Guide to Dealing with Old Gun Safes: Repurpose, Recycle, and More

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For firearm owners, possessing a gun safe is great, helpful, and convenient. Although you may be broken-hearted to see these safes get worn out and less effective over time, you’ll have to replace them sooner or later. If you plan to get a new gun safe, what to do with old gun safe? Those who are unfamiliar with safes may find it difficult to cope with frayed safes. As a result, this article will show you some effective and practical options for dealing with used gun safes and making this work easier.

TitleWhat To Do With Old Gun Safe: Repurpose, Recycle, and More
AuthorLisa J Thompson
What To Do With Old Gun SafeProvides several options, including selling, disposing, giving away, or repurposing old gun safes.
Selling the SafeDiscusses selling old safes to scrap yards, online platforms, and considerations when negotiating with buyers.
Disposing of the SafeAdvises against moving heavy safes on your own and recommends seeking professional help.
Give Away/DonateSuggests giving away or donating old gun safes to those in need, such as local gun ranges or police stations.
Drop OffMentions the option of dropping off the gun safe for free or seeking hazardous waste collection events.
Repurpose the SafeEncourages repurposing old safes for alternative storage purposes or creative furniture transformations.
Recycle the SafeHighlights recycling as an environmentally responsible option and recommends contacting local recycling centers.
Potential Risks When DisposingDiscusses the risks associated with moving or disposing of old gun safes and emphasizes the need for caution.
Things To Consider When DisposingLists considerations for safely disposing or relocating old gun safes, including measurements and location.
Upgrading With a Modern LockSuggests upgrading old safes with modern electronic locks for improved security and convenience.

What To Do With Old Gun Safe?

No more waiting; below are the most beneficial ways to deal with old gun safes you can refer to:

Sell the safe

Selling your old safe to the scrap yard is the most common way. However, most gun safes usually contain a heavy layer of hard concrete or asbestos. They are relatively low in metal content and cause more difficulty to extract. That’s why most scrap yards consider safes virtually worthless and hesitate to purchase them.

Besides, a removal service for used safes is not included in the scrap yards trade policy, which means you have to bring these gun safes to them on your own. You can even refer to a UK euro safe scrap because they will offer you safe relocation assistance.

You might easily contact online trading platforms like eBay or Craigslist to put up your used safe for sale. When dealing, be sure to negotiate with the buyers at the expense of removing the safe.


You can dispose of your safe when it is no longer valuable, like any old item. This task is somewhat risky, especially for large industrial gun safes. Detaching these heavy and massive safes without proper tools may cause you serious injury.

For example, some gun safes such as TigerKing, SentrySafe, and Viking Security are made substantially completely of steel and heavy metals, making them extremely bulky and challenging to relocate.

Metal safes and other massive ones can weigh up to an average of 300 to 3000 pounds, and some types may own a load of approximately 10,000 pounds. Hence, never move the gun safe on your own, and it is wiser to seek professional bits of help.

Give Away/Donate

A used gun safe may be useless to you but new to others. You can give away or donate to someone who needs the gun safe but can’t afford it. There is nothing more beautiful than this noble act.

Local gun ranges will accept discarded old gun safes and even dud rounds so that they can be safely and effectively disposed of. Police stations sometimes accept small amounts of outdated gun safes. Make sure to phone the police station’s local number to see if they accept yours.

Drop Off

The last way is dropping off the useless gun safe. Put or dump it out of the spotlight dumpster with a piece of “Free to good home” paper.

If this plan is unsuccessful, you should look for a nearby hazardous waste gathering place to throw away your old safe. These locations may not be available every day, so you should check social media or the newsletter for any used gun-safe collection occasion.

Repurpose the Safe:

You can repurpose your old gun safe for other storage needs. Some people convert them into storage cabinets for documents, jewelry, or other valuable items. With a little creativity, you can transform it into a functional piece of furniture.

Recycle the Safe:

Recycling is an environmentally responsible option. Gun safes are typically made of steel, which is recyclable. Contact your local recycling center or scrapyard to inquire about their policies on accepting old safes.

Old gun safe

Old gun safe

What Are The Potential Risks When Disposing Or Relocating An Old Gun Safe?

As shared earlier, if you attempt to move an old gun safe yourself, you may run into some injury. Relocating and supporting heavy objects with your hands accounted for more than a third of all work-related injuries reported in 2016.

Apart from injury, there are several arising risks if you try to remove a gun safe, as shown below:

  • When you move the gun safe, the possibility of damaging furniture like stairs is considerably high.
  • Some gun safes contain asbestos, which is extremely dangerous. Therefore, the removal should require the help of specialists or someone with expertise and specialized equipment.
  • Some remarkably massive gun safes may surpass the weight limit of elevators in hotels, apartments, and office buildings. At this point,  specialist lifting equipment should be the best choice.
Moving an old gun safe. 

Moving an old gun safe. 

What Are Things To Consider When Disposing Or Relocating Your Old Gun Safe?

Moving or disposing of the used gun safe is a dangerous and complicated task, so you need to bear in mind the following considerations:

  • Examine the measurable extent of the gun safe, including weight, length, height, or breadth and its manufacturer;
  • Check the location of the gun safe in your house;
  • Take the measurements of hallways or doorways where the safe goes over;
  • Find out if there are any available steps outside your home;
  • You should park the vehicle you use to transport the safe as close as possible;
  • Examine if the gun safe can be removed or not.
Be careful when moving gun safes.

Be careful when moving gun safes .

Have You Considered Upgrading Your Old Safe With A Modern Electronic Lock? 

Most old gun safes present lock security risks and can lead to loss of valuables items. Luckily, safety locking device technologies have developed considerably in recent years. You are offered a wide range of diverse locking tools for extra protection and support with this advance.

Among locking mechanisms, it’s advisable to use digital code locks because you can check the exact time your safe was broken into. Furthermore, they add an extra layer of security thanks to the up-to-date fingerprint technology with either double-locking or a time-delay system.

If you seek a locking system as above, contact your safe provider right now to upgrade your old safe with a modern locking mechanism. Our professional engineers will inspect your safe and replace it with a high-security lock.

Gun safes with modern electronic lock

Gun safes with modern electronic lock

Frequently Asked Questions

Should I get an old gun safe, or would I be better off with a new one?

It’s great to buy a brand new gun safe as long as you can afford it. Purchasing a new one may cost an arm and a leg to some buyers. That’s why many people choose to get an old safe instead.

If you need a used safe, you can refer to the Old Glory Gun Safes brand, which is extremely reliable and affordable on the old gun safes market. They will provide you with extraordinary gun security and protection with the latest either new or used gun safes and exceptional service support.

Used gun safes

Used gun safes

Is it better to buy a new gun safe than a used safe?

It is quite difficult to answer this question, but a new gun safe is better than a used one. However, it is worth emphasizing that several used safes are still very effective at very reasonable prices.

As a bargain hunter, you could be fond of getting a used safe with greater security than a brand-new one. Also, you should look for cheap bargains directly from trustworthy brands such as Sportsman Steel Safes. Old safes help you save 20% expense, but often they do not offer a lifetime warranty. If you can afford a new safe, then it’s good for you.

Used gun safes for sale

Used gun safes for sale

How to scrap gun safes?

  • To scrap a gun safe, you can usually contact a local scrapyard or recycling center that accepts metal materials. They will provide guidance on how to prepare the safe for scrapping and may even offer a scrap value for the steel components.

What is the value of an old safe?

  • The value of an old safe can vary widely depending on factors such as its age, brand, condition, and rarity. Generally, antique safes and safes from reputable manufacturers can have higher values. You can consult with antique dealers or safe experts to get a more accurate estimate.

Can I move a gun safe by myself?

  • Moving a gun safe by yourself is not recommended due to their size and weight. Gun safes can be extremely heavy and require specialized equipment and expertise for safe relocation. It’s advisable to hire professional safe movers to ensure safety and prevent damage.

Where should I not place a gun safe?

  • Avoid placing a gun safe in areas prone to extreme temperature fluctuations, high humidity, or direct sunlight. These conditions can damage firearms and other items stored inside. Additionally, do not place a gun safe in an easily accessible location where it could be a target for theft.

How to dispose of a small safe?

  • Disposing of a small safe can be similar to disposing of a larger safe. You can consider recycling it if it’s made of metal, selling it if it’s still in usable condition, donating it to a charitable organization, or contacting your local waste disposal facility for proper disposal instructions. The specific method may depend on the material and condition of the small safe.

Final Thoughts 

So, what to do with old gun safe? You can sell, dispose of, give away, or drop off your used safe. No matter which solution you follow, be considerate when relocating and throwing it. It is much better to have the help of skillful professionals and have the right tools for this task.

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