Ways to Store Your Firearms At Home

5 Ways to Store Your Firearms At Home

From improving our safety to helping defend our property from intruders and creating an opportunity for adventure (hunting), there are so many reasons why guns are a great investment to have at home.

However, the same firearm that improves your safety can be a safety risk to you, your kids, or other property dwellers. This is not to forget that it can also be used for ill reasons, if it falls into the wrong hands.

This is why any gun owner needs to keep their firearms well stored and protected from unauthorized access. As a matter of fact, how you store your gun may or may not protect it from physical damage, and consequently, its value.

On this note, there are various firearm storage options that ensure your gun is out of reach and safely secured from unintended handlers, perhaps keeping it in good condition at the same time.

Ways to Store Your Firearms At Home

Some may actually require you to revamp your home, whereas others may not. Some may need you to borrow ideas from this page to ensure that you don’t end up messing your interior design style.

But whether you prefer a traditional, minimalist, bohemian, or modern style, there’s a wide variety of firearm storage options for you to choose from.

If you have kids, you could train them never to touch the gun the same way you insist that they shouldn’t touch a hot stove.

But hey, curiosity killed the cat, didn’t it? Well, that strict “don’t-touch-that” policy doesn’t seem to work (anymore), especially when it comes to storing a gun or several in your home.

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If you’re looking for a safer approach, here are some ways to store your firearms at home.

Use gun cases

Gun cases are available in a wide range of materials, shapes, and sizes and can be found locally in many sporting goods stores. However, most of them are primarily built to protect your firearm from physical damage.

They are portable and also lockable, meaning that they can also prevent unauthorized access depending on the material. They are often safer and more secure than just dropping your gun into a drawer or closet.

Gun carry cases are great for shooting sports events enthusiasts as they provide a safer way to transport firearms to event venues.

When storing your firearm in a gun case, you’ll want to ensure it is stored in a lockable structure to make it even harder for an unauthorized person to gain access to it.


Firearm cabinets

If you own one or a few guns, a firearm cabinet can be a great way to store your gun. Made of steel, these units are specifically built to protect your children or unauthorized persons within the home from handling the gun without your knowledge.

They are often lightweight, easy to install, and don’t cost much. On average, you can get one for the price ranging between $150 and $450.

Some options provide several shelves so you can store several guns of different sizes alongside ammunition.

Additionally, the cabinet can be installed into the floor or walls to heighten security and prevent burglars from carrying the unit with your guns inside.

Trigger locks

If you don’t have a secure safe or cabinet for your guns, trigger locks can be another great way to enhance firearm safety in your home.

As you can tell from the name, a trigger lock simply prevents the gun from being fired by an unauthorized user. Some of the newest gun models actually come with trigger locks that you can install at will.

In case you happen to leave the gun lying around at your drawer or closet a trigger lock can prevent an authorized user from loading and using the gun.

Also worth noting, trigger locks come in a variety of forms. A typical example comprises of trigger shoe that clamps around the trigger and its housing, preventing the trigger from manipulation or being fired.

However, installing a trigger lock requires you to unload your firearm completely. The cable lock, on the other hand, is used for rifles and shotguns to prevent action from being closed.

They’re also used with semi-auto pistols to prevent an unauthorized user from loading a magazine into the grip.

In revolvers, the cable lock loops through the barrel so that the cylinder won’t close. Well, there are many different types of guns and a dedicated trigger lock may not be readily available. in this case, an ordinary padlock could do. All the same, you just have to make sure that the gun isn’t loaded regardless of the trigger lock you’re using.

Gun safes

Especially when it comes to curbing unauthorized access, gun safes are by far the most secure utilities for storing firearms at home.

They are mostly constructed out of heavy gauge steel alongside sophisticated safety features that make them ideally impenetrable by kids, burglars, and other ill intenders.

Gun safes work best when bolted directly on concrete slabs, preferably where the wall meets the floor. They also feature a complex locking mechanism that even the most experienced lock pickers cannot gain access into.

What’s more, the best options are made of fireproof steel, ensuring the protection of your firearm even in the event of a fire.

Security cases & strong boxes

Over the past few years, manufacturers of gun safety products have well upped their game.

Some of the most innovative of these products include security cases and strong boxes, which provide anti-finish and anti-theft features that mimic those of a lockable gun cabinet while providing portability of gun carry cases.

Depending on the features incorporated, size, material, and the level of technology used, you can get one of these at the price of between $50 and $300. If you need to safely store your firearm while maintaining quick access to it, this can be an ideal option for you.


While it’s not the most advisable option, simply placing your gun concealed in hard-to-reach areas or areas where someone could hardly suspect can go a long way in improving safety and minimizing unauthorized access.

However, the best way to ensure gun safety and security is to store your firearm where you can easily reach it when you need it but it’s hard for unauthorized persons. All the same, the above are some of the best ways to store your gun safe at home.

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  1. Love these ideas, especially storing guns in the floor. I’ve been tossing that idea around for a while. My cabin is a work in progress and I think that’s our next project!

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