Why Are Gun Safes So Expensive? Everything You Need To Know

When considering buying a gun safe to store your valuables, have you ever questioned, “why are gun safes so expensive?” There must be solid reasons for that. 

If you’re an enthusiast hunter, a security box is surely one of the best pricey things you own. Though there are many inexpensive safes on the market, most quality models are costly.

Why are gun safes so expensive? The cost of a safe is attributed to the exceeding high production cost, labor cost, development cost, warranty, and shipping charges.

Shall we dig a bit further into the topic and other questions relating to gun safe costs? Here we go!

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Why Are Gun Safes So Expensive?

It’s not far-stretched to say that gun safes are prohibitively expensive. However, there are solid reasons for such a price. Once you know why it is, you’ll understand that that price actually makes sense.

High Machinery Cost

Machinery cost is the primary reason for the high prices of gun safes.

Machinery cost is the primary reason for the high prices of gun safes.

The primary reason why a pro-quality gun safe costs you an arm and a leg is the high-grade machinery required to build it from scratch.

If you’re interested, this fantastic video is about the entire process of producing a protective container.

A complex range of machines, which bend the steel and form a safe, account for the largest part of the cost. The engineering that goes into producing those machines is tremendously expensive.

Not to mention the cost of welding equipment. In short, manufacturers have to utilize complex machinery to build a quality product. So, that’s why.

Specialized and Expensive Labor

Building a durable security box is not an easy feat.

Companies have to employ a considerable skilled labor force specializing in machinery, welding, automotive painting, working hard, and meeting deadlines to ensure the assembly stays on track.

Seeking the right workers takes up a huge budget, and gun-safe brands have to spend that money to hire the best talents in their factories.

Development Costs

1 Firearm cabinets help protect your firearms

A quality safe had to go through a lot of testing before showing up on the market.

Another factor that makes a security box painfully expensive is the development costs.

Manufacturers destroy their safes and prove their robust construction to make sure the gun safes meet the quality standards and stay ahead of the competition. This process is an exceedingly high cost!

The expenses it costs to conduct a fire rating test and UL rating test also count. People don’t know that companies may have to pay thousands of dollars for one rating only.

High Shipping Costs

You might have known that having something shipped freight is not easy or cheap.

Think about the cost to ship thousands of heavy and bulky gun safes. This expense accounts for a significant portion of a safe’s price and matters when retailers consider pricing.


In today’s gun safe industry, many brands offer customers products covered with lifetime warranties. Just to note that warranties aren’t cheap, particularly regarding firearm safes’ warranties.

While there are not many moving components on a security box, those moving can be permanently damaged and cost a lot to fix. They are the door hinges, internal bolts, and locking system.

What if one of them goes wrong and you can’t access your valuables inside? You’ll have to call an expert locksmith to help open the container, hence splurging another colossal amount.

In a worse case, it may lead to having to send the safe back to your manufacturer for a repair.

How Much Should I Spend On A Gun Safe?

If you have a small firearm collection, an inexpensive small-sized safe is a nice choice.

If you have a small firearm collection, an inexpensive small-sized safe is a nice choice.

One of the most commonly asked questions among this community is, “how much should I spend on a protective container?”

When deciding to buy a safe, you should keep your needs and budget in mind.

No matter how costly a security box seems to be, it’s undeniable that every hunter needs a reliable protector to keep their firearms and ammo from unapproved access.

You majorly have two choices on hand. You can choose to buy a pro-grade luxury safe that’ll surely protect your valuables from any type of external threat.

Or you can purchase a more cost-effective protector that receives good feedback and has a decent collision-resistant and fire-proof rating.

Both options have upsides and downsides to consider.

If you’re willing to spend a massive amount on this protective container, you should prepare a budget of $1000 to $2000.

Otherwise, more affordable options of $200 to $700 apply best to you.

What Affects A Gun Safe Price?

It would be best to store weapons in a weapon locker

No gun safe is completely burglar-proof.

Though many firearm safes share the same production, development, or shipping costs, there is still a considerable difference between their prices. Why’s that?

Gun safes’ prices vary depending on some critical factors. We’ll break those factors down below to give you a clearer understanding.


When picking a weapon protector, size should matter. The size is one of the crucial factors controlling the price of a gun container.

Should your collection only include some ammunition and an ordinary handgun, you can purchase a compact, small-sized biometric safe priced at $200 to $300.

Otherwise, if you possess an incredible inventory of rifles and guns, you should prepare a generous budget of hundreds or thousands of dollars to buy a giant, durable safe that can securely store all your firearms.

External Features

External features, such as whistles or bells, also contribute to the price difference between various safe models.

For example, some safes offer a nice fabric interior that comes with interior lighting. Customers find it highly convenient to navigate their safes in dim-light conditions.

Some models also provide a biometric locking mechanism and other additional features. Those unique features can lead to a spike in a safe’s price.


Consumers tend to have a misconception that every weapon safe is absolutely secure. Indeed, “fire-proof” or “burglar-proof” is just a marketing tool companies use to appeal to their customers.

No security box is completely fire-proof or thief-proof. In a simple term, quality products will offer more security features, making them more tricky and challenging to open.

For instance, expensive safes may come with a secured locking mechanism, reinforced door, or pry-resistant locking bar.

Thus, if security is your top concern, you’d better prepare to splurge some cash.


Buying a gun safe means you’re spending a fortune. It’s not only about material, but it’s also about the people, design, machinery, and many more.

After all, a gun safe is a large investment. Thus, you should take it seriously instead of buying it on a whim.

It’s advisable to consider different selections and learn about “why are gun safes so expensive?” so that you can reach an informed decision.


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