painting your rifle scope, is to paint over them with a secondary contrasting color.

Since camo embellishment comes in a wide variety of colors and details, you can apply multiple coats of your chosen colors.

Embellish them until you feel satisfied and satisfied with your product with the set contrast.

Step 5: Finish

This process ends when your embellishments are completely dry. At this point, you can remove the tape from the lens.

Also, don’t forget to check adjustment knobs and other parts that can move when using other products. You need to make sure they are still in good working order without errors or damage.

Thus, you have finished the work and answered the question of how to spray paint a rifle scope.

For more expert’s guide, you can watch out this video:

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Can You Paint A Rifle Scope?

The answer is definitely yes.

You can completely paint your scope yourself. This activity is also interesting work but also extremely simple. Moreover, you also save some money from this self-painting.

If you have a hobby and passion for hunting, want a product that bears your mark, try it out.

What Paint To Use To Camo A Rifle?

Spray for scope

Spray for scope

A commonly used embellishment is Krylon Camouflage and Plastic Technology with Fusion. They have a super flat finish, which helps the gun not to glow when hunting.

Don’t forget to use paint colors that match the hunting environment. Note that it is not to use polish on this product because they will make your prey notice and escape.

Make sure its surface is clean to have the best bond with the embellishment you use.

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How Do You Paint With Camouflage?

Camo colors are very popular with forest hunters. They help them camouflage for easy hunting. The steps in the painting process for your scope have been above.

  • Moreover, the color camo is also the choice of many artists or designers. Some experts use spray along with stencils for their work.
  • After choosing the right color, people also prepare the surface to paint on. Like scope embellishment, the cleaning step to allow the color to adhere is crucial.
  • Finally, they make camo patterns from stencils by drawing and cutting specific shapes. Use spray paint on the product through the cut on the paper.
  • Thus, the work with camo color is completed.

Can A Scope Be Cerakoted?

Certainly possible! Nowadays, the use of Cerakote becomes prevalent when you intend to embellish a rifle scope.

They become a protector of the product from harsh environmental influences. It will last longer, suffer minor damage and have a regular appearance over time.

More specifically about Cerakote, they have ceramic beads. This detail helps protect the gun from scratches due to its strong coating.

Moreover, Cerakote also helps you protect the gun from rust and dirt. The gun is primarily not corroded by heat or other chemicals.

They are also very colorful and have many places to browse and buy.

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The article has helped you answer how to properly paint a rifle scope. We hope you can create your signature product with its camouflage mission.

Also, consider their best fit for the conditions in which you hunt.

Finally, we hope you have a smooth and successful hunting trip!


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