The AmazonBasics Security Safe 0.5 Cubic Feet Review

The AmazonBasics Security Safe is one of the best fireproof home safe designs that are structured in such a way as to be a hold for cash, jewelry, title deeds as well as jewelry and much more.

The AmazonBasics Security Safe 0.5 Cubic Feet Review
The AmazonBasics Security Safe 0.5 Cubic Feet Review

If you need to be away on a vacation or temporary relocation, you can be sure that your prized items will not be endangered. Let’s take a close look at other distinctive aspects of this security safe.


Benefits Of The Product

Rugged and Durable Built

This pick of the best fireproof home safe designs is designed and built with durable steel which confers a long-lasting trait and unmatched reliability.

Added Safety

There is an inner layer of carpeted floors in this security safe as you will find in the best fireproof home safe.


This will ensure that your jewelry and documents are not damaged. This inner lining offers protection for delicate materials. You can be assured of zero effect from friction or scratches.

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Easy setup of Digital Access

Digital access controls for this security safe is easy to set up and access. You are enabled to use a passcode that you develop on self-prompts. The passcode gives you the access to open the safe easily.

A clockwise turn is all that is required to open the safe after entering the right passcode. There is a once-off feature for emergency override and these keys are built in to allow you access in case the keypad batteries fail or you lose the passcode.

A visual display is available to show when the safe is locked, on low battery or unlocked. The digital display has three different symbols to indicate locked, unlocked, and low battery.

This model for the best fireproof home safe designs gets shipped as a locked and assembled package.  You will use one of the override keys to gain access.

Pry-Resistant Door and Hinges

Any of the best fireproof home safe designs comes with the added security reinforcement seen in a pair of live –door bolts.

This is present in the AmazonBasics with a steel door that is pry-resistant. These ward off any attempt for intruders to gain unauthorized access to your safeguarded items and documents.

The aesthetic look is enhanced with the black finish on the exterior of the security safe.


Collapsible Interior Shelf

The interior of the safe can be adjusted to suit your requirement as it was designed as an adjustable bit if you need to place smaller items in.

You can also create some space for a bigger sized entry at any time by collapsing the shelf. The shelf is fixed to the safe interior by rail points and this can be easily detached.

Lock-Down Edge

This prime pick on the list of the best fireproof home safe comes with a design that makes it easy to be bolted to the floor at any time. This can also fit to a wall if there is a provision underneath to have it supported.

The presence of a stand-alone shelf also makes it a possibility to have this safe bolted in the absence of a wall or floor.

There are four bolts that come with the package when shipped so that the hard part gets settled easily.

When you have the safe locked down with these bolting options, it provides an added deterrence layer against intruders.

All the hardware you will need is provided to help you mount the safe as desired.

The AmazonBasics Security Safe 0.5 Cubic Feet Review

Key features

  1. Comes with 2 override keys for emergency use
  2. Built from steel materials to reinforce safety
  3. Pry-resistant hinges and door
  4. Carpeted inner linings to prevent dents or scratches
  5. Digital access is reprogrammable
  6. Can be mounted to wall , floor or shelf


  • Gives you the room to create your passcode
  • Can be bolted to the floor, wall or shelf when needed
  • All the materials needed for mounting are provided
  • Inner shelves are collapsible (if need be)
  • Additional layers of carpet inside to keep items protected


Has two emergency overrides and one gets used when installed. This could mean that if you lose the passcode, the safe becomes obsolete. You should store your passcode somewhere to keep the access handy.

Does not have waterproofing or fireproofing features.

Why should you need it?

If you care about the safety and protection of key valuables in your office or home, you will give a look-in and consider buying this dependable star on the list of the best fireproof home safe that is pry-resistant and difficult to intrude.

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The AmazonBasics Security Safe provides you a safeguard for your key valuables that can be put to use in the office, home or other mobile scenarios.

Fitted with steel doors and casings, it is pry-resistant and durable. You should get this pick of the best fireproof home safe reviews today by going to this link.

Source: Safetyhub


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